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The wedding scene is going to go on for a while. And then when its over the chapter after it is going to be a sex scene.

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The walk down the isle seemed to go on forever, until I was standing face-to-face with my Mikey.
"Hi" I mouthed to him.
"Hi" He mouthed back.
"You look amazing." He said.
"Thanks so do you." I said, and it was true. He wore a black and silver pinstriped jacket with a silver tie. His boots were a silver and his pants were just black. What a stunning man. There was someone standing between up, I had no clue who it was. He began to speak about love, and how we had love at first sight, and how the wedding was on such short notice. Including other things, I wasn't really listening though.
"Psst." I looked to Gerard who was trying to get my attention.
"What?" I mouthed.
"You still nervous?" He asked. It was hard to read his lips because of his Jersey drawl.
"Little." I replied letting my head hang and my eyes watch the floor. The man between Mikey and me cleared his throat and glared over his glasses at me.
"Sorry." I whispered. Mikey took my hand.
"There's no need to be nervous." Mikey smiled squeezing lightly at my hand.
"Okay. Continue." I said to the man, he nodded and continued to speak. I disregarded most of what he said, then he said it.
"You may now kiss the bride." The man smiled as motioned to Mikey. He gently puled the veil out of my face and pushed our lips together. In that one kiss I felt all the love of our relationship. He puled away with a smile on his face.
"I love you... Marissa Way." Mikey said as he squeezed my hand tighter in his.
"Can I keep my last name too?" I asked looking up at him with excitement.
"Marissa Sorrentino-Way... Sure, if you like, because you have a nice last name." Mikey said as we walked back down the isle hand in hand. Time for the party, reception, or whatever the proper name is for it. Behind where Mikey and I got married was a long table. Mikey and I sat in the middle, Corinna and Seggie sat on the other side of Mikey, and Gerard, Ray, and Frank sat on my other side. Corinna stood up with her wine glass in hand.
"It's time for the toasts! Let me explain how this works. I will say something, and then the best man will say something, then anyone else who wants to say something can. Finally the bride and groom will say a couple things to each other. Get it? Got it? Good! Great!" Corinna nodded and set her glass onto the table.
"Finally little sister, you found love. Mine came a little early, but yours is here now too. Now I have apple juice in my glass but you can drink and enjoy your wine and champagne. I'm so proud of you, really you guys are perfect for each other. Honestly, there is no one better for you than Mikey Way. You used to fantasize about him all the time. Good luck Marissa. Oh and Mikey, you're going to have your hands full with this one." Corinna laughed. She took her seat and flashed me a happy smile.
"My turn." Gerard declared as he stood up and cleared his throat. This was going to be good.
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