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Chapter 29

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Nicola’s POV
I was sleeping when someone came into the room I am being kept in. I pretend I am still sleeping even though the sound of the door opening would wake anyone up. My back is turned so I can't see anything but I only hear one set of feet and heavy breathing as if that person has carried an elephant up here.
“Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.” I hear the person say softly. It's a woman’s voice. I recognise it.
It’s Rebecca. The one who kidnapped me before. how the fuck do I get kidnapped twice by the same person. At least I didn’t get hit on the head this time.
Once I hear the door close and the footsteps have faded away, I roll over to see what she had been doing up here.
I must have been tired because there is not only another mattress up here but also another person is lying on said mattress.
It's a girl with long hair that must have been dark once because it is not that colour it turns when you try to dye it blonde. Sort of ginger-ish but really light. She must be almost six foot because her feet hang off the end of the bed. I'm guessing she is (UK) size 16 and a size D or DD bra. Her face is pretty with lots of piercings in her ears, snake bites and septum. I decide it's best if I let her sleep but decide to search for a phone first. Maybe it would get the both of us out of here.
Her pockets are empty which leaves her bra which also comes out as a negative. Great, last time I was lucky but this is really not working. Maybe I won't be able to escape this time. Maybe I’ll die here with this other girl and I’ll never see Andy or Danny or mom or dad or uncle Gee or uncle Frankie or uncle Mikey or Sasha or the twins or Ashley or Jinxx or CC or Jake or Beau or ANYONE again!
I realise I have tears falling gently from my face and wipe them away before curling up on my mattress and crying myself to sleep again.

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