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So Yea?

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  • Fan Fic Idea

    (#) KobraKid 2011-11-22 07:05:49 PM

    Hey there Yesi. I'm Chloe and I'd be happy to do a collaboration with you if you're interested in working with me. :) I'm obsessed with your idea. I love it! Well, I'm not exactly sure how to describe my writing style. I guess you could say I'm angsty and my stories aren't exactly jolly, but I'm not afraid to write a happy ending. :) I almost always write in first person and how you would talk in real life situations. I cannot stand bad grammar/punctuation! It drives me crazy! I suppose I would prefer writing in Gerard's POV, but if you feel strongly about writing for him, I'd be happy to write for Frank as well. I'm very good at coming up with fresh, new ideas that I'd love to share with you once I get a little more background info on your ideas of where to take the story from where you described. My email is Um....about me. Well, I'm 14, I'm absolutely obsessed with MCR, Adam Lambert and just music in general. I couldn't live without it :). I play violin, guitar and am learning drums. I love writing more than life itself and am constantly reading. I suppose that's all :)

    Hope to talk soon!

    xoxo KobraKid
  • Fan Fic Idea

    (#) KelseyChem 2011-11-22 09:51:58 PM

    i love the idea ! so hiya, my names kelsey :3 i'd love to collab (despite the fact ive never done a collab before.......) anywho, i guess my writing style varies alot. it can go from descriptive and emotional, to humourous, to dark, to all of the above :3 depends what mood im in really...i would prefer to write from frank's POV but ill write whoever you want me to. a lil about me, im 15, sarcastic, funny (dark humour *evil grin), artsy (lovelovelove to draw...dunno if that has anything to do with writing but well there ya go), crazy, AND OBSESSED WITH MCR. they are my favourite band in the whole world and i could go on for day sabout my love for them...but i wont cuz you'd probably get annoyed...urmmm imma vegetarian like frankie !* so i love animals, and hair dye (right now im flourescent red :3) annnnnd i love dark schtuff like tim burton-y schtuff (fuckin love tim burton) and im rambling about myself so ill stop :3 well there ya go, hope you pick me ! but i understand if ya dont... my email is
    well there ya go :3
    bye :3
    xx KelseyChem
  • Fan Fic Idea

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-11-23 05:04:02 AM

    I'll collab!

    1) Your style of writing: I prefer to write gorey, dramtic, horror shit, for some reason someone always dies in my fics always one of the main characters

    2) Who'd you prefer to write for I would like to write it in Frank's POV

    3) Any ideas you have for the story Um...I have no ideas at the moment i'll probably get some later

    4) Your e-mail (email any time you want)

    5) Fun facts about you because I don't wanna write with someone who clashes completely with me. I am quite funny when i'm hyper. Um i'm bi and i kinda prefer girls to guys, you can check some of my fanfics if you want to see how i write, I am very perverted. I am a little bit obsessed with the Godfather at the moment. I like action, horror and gang films i like violence ok! oh and i have been doing Taekwondo for 5 years so i can kick arse! oh and i'm 14!

    Rosie :)

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