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Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Oh dang. This is starting to get really intense right about now. Oh dang girl. Oh dang.

Party Poison's POV:
I knew I hadn't slept a wink when Denominator shouted, "Rise and shine, Killjoys!"

I was so tired I couldn't think. I really needed coffee, but of course there wasn't any anymore.

So there we sat, some amount of time later (I didn't know or care), hearing Denominator recite the plan. Ghoul was practically bouncing off his seat. I zoned in and out, but I caught the jist of it. We would go and figure out how to free them, while Gift distracted Korse. No matter how she tried to hide it, I could see the terror in her eyes. It woke me up.

"Hey, wait a sec," I said. Everyone turned to look at me. Ghoul's eyes were so wide open that I was surprised his eyeballs didn't fall out.

"What's up, Poison?" Jet Star asked.

"I don't trust him alone with her. If they're fighting, who's to know that he won't..." I trailed off, not finishing my sentence.

Denominator turned to Gift. "Is there any place you could use where Poison could safely keep an eye on you?" She nodded.

Kobra whispered something in Denominator's ear. He nodded.

"Both Kobra Kid and Party Poison will accompany Gift to protect her," he decreed. I narrowed my eyes at my brother. What did he say?

Kobra caught my eye and grinned like the Cheshire Cat.


Gift had led us to a room marked "Employees Only," and told us to stay in there. Another door on the other side was where she was meeting Korse. She never met my eyes.

Seeing her torn up like this made me want to take the ray gun on my belt and shoot myself. I hated myself for what I did.

Kobra and I sat in awkward silence, listening through the door. Hearing them chat was...strange. The way she talked about him, you'd think all that they did was fuck and fight.

Out of nowhere, I heard drawn-out breaths and moans. I started listening more raptly.

"" I heard Gift murmur. "No...I have a headache..."

"How is it that you have a headache so often?" said Korse's voice. "It almost seems don't want to?"

"Well..." It was infuriating, hearing and not seeing. "That too, really...I'm pretty sure most people don't have sex every day..."

"She's blowing it," Kobra hissed.

It sounded like he was coming on to her again as he said, "But we're not normal people, are we..."

"No..." Her voice strained with the effort of pushing him away. "No. I'm kinda sick of this."

The first crack made my head snap up. I made to stand, but Kobra grabbed my shoulder. "She's strong," he muttered. "She can handle it."

"No! I'm not doing this anymore!" Another crash. "I'm not some kind of punching bag-whore!" Smack. "Stop!"

"Make me," he growled. I stood up, unable to bear this.

"I can't live like this, Shane. I'm not gonna live my life worried that someone who's supposed to love me is gonna kill me."

I closed my eyes. How can we justify forcing another human being into doing this? Are we really any better than BLI?

He screamed in anger as I heard a hideous ripping sound. The sound painted a picture on the backs of my eyelids of him ripping off her clothes.

"No! I won't let you!"

"If you don't, then it's over between us!" he shouted.

Gift let out a shrill laugh. "Over?! It's been over ever since I fell in love with Party Poison!"

My eyes snapped open.



The smothering silence that followed could be cut with a knife.

In love...

With me?

I felt out of my body as my back leaned against the wall and I slid down into a sitting position. For my eyes being open so wide, I couldn't see the floor a foot in front of me. I put my face in my hands, feeling Kobra's hand on my back.

In love...with me...

"Party Poison...?" Korse murmured. "Isn't he...a Killjoy?"

"I-um-" Gift was flustered. "I-ah-what I meant was-"


I inhaled sharply as I heard him ram her into the wall. Her head cracked against it.

"When you insisted on visiting the Prison, I wondered." Anyone could hear the smile in his voice. "You've been on their side all along!"

"No-" she choked out. "Never-"

"I'll kill you." He was still smiling. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Sweetheart Gift made a terrified gagging sound.

This woke me out of my trance as completely and absolutely as a siren. Without a second thought, I rose and pulled out my ray gun.

"Poison!" Kobra hissed. "Get back down here, this is part of the plan!!"

I barely even heard him.

Some people have a special place in Hell waiting for them: right in the mouth of Satan, being chewed up for eternity. There was only one soul there right now.

Look alive, Judas, I thought. You're about to get a new roommate.

He would never touch her again.

I pushed open the door and marched right over to them. If I wasn't so completely and utterly consumed by rage, the scene before me would have driven me to tears.

He had her a foot off the ground by her throat, his other hand in a fist. She was choking, trying to pry his fingers off her neck and wearing a look of absolute horror. Inky bruises blossomed on her arms and legs, and her shirt was ripped, revealing a lacy lingerie-ish bra that covered more bruises on her flawless skin.

I had the point of my gun to his head before either of them noticed me.

"Put her down," I said in a voice that scared me.

Gift gagged, and I got the feeling that she was trying to say my name.

He turned his head to fix upon me a glare of pure loathing, but it didn't frighten me. I was the one with a gun.

"Let go of her!" I snarled. He put his hands up and stepped back.

Sweetheart Gift crashed to the ground while sucking in a huge breath. She fell to her hands and knees and started making retching sounds, clutching at her throat. Korse and I glared at each other as she coughed and sputtered and continued to draw in shaky breaths.

When she had recovered, Kobra (I didn't even notice he had come in) offered her his hand. It took a few tries, but eventually she managed to stay on her feet.

"Poison, let's go," Kobra said.

I wanted to pull that trigger. I wanted Korse to rot in Hell for eternity. I wanted him to pay for making her life miserable.

But I couldn't.

Just as I couldn't kill her the very first time I saw her, I couldn't kill him now.

You're a coward, Gerard.

I grabbed his head and slammed it into the wall, knocking him out cold. I stared at his unconscious body for a second, then stomped hard on his stomach for good measure.

I stood there, fuming. He deserved so much worse.

"Poison...?" Kobra said hesitantly. I could tell he was a little afraid.

I stared at my handiwork for another second, before letting out a roar and jumping on his arm, breaking it. Gift made a terrified squeak. "Poison!" Kobra hissed warningly. "The dracs are gonna be here soon!"

Reluctantly, I turned away, not looking at Gift, not looking at the way Kobra had grabbed her hand, not looking in her beautiful, frightened brown eyes.

Poison might be a coward, but he is the single most badass coward ever.

And there are too many K-names. I keep getting Korse and Kobra mixed up.

And also, I get the feeling this is the chapter that a lot of you have been waiting for. So you're welcome.

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