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A bit of advice please?

by DisenchantedEnding 14 Reviews

Okay guys, I've come to you because I feel like you'll understand.

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  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2012-01-06 04:15:33 PM

    I`m not going to pretend to be good at giving advice, but I like to help people whenever I can, so here goes.
    The family thing cannot be nice. Maybe try talking to them, they are your family and if they know how it makes you feel then they should be sorry and stop. If not then when you can move out. Maybe spend time with friends, do nice things that make you happy. This could simply be listening to music, which helps me a lot, or maybe saving up and treating yourself to something. I don`t know what makes you happy, I`m not you.
    When I am angry I try and go for a walk, screem into a pillow, sing along loudly to music, play my guitar or practie Tae Kwon Do. The key is to try and calm down by trying to take your self away from the situation that angers you and to try to cool off wihtout the situation getting worse.
    They shouldn`t be putting you down, but remmember that no one has the right to make you feel low about yourself so hard as it is, try to ignore whatever it is they say. And like I said earlier, talk to them. Maybe they don`t realise that it is hurting you.
    I used to suffer from minor athsma as a young child but I was lucky and it never really put me in any danger. Maybe ask a few questions about it? Ask the doctors what it is they are conerned about or if not your parents. It is your health afterall and you have a right to know about it. I know little about athsma but maybe look it up and see if there is anything you could do that may posisbly helo it a little? I don`t know if there is, but it may be worth looking up.
    I`m sorry to hear ting are not too great for you, I really am. If you ever feel liek talking, I`m on here a hell of a lot as I have no life. Well I`m home ed so Whenever I go on the laptop for work I normally check on here so yeah...I hope things look up for you soon. Sorry that this bit of advice is pretty crappy. I hope some of it helped, if only a little

    Author's response

    I seem to spend my life on this website:')

    Thank you very much! I know that the way I can help my asthma is by exercise, but I can't because it's so bad, you know? It's silly. The Doctors keep going 'Ohhh exercise, ohhhh' and I'm like 'I can't breathe, bro.'

    So it kinda sucks.

    But thank you very much. I've told my sister I really don't want to fight anymore and we came to the conclusion we were fighting because of all the stress in our lives at the moment.

    I go for walks, now, to help myself. I think it help - it let's me clear my mind. :)

    And you're not terrible at giving advice at all. Thank you:)
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) Mynameisnotimportant 2012-01-06 04:56:55 PM

    I don't really know what to say. Can I just send you music or comedy sketches? Gahh I'm awful with people. Would that be okay or should I just go far away and stay there????

    Author's response

    Haha, aww you're so awkward it's funny. It's fine, but thanks for making me smile.

    Don't leave, I like you:D
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) MuzicAddict 2012-01-06 09:32:31 PM

    It's bull that they're putting you down. That's not even acceptable. And I'm sorry if I may be insulting or offending your family, but that is some freaking bull crap. No one, and I mean no one should make you feel like that, especially your own family. Reading this just rubbed me the wrong way. Never hate yourself, never ever hate yourself. You're beautiful, you're unique you're an awesome writer. I suck at advice, but the thing I can say is confront them, tell them how you feel, because what child needs to go through this? Especially from her sisters and her own mother. Keep your head up my dear and don't let them get you down. And this may or may not be relevant, but "Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive" -the very famous words of Gerard Way.

    Author's response

    Thank you very very much. That made me smile so much. I'll try talk to my twin, but not the rest of my family because I don't just wanna go 'Hey, stop making fun of me, thanks' because they'll probably say something like 'I'm not making fun, I'm just saying you need to fix this'.

    But thank you so much. I'm feeling quite a lot better now.

    ..well, today. haha.
  • A bit of advice please?

    (#) japulapu 2012-01-29 10:46:16 AM

    Hello again, my friend. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when this was put up. I hope you feel better now. It would be terrible to lose a good writer and a fellow..... person. Screw your family... if you don't mind me saying so. I don't really have anything quirky, funny, witty, charming or heart-rendering to say, but please don't do something crazy. It's against everything we as the MCRMY stand for. Life gets hard, so hard that it just seems easier to let go. Everyone knows it's harder to stay on and fight, which is exactly why you should. Never give them the satisfaction of getting to you. I'm glad you're not keeping it bottled down, it's better to tell someone, even if that someone happens to be other jobless freaks who sit around and read and write fan fiction all day. Don't take shit from anyone. I would like to conclude my boring speech with two of my favourite songs -the beginning lines of Famous Last Words and the last lines of My Way Home Is Through You(I would actually quote the entire song, but that would be foolish)-"And I know, that I can't make you stay, but where's your heart?","Come on angel, don't you cry". I love you =)

    Author's response

    Hey! Thank you so much! This made me smile more than physically possible. It's nice to see you again, I hope you're doing well? You're completely right, too; it is easier to let go, but I wont give anyone satisfaction. I want to stay on a fight, anyway, and be able to say that I survived. :)

    I love those songs! They're amazing. Well, all of MCR's songs are, aren't they? Still, those songs.. Yup.

    "Even if that someone happens to be other jobless freaks who sit around and read and write fan fiction all day."

    Oh my, how that made me laugh. :')
    Thank you so much! I love you too! XD

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