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Can I get an AWKWARD?

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What happens when you mix an overly-sexy Frank Iero, an awkward Gerard Way, loud noises and a shower? You get THIS FANFIC. FRERARD, mah babies!! One-shot.

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"Hey, Gerard, do you have time to work on that science project this afternoon?" Frank's voice said into the phone after Gerard had picked it up. 

"Sure, Frank, when can you come over?" Gee replied.

"In ten minutes. That okay?" Frank said.

"Yeah, sure." Gerard answered, then put down the receiver. It took Gerard a couple of seconds for him to realize he had ten minutes to get ready for Frank Iero, who would be here soon. 

"Ffffuuuccckk." he moaned as he fell onto his bed, face first. Stupid sexy, adorible, funny, and so-out-of-his-league-he-could-have-had-a-better-chance-with-a-martian best friends. They fucking bite. It took Gerard another couple of minutes to realize he had just wasted like, 8 minutes wallowing in self-pity. He barely had time to put a comb through his hair before the doorbell rang. He rushed down the stairs, putting on eyeliner on the way and stabbing himself in the eye a few times in the process, and opened the door. There, in the doorway, was Frank Iero, complete with red eyeliner and excess hotness. Curse him. 

"Hi" Gerard managed, pulling Frank inside and closing the door. 

"Hi!" Frank returned, more enthusiastic. "I brought the stuff for the project. Where do you want me to put it?" 

Project? Oh yes. Science. 

"Um, in my room. Down here." Gerard said awkwardly, guiding Frank to the basement. Frank put down his plastic bag, and stood awkwardly. He smiled a little and Gerard noticed a growing problem between his legs. Fuckfuckfuck.... Don't think about licking him, don't think about licking him....

"Um, just go upstairs and grab yourself something to drink or whatever, I didn't get a chance to shower this morning, so... " Gerard said, and cursed skinny jeans and their ability to hide nothing to the 7th level of hell. Which was similar to this situation.

"Yeah, okay!" Frank said, in a tone that Gerard hoped meant that he hadn't noticed his hard- on, and walked up the stairs. Gerard went into the bathroom connected to the basement and turned on the water. He pulled off his shirt and jeans and stepped into the shower. He let the cool water flow over him until the.. problem... was too potent to be ignored. He pumped his fist along his shaft, imagining his hand as Franks, Halloween tattoo blurring, oh god, faster....

"uuuhhhh... UH.... FFFRRRAAANNNKK" he moaned. He needed coaxing. He imagined Frank, mentally stripping him, and as soon as mental-image-Frank's shirt was off, Gerard came into his hand.

"FFFRRRAAANKKK" moaned again, glad he had sent his friend upstairs so he was out of earshot. Gerard awkwardly washed the sticky substance off his hand and wrapped himself in a towel. He walked back into his room to find an extremely red-cheeked Frank staring at the bathroom door.

"Um... I came back down to grab my phone... Um..." Frank said. Gerard was speechless. He'd managed to scare off his only friend. Again. Well, it was better than the way he had creeped off Ray Toro, but we do not speak of that. EVER. 

"So.. Um... Do you really... Oh, screw this." Frank said, right before his mouth collided with Gee's. Soon, Gerard felt Frank's toungue enter his mouth, and he began to work against it, feeling the bite of the metal lip ring. Frank paused, causing a whimper to sound from Gerard, to say:  

"Just so you know, I think it's hot when you masterbate while you mentally strip me.... But it would please me so much more if you stripped me, for real, and right now ." 

Gerard figured he'd have more fun tonight than anything he could do in the shower. Fuck science.
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