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Chapter 3

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“Welcome to The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Mr. Armstrong,” she said, dramatically gesturing ahead of her, with that cute smile of hers. I looked towards where she was gesturing and my mouth fe...

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Danielle led me through the door and into a fancy-looking hallway. We walked a ways down until we reached the elevator, her heels clicking with every step. The doors opened the second we reached it.

“Well, that’s convenient,” I commented as we boarded the elevator.

“Everything is convenient here, Mr. Armstrong,” She responded, pressing the button to the first floor. The doors closed with a ping, and the elevator started moving. I was expecting to hear crappy elevator music but was pleasantly surprised when a familiar melody reached my ear. It was one of my favorite songs; The Kids are Alright by the Who.

I smiled and sang along softly, “I know if don’t, I’ll go out of my mind, better leave her alone with the kids, they’re alright…” Danielle eyed me curiously.

“You sing?” she asked. I laughed, nervously.

“Only in the shower. I’m not very good,” I said, noticing that that was the first time I had sung in front of someone.

“I thought you sounded nice,” she said, genuinely.

I heard a ping and was relieved to see the doors open. I couldn’t believe I had just sung in front of her! I hoped she couldn’t see how red my face had gotten.

“Now, this is where the fun starts,” she said leading me through a gaudy lobby. We reached a set of glass doors that were opened for us by two doormen.

“Huh, fancy…” Was all I could say before exiting the building and stepping into the warm night air.

“Welcome to The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Mr. Armstrong,” she said, dramatically gesturing ahead of her, with that cute smile of hers. I looked towards where she was gesturing and my mouth fell open.

“Did I just die and go to Heaven…?”( Ha, that’s impossible! Me, in Heaven? I crack myself up…) This place was PERFECT! Clubs, Bars, music blasting out of every building, restaurants, movie theaters, arcades, you name it! It was all here, standing just before me, waiting to be enjoyed. Good looking people were walking up and down the streets, laughing, singing, drunkenly dancing. Bright lights and the smell of cigarettes met me. This was the greatest place on Earth!

“You’re very much alive, Mr. Armstrong, but I understand it’s quite a lot to take in,” she said standing next to me. She began walking again towards all the fun, “Do keep up, Mr. Armstrong,” she said while walking.

I stumbled after her, in shock of what I was seeing. As we neared the scene, the music became deafeningly loud. A smile began to form on my face. I caught to up to Danielle.

“Where are we going first?” I asked, excited as a kid on Christmas.

“Christian’s Inferno,” she answered. She looked over at my confused face and laughed, “It’s a club.”

“Oh! Sweet, “As we walked towards the club we were passed by a bunch of dudes like me and some hot ladies. I must’ve looked like an idiot, just staring at everyone. Danielle certainly seemed amused.

“So why do you call this place the…the…” I started.

“…The Boulevard of Broken Dreams?” She said, completing my thought. “And that’s not the actual name; it’s just what I like to call it,”

“Oh…well why do you call it that?” I asked.

A/N I know, it's a little abrupt, but that's all I had time for. Sorry! P.S. reviews are always appreciated XD!

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