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Cheaters, spiders, and a lead

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Kind of a filler. To explain some things before you read: Ultra violet light reacts to blood and semen and some cleaning supplies, making a spot where such a substance was glow. FYI. Okee, read nao.

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"I can't believe you talked me into coming with you, Toro" Frank said. "I work in the lab, not in the field."

"You're good with people, Frank. You can get answers out of this girl faster than I can alone. Besides, I saw you checking out the brother. You wanna solve his case and be "Mr. Hero", huh."

Frank choked on his coffee. Ray laughed at Franks discomfort as they pulled into Alicia Simmons' drive way. Frank opened the car door and shut it behind him as he exited the vehicle. He did not check out Gerard. He was cute, in a pale-vampire-mourner sort of way, and Frank had noticed it, but he didn't check him out. He was off limits. His brother had gotten shot, for god's sake! He did NOT check Gerard Way out.... Well, maybe a little.... But, respectfully. Yeah. We'll go with that. 

Before Frank knew it, he was standing outside the door to Alicia's home, waiting while Ray rang the doorbell. A pretty girl, with jet-black hair and purple eyeliner, opened the door. Her eyes widened. 

"You must be here about Mikey." she said sadly. "Come in, please." Ray and Frank followed her into the small home. It was cozy, with a tiny fireplace and pictures of friends and family were set up on the mantel. Frank also noticed a bass lying in the corner, and art covering the walls. 

"Do you know anyone who might want to hurt Mikey?" Ray asked her.

She faultered, then answered: "No. I-I don't know of any." Ray's eyebrows creeped up toward his fro, detecting her horribly covered lie. He continued to question her, however.

"Did he do any other work besides art?" Ray asked.

"He worked in an art shop with me down the street." she answered.

"Did he have any rivals in the art business?" 

"No, he wasn't successful yet, most of our income comes from the shop and his parents." she said. 

"Can you give me the address and phone number of the art shop?" Ray asked as he stood, pen and paper thrusted at Alicia. He didn't take kindly to lies.

"Okay, here." she handed him back the paper, which now contained an address written in curving scrawl. Frank and Ray departed, and got back into the car.

"She lied, didn't she?" asked Frank. 

"Yes. But I have a feeling the art shop may tell us something." Ray said, turning the key and starting the car.

"Is this one of your 'gut feelings' Toro?" asked Frank. "Because your suppost to be solving this case with facts, not your stomache. I think we should have questioned her further."

"We wouldn't have gotten anything useful, she was lying through her teeth." said Ray.

"Well let's see what we find at the shop." said Frank doubtfully.


"Hi, how can I help you?" said the woman at the counter.

"Can you tell us about two of your employees: Mikey Way and Alicia Simmons?" asked Ray, taking charge. 

"Do you have a permint?" she said, less cheery this time.

"Yes we do." Ray showed her the paper. "Now could you answer my question?" 

"Sure. Mikey and Alicia are pretty good workers. On time, and everything. One day, Mikey just stops coming to work. I keep my nose outta other peoples business" she looked accusingly at us. "So I stayed out of it. Gave Alicia Micheal's hours, and that was that."

"Did anyone suspious visit either of the two?" asked Ray.

"Hhmmm... Yes, a woman." she answered. 

"Visiting Mikey?" aske Ray.

"No" she said. "She came for Alicia."


"Do you know who she is?" questioned Ray. 

"No. Like I said, I'm not nosy. But I do have security tapes I can show you. Her and Alicia would talk, or converse, or whatever, in the supply closet during her break. I stayed away from there, as did most employees because if the spider problem we have in there." She said. 

"I'd like to see those security tapes." said Ray. 

"And I'd like to know what species of spider existed in that closet." said Frank. 


Once both men had their information, Frank called Dr. Bryar, head of the forensic entomology department. (A/N: that is the study of bugs. Had to wiki that myself) 


"Hey Bob. Did you find samples of black widow eggs on the remains?" inquired Frank.

"Yes, how did you know?" 

"I think the body was moved to the dumpster where it was found." said Frank. "I'll need to have an ultra-violet light to check the closet at the shop for blood with." 


Soon, Frank was in Ray's office as Toro himself put in the security tapes for the supply closet. They watched, hours and hours of tape speed up so that time rushed by. No change. Soon, 1 o'clock was shown at the corner of the screen. Alicia's break. 

Two women entered the closet. One was Alicia, obviously, and the other a strange girl dressed all in black with equally raven dreadlocks. This, though, wasn't the interesting thing. The interesting thing was that they where mouth-to-mouth. Tongues dancing, the whole shabang. Soon, shirt were flying off, and Ray turned off the TV. 

"You get your wish, Iero. Tommorow, we revisit Ms. Simmons." said Ray. 

"And on the way back I need to check that closet for blood." said Frank, sipping his coffee. 

"At least there won't be any semen to lead you off track. Ray said. 

Frank choked on his coffee again.
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