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9 Months Was So Worth It

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-------August 8th, the day of the childbirth-------

I opened my eyes to see the bright lights of the hospital above me. My leg muscles were still very sore and my hands hurt as well. I'm sure that Mikey's hand hurt too, I was squeezing it a little too tight, Gerard's hand too.
"You're going to be okay now." Mikey reassured me. He was wearing a surgical mask just like everyone else in the room, the mask matched his lovely scrubs.
Ray was holding a camera and pointing at my face. I was sweating like crazy and probably bright red.
"Get that camera out of my face before I break it." I growled at him. Ray obeyed and turned the camera off.
I let go of their hands to wipe the sweat off my forehead. Corinna (my sister) pulled her surgical mask off exposing an exited smile.
"Look." Corinna pointed at the nurse that walked through the door carrying a little person bundled in green fleece.
"Here he is." The nurse said in a happy tone. Mikey shot up to get a good look at our son. His eyes lit up with joy when he saw the baby he had helped create.
"He's beautiful." Mikey said in a loving tone. I put my arms out for my baby.
"Let me see my baby!" I exclaimed reaching for him. The nurse set him in my arms and I was overcome by elation. I felt my eyes beginning to water with joy.
"Did you have a name in mind?" The nurse asked tapping his pen on the clipboard in his hand. I looked to Mikey in response.
"Whatever you like." He nodded.
"Okay, Let's name him Niall James Way. He'll have the same middle name as his father." I smiled to Mikey who was already smiling. Niall opened his eyes and I was stunned by his hazel eyes. A mixture of green and light brown staring up at me. He was born with a lot of black hair on his had too, he was going to have a thick head of hair just lie his mother.
"Louis, come see your nephew. Kids come see you cousin." Corinna called out the door. Louis walked in, his red skinny jeans brightening up the room and matching Gerard's hair. His blue eyes got brighter as he looked to the bundle of life in my arms.
"He's a handsome lad isn't he?" Louis said, his English accent making every word that dripped from his lips sound angelic.
"I named him Niall." I smiled up at Louis. His face lit up in thought of his blonde friend.
"That name is phenomenal!" Louis exclaimed, his eyes gaining so much animation.
"We can't see!" Rydon and Kit yelled in unison. Kit with his straight brown hair falling around the sides of his face, but never into his hazel brown eyes. His suspenders holding up pinstriped brown pants and creasing his gray shirt. His outfit was tied together with a black bow-tie, the same colour as the suspenders.
As for his brother, Rydon was in a pair of gold yellow plaid pants that matched a little vest that covered a pink shirt. His yellow puddle splashers not serving their purpose because it was relatively sunny outside. Unfortunately Rydon's wavy brown hair fell slightly into his shining blue eyes that were definitely his father's.
Louis picked his boys up to stand on a chair next to the bed. They peered over the side of the bed to see the hazel eyed baby.
"He's so-" Kit began but was interrupted by his brother.
"Tiny." Rydon finished his twins sentence for him with a huge smile on his face.
"I wanna see the baby!" Skylar whined as she reached her little arms upward. Mikey acknowledged his niece's demands and lifted her up, his forearm under her knees and her back against his chest. Mikey stood up so she could see the baby.
"He's so cute." Skylar giggled as Mikey set her on my hospital bed, she crawled up to Niall and just stared. Skylar looked from Mikey to Niall and back again, her young face scrunched in deep thought. But honestly how, how deep of though can you be in as a four year old?
Skylar gently ran her little finger over Niall's lips, they were small and slightly pursed even though he was relaxed.
"He has Uncle Mikey's lips." Skylar pointe out as she looked at Mikey and Niall again.
"What?" Mikey asked tilting his head in confusion at the little green eyed girl. Her light brown hair edging her face perfectly, not one little hair out of place. Skylar's bangs cut off right above her eyebrows.
"Your lips look like the baby's." Skylar repeated smiling gently at a confused Mikey. But slowly he understood what the little girl spoke of.
"Because I'm the daddy." He smiled and chuckled lightly under his breath.
"Really? I didn't know." The little girl rolled her eyes at him in sarcasm, Mikey was taken aback by Skylar's attitude.
"She's a spitfire. It's what you get for growing up with two older brothers." Corinna laughed at Mikey, who was still wide eyed and staring at the girl.
"Now you're a family, and your family is part of our big family." Skylar smiled as she reached her arms up wanting to be picked up again. Mikey lifted her and held her like a baby, his hand under her bottom and her legs straddling his side.
"What?" Mikey questioned, his eyebrow pulled slightly upward.
"This a big family, and now you're part of it. So we all love you, new or not." Skylar cuddled her face into his shoulder. I saw his eyes beginning to tear up and I heard Ray click the video camera back on.
"We all love you, I love you Uncle Mikey." She indicated happily, her eyes moved to Mikey's face as she felt a single tear fall onto her sky blue dress sleeve.
"What's wrong Uncle Mikey? Did I do something wrong?" She whispered to him.
"Sweetie, you didn't do anything wrong, these are tears of joy." Mikey replied and hugged the girl tight before setting her on the floor.
"Come on, we have a flight to catch. Of course the last day we're here you have to have your baby. Bye Marissa, I'll text. you." Corinna smiled, that just proves that nothing has changed.
Corinna was one of the only people I confided in, and the fact that she flew out to New Jersey to be with me for my child birth made my day, maybe even my entire life. I didn't have any family left for me, so if she were gone that would really be terrible.
With that Corinna walked out of the monotonous hospital room with her hand in Louis'. Rydon, Kit, and Skylar scurried out of the room, their colour coordinated outfits just a blur. Mikey stood back up, never tearing his gaze from Niall.
Skylar ran back into the room and looked up at Mikey. She motioned him to get to her level so she would be able to speak to him. Mikey got down onto the dirty hospital floor and sat criss-cross so she could whisper into his ear. Skylar quickly kissed his cheek and whispered a quiet "I love you" before running out the door with a deep blush on her little face. Mikey's cheeks had also turned a certain shade of pink as he stood up once again.
"Someone's got a favorite uncle." Ray joked as he shut off the camera in his hand.
"Did you get that on camera?" Mikey asked pointing and looking at Ray. Ray nodded waving the camera back and forth with his usually smile on his face.
"Good, in some years I'll wanna watch that." Mikey chuckled taking my hand again and kissing it gently.
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