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Hey Stella!

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Stella goes missing for two weeks, leaving Mike and Lucy worried about her. When she returns, her face is badly beaten.

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Chapter Seven: Hey Stella!:

Stella’s voice mail had messages to the top. Two weeks’ worth to be frank. Come to think of it, she hadn’t been seen since the Satoshi incident around Christmastime. Lucy had her concerns.

“Has anyone see Stel around?” she asked the day after Christmas.

“She probably went home to see her family,” Anna suggested. The Goth shook her head.

“They disowned her years ago,” she said.

“Maybe she’s with a boyfriend?” Rihoko asked.

“Nah,” Lucy said as she drank her sake. “She broke up with her last boyfriend two years ago. In fact, he is the reason why her family disowned her.”

“Oh,” Anna and Rihoko murmured.

“Have you tried calling her?” Seita asked.

“Yeah,” Lucy said. “But, I’ll try again.”

“You do that,” Anna said. “And while you’re at it, help finish taking down the Christmas decorations.”

“Whatever,” the Goth mumbled. Then, she dialed her wolf demon pal. Again.

First Message:

“Hey Stel. It’s Lucy. Haven’t heard from you. Call me back. Bye.”

Second Message:

“Stel! It’s Lucy. Call me back. Bye.”

Third Message:

“Stella! Lucy here! Are you dead? Say something. Call me back. Bye.”

Fourth Message:

“Come on now! Are you dodging me or something? What the hell? Say something, damn it! Let me know you’re not dead!”

Lucy wasn’t the only concerned one, however. Mike had his own questions.

“Hey Lucy,” he said the day before New Year’s Eve. “You heard from that wolf chick?” The Goth blinked at him.

“Stella?” she asked.

“Yeah,” the demon said. Lucy shook her head.

‘No,” she said.

“Has she called?” Mike asked.

“No,” Lucy answered.

“I see,” Mike said. “Do you have her number?” The Goth looked at him.

“Sure,” she said. “Won’t do much good at the moment.”

“Worth a shot,” he said. Lucy gave him Stella’s cell number. The calls began again the next day.

Fifth Message:

“Hey Stella. It’s me, Mike. Haven’t seen you in days. Miss having you around. Maybe we could get together or something. Got out to the bar of to eat. You know, just hang out. Call me back.”

Sixth Message:

“Stel! Stel! Stel! Stella! Call Mike and me back! Stel! Stel! Stel! Stella! Hey Stella!”

Seventh Message:

“Stella! Foxy Stella! It’s Mike. Lucy and I are wondering where you are. Just quit dodging us and call back. That would be sweet. Bye.”

Eighth Message:

“Come on now! This ain’t even funny anymore! Pick up your damn phone!”

2009 passed. 2010 came and still no Stella.

“Any word?” Mike asked.

“No,” Lucy said.

“Now what?” he asked.

“Keep calling,” she said.

“Ah,” Mike replied.

Ninth Message:

“Stella! It’s Mike again. It’s a new year. Where are you? You’re not in trouble, are you/ Call me back. Bye.”

Tenth Message:

“Stella! Stella! Stella!”

Eleventh Message:

“Foxy! Miss ya, Hope not dead. Are you? Either way, call us back.”

Twelfth Message:

“Stella! It’s me! Pick up! Call me! Stella! Stella! Stella!”

Lucy even sent texts. They were basically saying the same thing. Then, a change took place on January fifth. A knock came on Wisteria House’s door.

“Coming!” Mike called in the middle of the night. He wandered to the door and pulled it open. His eyes widened in completely stunned.

“Stella?” he asked. The wolf demon stood in the doorway with her face beaten about. Her eyes looked pitch black. Her cheeks, jaw, and nose were busted badly. Stella had seen Hell, oh yeah.

“Stella, what happened to you?” Mike asked. “Who did this to you?” Stella didn’t answer; she just walked inside. Mike followed after her.

“Did Stanly do this to you?” he asked. “Where is he? I’ll kill him! I swear I’ll kill him!”

“No!” Stella said.

“But, he has no right to hit you like that!” the demon protested.

“Stanly didn’t do this to me!” she cut in. Mike paused.

“Then…” he began to say. Stella held up her hand.

“Mike, please,” she mumbled. “Just shut up. I just want silence.” She walked straight to the living room.

They said nothing as they sat on the couch in the dark. Mike kept wondering where Stella went these past couple of weeks. What happened to her? And who did this to her?

“Yes,” Stella spoke up. Mike paused and looked at her.

“What?” he asked. Stella didn’t look at him.

“Yes, I will go out with you,” she said. Mike only gave her a little smile in the dark.

“Heh,” was all he could ay at that moment.
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