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I Still Love You...

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read it...its sad

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It had been a month since all the nightmares and scary encounters,there was finally peace. I grew closer to Frank, we would meet up in the woods at dusk and never go home until the sun rose! I have to admit I did have a crush on Frank. Then I had made a move one Friday night that sent everything spiraling down...

9:00 PM, in the woods.

The moon was high up in the dark night sky,as the sound of the crickets and the soft whisper of the wind made all my worries and cares go away. Frank and I lay next to each-other gazing at the stars.

"Do you think Gerard will ever stop trying to hunt me down?" I asked.

"Probably not.He's a pretty determined guy.He never gives up." Frank replied.

I felt so thankful for Frank. He was the only real friend I'd ever had. I remembered one of my favorite song lyrics, which said everything about him.

"On the way down I saw you, and you saved me from myself.
And I won't forget the way you loved me.
On the way down, I almost fell right through.
But I held on to you." I quietly sang to him.

"If you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears.
If you screamed, I'd fight away all of your fears.
And I'll hold your hand through all of these years.
And you still have...all of me" Frank sang back to me, beautifully.

"Will you always love me?" Frank asked.

"To the end." I said.

The weight of the world seemed to fade away as Frank pulled me into a short kiss.

"Take this." He said, as he pulled a necklace out of his pocket. It had a clear crystal and it was connected to a golden chain. It was stunning.

"When you become a ghost, you're given one of these crystals. You give it to someone you love to show them how much they mean to you." He continued. I was shocked that I was actually was treasured by someone.

"Reia, whatever you do...don't break it. I'll never see you again." He said, with sorrow in his voice.

"Frank, I'll never let anything happen to you." I said. I could almost feel my heart melt. I fastened the chain around my neck, admiring the crystal.

"So if that's broken, you'll never see each-other again?" A voice I'd know anywhere said from behind us. We turned around to see Gerard with a big smile plastered on his face.

"And you'd be out of my way, wouldn't you Frankie?" Gerard said.

"Y-you wouldn't!" Frank stuttered.

"Oh sugar, I would!" Gerard replied coldly.

"Gerard, your face haunts my once pleasant dreams and your voice chased away all the sanity in me." I said.

I had no time to get up and run before Gerard lunged at me, pinning me to the floor and tugging at the gold chain around my neck. It was a blur as Frank was trying to pry Gerard off me while screaming and crying. Whatever would happen to him if the crystal broke, must be awful because he was stopping at nothing to stop Gerard. I was kicking, and trying to push him off of me as well. He managed to break the chain off my neck, as Frank's face went pale. Gerard stood up, and easily snapped the crystal in half. In seconds, Frank slowly disappeared while saying something to me, but no sound came out. I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks as a million questions ran through my head.

"'ve got no Frankie to protect you now, do ya?" Gerard said. I stayed silent as I curled into a little ball and cried. I felt something sharp on my back. I was pretty sure this was the end. Well now I'm on the way down, but there's no Frank to save me from myself. There's no Frank to wipe away all my tears, or fight away all my fears...

3 years later...Right-click on this link, and hit "open in new tab" and listen while reading.
I reflected back on my teenage years. The trip to my Aunt Teresa's house. My family will sadly never know what had happened to me. They'll never know I was murdered in the woods one night, and there's no way I can reach them. I cry myself to sleep every night regretting that I let myself be killed. I didn't think there was a reason for continuing on with life. And Frank... I'll never know what happened to him, where he went, or where he was.All I know now is that I still love him...

I've Tried So Hard To Tell Myself That You're Gone.
And Though You May Still Be With Me...I Feel As If I've Been Alone All Along.

:) Did you like it? It's the end. When Frank and Reia sing to each-other, I used these songs: On The Way Down(acoustic version) by Ryan Cabrera, and My Immortal by Evanescence. I'll have a new story up soon. :''''( Gosh, that was a sad chapter.
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