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New Story Idea! I need your help!

by Heymimusic 4 reviews

I've also had these other ones roaming about through my mind. Maybe you guys might like it?

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Here are some that have been plaguing me for a bit:

1.) A three-shot starring My Chemical Romance (including Bob) in the music video for "To The Stage" by Asking Alexandria, including the prequel and the sequel when they come out. If you haven't seen the video (Which is absolutely fucking sexy as hell, which I may add)
"Click here for amazing sexiness and epic screaming and singing":

I also need to decide who will play Danny Worsnop's part in the video. Gerard or Frank?

also, if you have watched it? What was your reaction to the end? That's why you don't put pornographic stars in music videos.

2.) Happy Tree Friends + MCR = a lot of blood and gore. It'll be a mini-series. Sound cool? If you don't know what happy tree friends is, OHMYGODYOU'REMISSINGOUT. It's hilariously gory.

3.) In this school, the roles are reversed. The misfits are the reigning kings of Belleville High while the jocks and cheerleaders are at the bottom of the food chain. After a couple of years apart and living with her psychotic paternal side of the family, Alice Islands goes off to live with her mother, step-father, and step-brother, Frank Iero.

Although she looks like the exact opposite of a misfit, her guilty pleasures are listening to rock and screamo. Frank, too, has a guilty pleasure of his own: Dancing. Their pleasures will be explained in the story, for I don't want to reveal much. Just know that their will be drama, fun stuff, and crazy things going on, including the reason why Alice decided to move to Belleville. Also, when their is a chapter with Frank dancing, I'll post a link to what the choreography looks like. Okay? I will say this: The style of dancing will probably not fit Frank, but out of all the members of MCR, I could only see him being the least awkward in dancing the style.

4.) I already have the prologue out for this, but it's basically the Killjoy era with Hunger Games. It's going to be a little difficult, due to the fact the main character will play the part of Katniss and somehow Rue. I need to find a way how to combine both characters. It's a prequel to Na Na Na.

5.) It was only a simple babysitting job. Nothing more would come from it... right? follow the journey of (insert My Chem member here) as he becomes something he didn't want to. Let's hear it for America's Suitehearts! If you pick this, decide which My Chem member you want to be the main character.

I believe that's it. I'll post more if I have more Ideas. just tell me which ones are seem like the best choice and I'll write it :) Have A nice day!
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