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Competition begins. Yoda, they are?

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Hey dere. This is chapter four, mckay?


Have you ever tried opening a locker with shaking hands? It was also a new experience for Gerard as he fumbled with the lock to the small rectangular area in which he kept his school books. His eyes flitted around the hallway, nervously looking back at his holding unit. People were staring at him. He could feel it. He saw them snapping their necks back as he turned. Some were just flat out staring. He didn't like it.

He slammed the opening closed and twisted in the ball of his foot to go to his first class. He strode down the hallway, the annoying neon light fading back and coming in repeating cycle as his head bobbed underneath the lights. He could tell he had a nervous expression on his face so he ducked his head down.

Someone brushed past his arm, causing him to drop his notebook. It slapped onto the ground loudly, causing people to stare at him again. He looked around the crowded hallway and bent over to reach the notebook. His pants rode up and he had to suppress the urge to whimper. Just as he was about to come up to the surface of the sea of people, when he felt someone's hand resting on his ass. Gerard froze. The hand squeezed him. He gasped and yelped, his spine snapping upwards. He heard a couple of people chuckle behind him. He started running towards his classroom.


Frank's books landed on the table roughly as he dropped them from above. He took his seat next to Jacob. He looked over at him and greeted him with a "Hey dude."

"What's up?" Jake questioned him, not really caring at all.

"Um, have you seen the new kid?" Frank asked the obvious question.

"Yeah," Jacob smirked at him," Nice ass".

Frank choked on his own spit. "Uh-Uhmmm... Uh.. Yeah...." he somehow managed to splutter out.

The door decided to open at that moment and let the object of everyone's attention into the room. He looked at everyone in the room from the front of the class and ducked his head down as he made his way to the seat a few feet away from Frank and Jake. He turned around to set his bag down so he could sit in his seat.

"Very nice," says Jake as he leant over to Frank's ear, chuckling while doing so. Frank looked over and directed his gaze to where Jake was staring. Frank had to pull himself away from the image, remembering the experience from this morning. When he sat down, frank saw his face through his hair. He was very pretty for a boy.

The it struck him.

"Gerard?!" he asked in exasperation to no one in particular.

"What about the loser?" asked Jake, still not taking his gaze away from the attractive boy.

"That's him!" Frank exclaimed, still not believing it himself.

"What? No, he's too hot to be that asshole. Is it?" he asked, stopping his staring to look at Frank in question.

"Yeah, it is!" Frank said loudly, looking at Jake as well.

"You know, I bet that fag likes you," he said to Frank. Frank was about to stick up for Gerard when he remembered his position.

"W-Well, what if likes you?" Frank countered not thinking on what he was saying.

".... I bet you couldn't get him in bed," The other stated, look at him smugly. "Ooh, you don't even know what I would do that."

"I could get him into bed," said Frank, again without thinking about it.

"Is that a bet?" Said Jake " I am so gunna bang him."

" A competition, I hear?" Marquis said, walking up to them.

" A competition, it is?" Said Jake, looking at Frank.

Frank's brow furrowed in determination. "A competition."


Wow. I can't believe it. Btw, not an official bet. Just trying to sex Gee up. I would too.
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