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Just an outline of what will happen with the rest of the story.

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-The baby will be born
-Mikey and Marissa get into a very heated argument
-She leaves him for a a couple days
-She returns and finds Mikey in a terrible position
-Hospital stays
-Counselor visits
-Mikey decides to get help (because he loves her)
-DNA on the baby shows the real father
-Frank and Mikey make an odd deal
-Years go by and the baby is now a teen
-Baby has sexuality problems that Mikey and Marissa have to deal with
-Mikey has some very bad self esteem problems because of his age
-Mikey and Marissa fix his self esteem problems by looking to the fan base
-A discussion about Mikey and Marissa's future

That's how the story will go and will end.
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