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A bit of advice please?

by DisenchantedEnding 14 Reviews

Okay guys, I've come to you because I feel like you'll understand.

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  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-01-06 11:23:55 AM

    ok first i'm quite crappy when it comes to advice but i'll give it a go.

    for my low self esteem i find something i love and excel in that, i put all of my depression and express it doing the thing that i love. also with your family i suggest you talk to them about it i know they might seem mean but they're your family and one day that could be the only thing you have left.

    this has never happened to me before but i do express what i feel in doing something i love (music, writing, singing etc.)

    hope this helps :)
    and keep on going there is hope (i know i've been there)
    blood bunny signing off

    Author's response

    You're not crappy. :)
    I mean, I always have a slight bit of hope and such, but now my family's being mean to me as well I just feel like utter shit. They don't even know I'm depressed and suicidal. I mean, they used to, but they don't anymore.

    But thank you very much. I always write lyrics, play my bass, or write stories when I'm depressed, but there's only so much one person can do, yo'know?

    Thank you. xoox
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) xxKilljoysxx 2012-01-06 11:37:26 AM

    To help me when I feel shitty like that, like when you're sick of everyone around and feel like you're seconds from losing it, I do something to make me happy where I can be alone, like listen to music, draw or write. It puts me into my own little world and it helps me feel like I'm in control.
    I think, if you can, talk to your family about it. Don't keep it bottled up though, that's what I do and it just ends up piling up inside you, I swear one day i'll snap and like kill everybody or something hahaha>:3
    Find somebody that you can talk to, a friend or different family memeber. It helps to pour out you emotions to them, trust me!

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help, and I know it's hard but please please please please please don't self harm. Even though I don't know you you're part of the MCRmy family, and I hate to see you hurt like that, you're better and stronger than that.

    I hope I helped in some way(:
    Love Romy xo

    Author's response

    You're all so lovely on here. I wish I knew you all in reality. :)

    Yeah; drawing, writing and listening to music really calms me down, so that's what I normally do. But sometimes things get too much, yo'know?

    Usually, I would talk to someone about it, but it's gotten to the point recently where I don't really like seeing people's reactions. I actually wasn't going to post this, but I got into another fight with my sister and I just had to.

    I really don't want to self-harm, because before when I was depressed I did and I got so addicted and ah. So, no, I'm trying not to.

    I guess I'm better and stronger than that, yeah. Though I don't think it's bad when people self-harm. But I don't think you were saying that, either. :)

    You've all just cheered me up just by commenting. :)

    Thank you so much:)
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) monstrice901 2012-01-06 11:39:19 AM

    Ahhhhh, shit hunny I dunno! I don't really have any great advice, but when I'm upset, hell even if I'm happy - I just lose myself in writing or music or whatever. I tend to listen to calmer stuff, but not sad 'cos it's just fucking depressing listening to happy, upbeat stuff. And then, stuff like Cancer just makes me feel worse. Reading really helps as well.

    Or... play hockey. I have no idea if you're this kinda person or not, but when I'm stressed, beating the shit out of one of those balls really helps. If not, just get out of your house, plug your headphones in and walk until you get lost... Just make sure you can find your way back! Ok, I guess that mean you're not really lost, but still. Works for me!

    Errmmmmm, yelling helps too. It might not help the situation but shouting at people who piss me off makes me feel so much better. Just to let off steam if nothing else.

    So yeah, that's really all the advice I have and sorry if it's crap.


    Author's response

    That's a good idea. Maybe I should just go for a nice, long walk. Clear my mind. :)

    Hockey's a good idea to get out my aggression, but I can't really do much exercise because of my Asthma haha. It's a good idea, though. I'll definitely consider it.

    Yeah, I might yell at everyone at school who's pissing me off, though it could get me into some trouble with the head of year, but eh.

    Thank you so much. It's not crap and it's helping just to chat:)
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) MCR_ROCK_RHCP 2012-01-06 12:14:27 PM

    When I get really down (which is often)
    Damn girl. I dont really know what to say. I know how you feel to just e constantly pushed down.

    When I'm upset or angry I love to find a book or listen to my music and sit in the bathroom and emerse myself in it. Sometimes I start writing and just lose myself in their world.

    Or I find something I enjoy and put all my emotion into it. Even if it is as simple as hama beads (i do them a lot!) or writing in a diary.

    I also like to go for a really long walk and just look at the beauty of where I am. I take my dog and talk to her. Sometimes I ply netball go swimming even if it's cold. And I punch walls. (I have anger issues I wouldn't recommend wall punching:p)

    Trust me. One day you will be better. You will want to wake up in the morning. I am saying this because I believe one morning I will wake up and think I can do this. Instead of going to bed wishing not to wake up.

    You can do this.


    Author's response

    I actually got over my depression, but it's just come back and ugh.

    But thank you so much. I don't actually know what to say to you guys anymore. You're all so supportive.

    Thank you.
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) XBrokenGhostX 2012-01-06 12:15:23 PM

    Don't let them get you down!! Just do something you're really, really good at all the time; I know you're good at writing, but do you excel in any other skills, like on the level of writing/ above? As long as you enjoy it, do it all the time, put your music on, and just really go for it. I'm kinda good at manga, so I spent ages drawing one and coloring it in really intricately, and the praise I got from people just made me feel amazing. Just write something, or do something with another talent, spend ages perfecting it and show someone you know will be supportive. When you've got your self esteem up by doing that, just try telling your mum or one of your sisters how they've been making you feel. I've not been something as bad as this, but something to make me feel like self harming; just seriously, don't do anything to hurt yourself. Trust me, just for allegedly cutting myself, at school people won't leave me alone. I don't know what people at your school are like, but if you did do something like that, I don't even wanna think about what they'd do.

