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What Is Oxygen?

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Warning: Incest; OOC; AU; Liv/Steven This was re-published from my other account as I am only using this one now. Three drabbles:

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Disclaimer: None of these stories depict real events. I am making no money from these stories or implying they or the concepts ever happened to these real life people. They are purely FICTION and by no means made to offend any one. If you do not like the idea from these stories then please do not read them. Again I mean no harm or offense to any one, I am simply writing for fun.

"Oxygen; what was it?" He thought as he struggled to draw breath in. His clouded mind failed him as he saw in his mind his angel dancing with some fucker her age.
Steven nearly spewed at this idea and sat his drink aside. "I let my Liv go to a dance to get felt up by boys who won't give a shit about her!" He thought next while angry at himself.
He sat there annoyed and worried about the girl he loved more than anything... just a love he could never share with her.Suddenly he heard a small creak and the door opened into his room.
Steven gazed up and saw his Liv standing there in her prom dress he helped her pick out. Brown eyes pierced into blue ones as he asked, "Why are you here and not at the dance Livvy?"
"I choose you. I couldn't go." Was all she said before her lips were on his.


"Oxygen; what was it?" He thought as he struggled to draw breath in. His precious angel of only sixteen lie dead in his arms.
He had been too late. He had been too fucking late! His mind reeled. Steven slipped the small note from her lifeless hands as she lie on the floor in her own puddle of crimson blood.
"I'm sorry daddy, loving you in the wrong way has been a sickness spreading into my very soul and I could not take it anymore. I'd rather end it all than admit to you how much of a sick daughter I am. I love you."
He dropped the letter as a tear fell with it... a small kiss was placed on her
forehead before a whispered, "I love you as you had
hoped..." lingered in the air.


"Oxygen; what was it?" He thought as he struggled to draw breath in. It was hard to remember even how to inhale in the first place as his small vixen lie next to him.
"I've been seduced and yet I do not care in the least." he said to his sleeping lover next to him.
Liv's dark hair brushed against her pale skin and the full red lips that reminded
him so much of his own. She was truly gorgeous; yet he did not understand how he could have created such a creature.
"Why does she love me?" he asked aloud puzzled.
Liv opened her bright blue eyes and looked up to him.
"I don't need a reason to love you, I just do and I always will." She hummed back as they joined, body and soul, once again.
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