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Still Painting Flowers for You

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"Where is she?" yelled Frank, bursting into the interview room. 

"She just left with her sister. Why do-"
Said Ray.

"That little girl is our killer." said Frank, cutting him off.

"Wha- how?" said Ray in astonishment.

"She took a blunt object- a rock, possibly, and threw it at Mikey, breaking his ribs. Then, she shot him at the base of the skull from directly behind him. That's why the bullet wound was faced upward, at an angle." Said Frank. "Now let's stop wasting time and catch her!" 

Ray pulled Frank with him to the car, shut the door and started the engine. 
"Her sister said they were going back home. We should check there." He began driving toward the Dirnt's home.

They arivied, and Frank watched, his eyes only providing him with a blurt of crying, colors, and screaming. 

"Alexis! Sister! Alexis!" screamed Jalyn as Ray took her away. 

"I love you." Alexis said, one hand drifting after her sister, the other on her heart. 

More died here than Frank could ever analyze. 
/Case file: Mikey Way homicide 

The victim had been killed in an alley near the dumpster where he was found. He died of a shot to the back of the head. Blood was found on some of Jalyn Dirnt's clothes, the sister of the woman his lover was cheating on him with. 

Motive: Family. /

The investigators,  and anyone else who looked at the file later would find it stained with tears. 


"I thought we could be a family." she kept repeating, as she was taken to juvie. Her future was unpredictable, as not many young people commit homicide. But she was off the street... Or at least off the playground. 

When Frank stopped by Gerard's, He was almost in tears. She had her heart set on a family with Alexis and Alicia... But what she had done.... It was horrible. 

Taking him out of his inner battle, Gerard hugged him.

"You did the right thing." he whispered. "Mikey would have liked you." 

He stumbled inside, tears staining his cheeks just like Gerard's had been the day Frank had truly spoken to him.

They decided to watch Alice in Wonderland, the creepily revised version. Frank and Gerard cried, hugging each other, partly because of the grief, partly because Alice's dad was dead.

"I-I made you something." said Gerard shyly. 

"Oh really?" said Frank. 

Instead of answering, Gerard brought down a canvas with a delicate black rose laying against a headstone. The phrase 'Death is Art' in bone-white letters that was painted there seemed to creep up the canvas. The headstone shown in a pale grey, and the grass was such a dark green it was almost black.

"I-I don't deserve this, Gee." said Frank.

"Trust me. You do." said Gerard more strongly.

"You should hate me." Frank said, squeezing his eyes shut. "I touched your brother's bones ." his feelings were so confused, his sudden love- yes, he decided, love- for Gerard, a nine year old killer, it weighed down on him. 

"I don't hate you." he said. 

"I don't believe you." Frank replied.

Instead of arguing back, there was silence. Had Frank been right? Did Gerard hate him?

He opened his eyes in time to feel Gerard's lips against his, slow, afraid of rejection. Frank was stunned, but soon got into the rythem of the thing. Working his lips against Gerard's, he felt hands slide into his back pockets. He pulled away reluctantly. 

"Can you look past the scent of death?" said Frank, putting his hand on the side of Gerard's face. 

"Only if you let me paint you flowers." said Gerard.

And he's still painting flowers for him..

A/N: I know, it was suppost to have man sex. I wrote it that way and wasn't happy. Sorry hope u liked
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