    Sorry if I'm bad at giving advice ;P

    Author's response

    That's so lovely. Thank you so much. You're not at all bad at giving advice.

    My school isn't terrible, but they aren't exactly nice. They used to say all this shit about me and said I cut myself and once they actually asked me to show them my arm, but it was terrible because I was self-harming. Luckily i showed them the arm I hadn't cut and they left me alone, but it was horrible to be made fun of about something I did because I felt so shit.

    But thank you so much. I don't know i I'm good at anything, but I do know I like some things that cheer me up. Thanks a lot. :) xo
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) aweirdtree 2012-01-06 12:17:35 PM

    i'm not much of a advicer of any kind... but god do i want to help. but if i'm depressed or something i usually listen to music and go for a walk. that usually helps.

    and then, also, writing helps. if i'm really fucking pissed and tired and stressed over my friends or something i just write down all the stuff that comes to mind. whatever. it usually doesn't even make any sense, really; i remember having written something about Johnny Depp when i was angry with my friend.

    but yeah... pretty much the same the others have already said. and i know this probably just sounds plain dumb and irritating but staying optimistic really helps a lot. i know it's hell of a lot easier said than done but... you can always try. there is always something good about the day you're living in.

    oh well... hope that helps, at least a bit. if it didn't, well... just know that i meant it, anyway.

    Author's response

    Yes. I'm really trying to stay optimistic. I always have a little hope.

    As Gerard once famously quoted, "Even in my most jaded times, I still had hope."

    And that's how I feel.

    I've been thinking about, well, abusing alcohol I suppose is one way to put it, because I just wanna drown it all out, but that wouldn't really be wise.

    But the optimism thing is good. I keep telling myself that there's hope and that I could actually become a well-known author or be in a band. They're actually the only things I wanna do.

    Though, I wouldn't mind working for a magazine or being a costume designer. Not that I'd be any good at designing costumes. :)

    But thank you, a lot. You're all so nice. :) xoxo
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) MCR_ROCK_RHCP 2012-01-06 12:17:46 PM

    And please please don't self harm. You are family to all of us as part of the MCRmy.

    It's a really bad addiction and so hard to stop. Talk to a friend or just email me.

    I will always be there to talk.

    I haven't self harmed in a week which is amazing for me (my best friend just died so I've been bad)

    Author's response

    No, it's okay. I'm not going it. When I was depressed before I did and I got seriously addicted. It wasn't good.

    But now i feel like a twat because I haven't just lost a best friend and.. oh. I'm so sorry. I know I've got a lot of problems but losing someone you love is horrible.

    Are you okay?
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) MCR_ROCK_RHCP 2012-01-06 12:57:32 PM

    Yeh. I'm fine. Well not really. It's not really possible to be oaky after that. But your problems matter too.

    I always feel terrible cuz before she died. I had really ba depression and my friend was anorexic and I felt bad for venting at her.

    Evrybodys problems matter.

    :) just email me if ya even need someone to talk to.


    Author's response

    Yeah, I'd be surprised if you were.

    Well, thank you very much. And I agree - everybody's problems do matter.

    Thank you. And you me, if you feel down. :)
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) Lenorebear 2012-01-06 01:30:10 PM

    I am not that good with advice but all i can really say is when your old enough to move out and be away from everyone (family) just think of what it will be like and i myself to get away as soon as possible i will be going to Tokyo. Get in touch with different people and if you ever need to talk i am here.
    I would just say ignore your family no matter what you think you are always perfect and you have a purpose some how even if you haven't figured it out yet you never know what it could be
    I would also recommend Letting your angry or frustration out on stuff like martial arts or kick-boxing it stops me from hitting people at school but not always :P
    Remember they are just trying to put you down and that they feel bad about themselves so pick on you to let it out and nothing they say is true unless it something nice of course
    Radiation Bullets xxxx

    Author's response

    I don't really know what to reply. Haha, wow. Uhm, thank you. :)

    I'm definitely moving outta Devon. It's boring here.
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) LatherTheBlood 2012-01-06 02:26:56 PM

    I am the most terrible-est person to come to for advice but if it helps i can't sleep much either, and then my parents shout at me for not waking up early but i cant help it :( I think your awesome cus you live through all this even though its bad, my friend has REALLY bad asthma and i know its hard for her so it must be REALLY bad for you, just don't worry bout it, do what i do, tell them to shut the fuck up and get their own life to ruin :) or just tell them they need to stop cus its dragging you down. You are a cool person so uh, dont kill yourself, i mean that in the nicest way possible, please dont. I think i have over-used the comma in this review/advicey thing. I hope that helps but if it dont, i am sorry :) xo

    Author's response

    It does help. All of you guys' support helps. Thank you. But yeah, it's horrible, it really is. Some people don't realize the seriousness of Asthma and everyone doubts my case, so screw them. :)

    I know! Insomnia sucks and I end up missing like, half the day D:

    But thanks very much. xo

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