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Lovely Cliches

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"Mikey," Gerard began, "you mean the world to me. You know I use to do anything to make you smile. And since you've met Marissa I haven't seen you smile so much. Meeting her that day was a miracle; you were close to a depression relapse. I'm glad to finally see you with a girl you like, that truly likes you back and isn't using you or some shit. A girl that actually makes you genuinely happy. And I really hope this marriage lasts until death. I love you Mikes." Gerard said with a smile at his brother.
"I love you too Gee." Mikey stood and gave his older brother a huge hug. The Mikey went back and sat next to me.
"And Marissa, over this time I've known you you've become like a little sister to me. I will protect you from anything, even if that means my little brother. Though I hope I never have to. You really make Mikey happy. May your love never die." Gerard finished flashing me a show-stopping smile.
"That was lovely. Thank you." I said putting my arm around his shoulder and squeezing him tight.
"You deserve nothing less. But as great as that sounder I made that all up off the top of my head. Pretty good huh?" He laughed.
"Yes, very impressive." I smiled to him showing my metal covered teeth.
"Anyone else?" My sister asked. She slowly looked around for another person standing.
"I have something to say." Nonnie said as she stood up. Her salt and pepper hair seemed to shine in the faint moonlight.
"Okay Nonnie, go right ahead." Corinna said taking her seat.
"Darlin, I've watched you grow, seen you make good and bad decisions. I hope that this is a good one. I don't want you to have to re-marry too many times and completely miss out on your true love. But honestly I don't think that will happen. I love you too much to see you go through any kind of bad marriage. Michael, you treat her right, just like you should. She is strong headed, but I'm sure you know that. Good luck Michael. Oh, and you. The young man with the fire red hair. Watch your language there are young one here." Nonnie smiled and sat down. I could see a deep blush creeping onto Gerard's face from her last comment. Mikey took my hand and patted it.
"I will try my hardest to do everything your grandma said." Mikey smiled and kissed the back of my hand. His lips were dried and a little rough from the wind.
"Nonnie, she doesn't like the term grandma. Call her Nonnie." I rested my head on his shoulder as I looked up at the stars.
"Marissa you get to say something to Mikey now." Corinna said handing me the microphone. I gulped as I stood and turned towards my lover. The microphone shook slightly in my trembling hand. I was wondering if people could tell.
"Mikey." I said letting out a long breath trying to think it over.
"I'm sure my little speech won't be as nice as yours but I do love you. And I don't plan on using some sort of list of cliches to prove my love to you. Just a few simple words. It's unconditional and my love for you will never stop. That's all I have to say." I sat down setting the microphone on the table lightly. Mikey looked over at me with possibly the biggest smile I had ever seen grace his gorgeous face.
"I'm not asking for anything more than those three simple words." Mikey said kissing my cheek and grabbing the microphone.
"Unlike me lovely wife my speech is filled with cliches. Marissa, I can't be superman, but for you I'd be superhuman. You know it's not a lie, you know I would do anything and everything for you. For our relationship, for the love we share. Being a man most other men would think this is cheesy but I have you so I must have done something right. I know that a lot, even most people don't believe in love at first sight, and I didn't, until I saw you, because then is when I was proven wrong. I love you, until the end." Mikey said and I saw his eyes drift from looking into mine to the ring he had so delicately place on my finger. I pointed to it and Mikey nodded for me to take it off. Once off I looked on the inside of the ring to see that it was engraved.
"And forever after." I mumbled to myself as a smile appeared on my face. I remembered the first time I had said that to Mikey after I first slept with him. I meant it too, even though we were just together. From the moment I had first said those three words I wanted him to be mine, mentally and even by a stupid paper.
"I didn't notice that." I said as I stared up at him. He looked down at me with a dreamy look in his eyes.
"Mine says til' the end on the inside." Mikey smiled ignoring the fact the microphone was still to his mouth.
"Do you remember when I had first said that?" I asked smiling at him. He scrunched his lips and smiled a little crooked.
"f course, right after our first time together, or should I say our first two." He laughed and then looked up to see the shocked faces of the guests who had heard every word that he had just said. Gerard stood and pushed the microphone away from his little brother's mouth to prevent him any more embarrassment.
"Can y'all pretend you didn't hear that for the sake of both the bride and the groom?" Gerard asked setting the microphone onto the table. Everyone nodded almost completely in sync too. Mikey sat down in his chair next to mine and sunk in embarrassment.
"Toast... I guess." Corinna said and the toast was made. Mikey and I entangled our arms and drunk from the glasses. Except the glasses weren't actually glass. They were silver, the neck was a man and the other was a women. They were my parents' but ever since I was little I wanted to use them. If you set them next to each other the man and women would hold hands. I always found that special.
"Now that all that serious stuff is over everyone walk around, mingle, meet new people. Go!" Corinna dropped the microphone on the table with a thud and a high pitched screech. Everyone stood and mixed in a big shadowy blur, with a spec of colour in certain spots from people’s outfits. Mikey took my hand and we walked around.
"Where are we going?" I asked him.
"You'll see. You're going to love this." Mikey said leading me over to a table, he laughed under his breath at the plan he had come up with.
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