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Through Cartilage and Fluid: a love and a Forensic Mystery


Mikey has been murdered. Can Gerard and Frank, a forensic anthropologist (solves murders with bones) catch the killer and avenge Mikey? Will their feelings shine through? Not sure for rating, b...

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Frank took the remains to be cleaned so he could exsamine the bones for fractures. He thoughly cleaned each bone, the smell of the harsh chemicals staining the inside of his nose. The red flesh previoudly attatched to white bone spiraled down a drain in the floor. Routine.. well, as routine as working with the murdered and mangled could be. Soon, the previously only unrecognizable corpse was a skeleton, straight from a horror film. The familar pale white of the hard bone winked at him as Frank prepped tgem for the next step. Frank placed the bones in order on a lit table, and began his exsamination before he sent the body to be re-exsamined by Dr. Armstrong, head of the forensic anthropology department at the institution. Dr. Toro had already put the dental information through the missing persons reports to search for a match. The corpse was a male, 20-25 years old. He noticed that ribs one through four were fractured. Also, a bullet wound was found at the base of the skull.

Cause of death: gunshot wound to skull around spinal cord.
Frank wrote on his clipboard.  That would have killed the poor kid instantly. 
Maybe whoever had done this knew that and had combat training. He added this to his notes.

Other injuries: four broken ribs. Frank marked the injuries on the chart provided. This suggested him being beaten, not something a professional, like his previous assumpion, would do. He also wrote this down. 

Judging by the angle of the shot, murder. Not suicide or natural causes, that was obvious. 

"Dr. Iero" said Ray Toro from the lab doorway. "We found a match." 

"Who?" asked Frank. He always confronted the families. It got harder every time. Tears, saddness. It was like mourning the death of a friends over and over.

"Micheal Way. An artist living with his brother in Jersey." Ray said solemnly. Another story to tell from the bones of the dead.


"Are you sure it's Mikey?" he asked. These words were always asked. Unfortunatly, the answer remained the same. Case by case, week by week.

"unfortunately, yes. We found your brother." Gerard started to cry, tears creating a watery path down his pale cheek. 

"He was the only family I had left. My father ran off, my grandma passed on, and my mother was hit by a bus last year. He was all I had left!" he collapsed in Frank's lap, crying. 

"You'll catch that god-awful fuck who killed him right?" Gerard said, surprisingly threatening.

"Of course. But to do that, you're going to have to answer some questions. Mr. Toro will come and see you in a moment, and you have to be strong. Can you do that for me Gerard? Be strong?"
Frank said.

"Anything." Gerard growled.


"Would anyone wish to hurt your brother?" a man named Ray asked Gerard in the interrogation room.

"No. No one. Every one loved him." Gerard said on a dead beat. 

"Any relationships?" asked Toro.

"Yes. Alicia Simmons. They where happy." said Gerard, still sullen.

Can we have her contact info?" asked Ray. Gerard wrote down a number before handing over the slip of paper to him. 

"Did they ever fight?" 

"Never. They loved each other." said Gerard.

"Thank you Gerard. I will call you for further questioning. 
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