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Maybe It Will Be Alright

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"What are we waiting for Ryan?" Brendon asked as he grew a bit impatient.
"Anything, something that shows us what to do. Like a sign. Perfect." Ryan said as he sat up suddenly. Brendon's eyes were still on the clouds even though Ryan was doing something else.
"Just like you." Brendon mumbled to himself as he sat up.
"You need to talk quieter. I can hear you. And thank you." Ryan smiled back at Brendon who just blushed feeling like an idiot.
"Don't you see it!" Ryan yelled in excitement as he pulled Brendon up of he floor. Hands entangled Ryan drug Brendon towards the house the were at last night.
"Isn't that Bryant's house?" Ryan nodded and smiled big, but Brendon still didn't understand.
"Well, yeah. But..." Ryan trailed off pulling Brendon inside the house. Brendon's eyes scanned the stereotypical looking suburban household.
"It's clean again, Bryant is alright." Ryan shouted throwing his arms around Brendon's neck. Brendon, caught off guard, finally hugged back. Bringing a hue smile to Ryan's slender face.
"So Bryant is..." Brendon's voice faded wanting Ryan to finish his sentence.
"An angel of death." Ryan said nonchalantly, as if everyone on the street were.
"And they do..." Brendon urged Ryan to go on, he wanted to know every little detail.
"Well, when Bryant took me he took the wrong person so he wasn't better. He was strange the other night saw you saw. But the house and him are connected. If the house is burnt down Bryant will die, or a natural disaster Bryant will die. The house is okay when Bryant is okay. If Bryan is sick so is the house, and visa versa." Ryan spoke as if Brendon should know all this, like it was expected for humans.
"Oh, is that normal?" Brendon asked scratching his head, then fixing his black hair back into the perfect position.
"It is for him, and others like him." Ryan scoffed it off as he began to exit the house.
"Are there others like him?" Brendon asked leaning in hoping for an answer.
"Oh shut up. Your questions are tedious and I don't feel lie answering them." Ryan said continuing to leave the house.
"But..." Brendon said chasing after him. Just then Ryan turned around and connected there lips for a long passionate kiss.
"Why did you do that?" Brendon said once their lips have parted.
"To get you to shut up. And it worked." Ryan smiled.
Why didn't we stay like that for longer?
Is what ran through Brendon's mind at that very moment, but the proof was the deep blush on his face accompanied by the huge smile that graced his voluminous lips.
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