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The Haircut

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Slash. Daniel comes home late and is really in the mood for some lovin'. However, he is not exactly welcomed with open arms.

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The Haircut

The bus slowed down and when it stopped Daniel got out. He shivered a bit, missed the warmth in the bus. It comforted him that he would be home soon and Darren would be waiting for him, warming up the bed. Daniel smiled at that.

It had gotten a bit later than he had expected but it didn't bother him that much. He actually liked his job as guitarist in a local jazz band. They only played once in a while but he enjoyed it. A nice way to relax, he thought. Afterwards he and the guys in the band usually got a beer, talked about the gig and other things. Sometimes Darren would be there too but only to listen to the music. As much as he liked jazz he left that to Daniel; this was his hobby, not Darren's.

Daniel smiled. He was glad Darren was so supportive. And Darren not wanting to be a part of the band was something he was happy for too. This was something he wanted to do by himself. Darren had his solo career, Daniel his jazz band.

He shivered violently when a cold wind hit him. He let his fingers run through his short hair. Now he regretted the visit he paid the hairdresser earlier on that day; it was damn cold for the head! But he thought it looked really nice. He couldn't wait to see Darren's reaction. He hadn't told him yet, though. He wanted it to be a surprise.

Soon he spotted their house, standing there in all its glory. Outside the front door two pumpkins were standing guard, keeping each other company on this cold November night. Daniel sighed happily. Buying this house together with Darren was probably one of the best things he'd done so far. He loved it so much. It was perfect. He unlocked the door, opened it and before closing and locking it behind him he blew out the candles in the Jack-O'-Lanterns, wishing them a good night.

Daniel immediately slipped out of his shoes and felt the nice warmth coming from the tiles. He sighed happily. Almost like heaven. He noticed how quiet it was and assumed that Darren had gone to bed. He glanced at the clock. 2 a.m. He winched slightly. He hoped Darren wouldn't pout too much, even though he was 2 hours late. He went to the bedroom, decided to take a bath. He hoped a nice, sweet smelling Daniel would please Darren. He knew how much Darren hated when he smoked or smelled of cigarettes and beer, so if he took a quick shower then he would probably forget where Daniel had been. Plus he could get all the cut off hairs washed off. It had tickled all day.

The warm water felt extremely good. Slowly he felt warmth coming back to his body. He sighed happily, not really wanting to leave the shower but kept letting water run down his naked body. He ached to touch himself but decided not to. He knew Darren would be angry with him if he did it all by himself.

"That's my job, y'know? So hands off, mister!"

He chuckled at Darren's words and added a low moan when he remembered Darren's actions after saying that. Darren amazed him. He was incredible in every way. He loved him for being him.

He turned off the water and quickly dried himself with a warm towel. It didn't take long for his hair to dry because of its shortness.

Ah, finally a good thing about that haircut.

He brushed his teeth, enjoyed the freshness of the mint. He coughed a bit though. The cold weather hadn't been good for his throat and the smoky room had just made his throat worse. He could hardly recognize his own voice when talking. After spraying on some cologne he quickly tiptoed to the bedroom, and opened the door silently, not wanting to wake Darren. Quickly he undressed and slipped under the covers, snuggling close to Darren who was so comfortably warm. He kissed Darren on the forehead and closed his eyes, sleep almost overwhelming him. However, only a second passed before his eyes opened. He waited for a bit, listened to Darren's breathing. He knew he shouldn't do this, he should let Darren sleep but he ached to touch him. Just a slight stroke down his arm, a touch to his cheek, cupping his firm arse. Daniel rolled to the side, suppressing a groan as he felt himself get horny. God, he wanted Darren so much, it /hurt/! Especially one particular place.

Daniel looked to his side. Saw the beautiful frame of his beloved in the light of the streetlamps from outside, chest rising and falling. When his dick jumped once again Daniel bit his lower lip. Maybe just a little touch? A little kiss? Darren would never notice...


In his dreams Darren was laughing and smiling. He didn't know where he was precisely other than in a bed but he was comfortable because he knew he was with Daniel. They were laying down, tangled in sheets, naked and sweating. Daniel kept kissing and touching him and it felt so unbelievably good, almost too good to be true. Suddenly he felt his limbs became heavy and his kisses became incredibly lazy. In fact, he couldn't control his body. This scared him a bit. At some point he heard a voice talking. It sounded like Daniel, yet it was different from his. The paradise he had experienced earlier now faded into darkness. He blinked for a short moment, realized that he had been dreaming. When the realization finally sunk in that he was now awake he noticed movement on top of him. By instinct, he knew it was Daniel, kissing and sucking his neck and throat. He moaned in satisfaction.

"Danny..." He moaned.

"Darren..." a hoarse and unfamiliar voice groaned.

Darren's eyes opened abruptly, staring out into the darkness in disbelief and fear. He began touching the body on top of him and when his hands touched short spiky hair, he screamed loudly and stridently like a maniac while swiping at the stranger with arms and legs. He managed to get the man away who complained and kept calling out his name. This only made Darren scream louder. He grabbed a pillow and started to hit the man with it. In no time small feathers were twirling around in the air.

"You sick bastard! What the fuck do you think you're doing in here?! Get the hell outta here or I'll call the cops!" He screamed and continued hitting the stranger with the pillow till he heard a bump and a loud "Ow!" coming from the floor. Darren followed him and kept hitting him.

"Ow, Darren! Cut it out! It actually hurts!" The man grumped and managed to turn on the lights.

"Stop talking, psycho, I-" Darren stopped dead when he saw the person in front of him. "Daniel?!"

Daniel pouted and brushed the feathers off. "Yes, it's me. What has gotten in to you?"

Darren kept staring at him in disbelief until his stare fixed on his hair. "What the fuck happened to your hair?!"

"My hair?" Daniel touched his hair. "Oh, I don't know. It suddenly disappeared!" He said in mock surprise. "I got a haircut, you twat!"

"Yes, I can see that but why?"

Daniel shrugged while sitting down on the bed. "I wanted it to be a surprise but this was certainly not the reaction I had hoped for."

Both were silent for a moment, while realization sank in. Then Darren started giggling. "I actually thought you were someone else."

"Really?" Daniel raised an eyebrow, looked at him sarcastically.

"Yeah! Short hair, hoarse voice." Darren laughed harder now. "God, you really scared me." Darren climbed into bed beside Daniel.

"Yeah? Well, I can assure you I'm still plain ol' Daniel."

"Really? And how are you going to prove that, Mr. Beautiful Stranger?"

Daniel got on top of Darren again, settled between his legs and started nibbling at his neck again "I will take you to a land beyond your dreams..."

"Dreams? Ooh, you're going to fuck me, aren't you? Danny, I can easily fall asleep without your help, thank you." Darren teased.

Daniel smacked Darren's arse.

"Ooh, do it again!" Darren laughed and squealed when Daniel attacked him with kisses.

The End
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