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This Is The Best Day Ever

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I could hear you breathe with help from cold machines...

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Herro my children.

DID EVERYBODY ENJOY FRANK KILLING HIS GRAMPS? o-o It's not every day you kill your relatives.

Alright excuse me, I've just woken up and I won't function until I've eaten some waffers.

Waffers are waffles. Understand the language.

Yeah so it's almost 8 AM and I'm sitting on a chair in a towel and boxers with socks. e__e Some parts of this chapter may not make sense due to the Waffer Syndrome.

Jude xoxo
p.s. stranger-boy is the boy Frank held the door open for in the second chapter. We don't know why he's in the hospital yet.

Title from My Chemical Romance

Frank woke up in a hospital bed.

The steel monitors beeped along with his heart, small needles kept a check on his blood, and numerous wires were attached to his chest. He looked around hazily, still in the moment where you are just waking up and you can't tell if you're dreaming or awake. He yawned and tried stretching, only to be held back by the many wires. Frank understood the importance of these strings and tried his best not to pull them out of his skin.

He looked for a familiar face; his mom, a friend, a relative, a teacher. Anybody that would tell him why he needed medical help when he had taken care of yesterdays wound perfectly fine.

That's when it sunk in to Frank.

You killed your own grandpa. You're sick.


"Who're you talking to?"

Frank looked over in the direction of the voice with his brows furrowed.

"What's it to you?" he said coldly before seeing the speaker.

"Well, you did shout about killing somebody. I'm curious, got it?"

That's when Frank stopped his ignorant tongue, biting back his next remark, which would've been "Curiosity killed the cat, you know.". He gazed in utter awe at the person who he had been arguing with.

"Close your mouth." said stranger-boy.

Frank shut his mouth abruptly, still wondering why this boy was here in his hospital cubicle.


"Come again?" the boy said with an amused look.

"Blerrrrgheaf...How're you...why...THE HELL WHY YOU IN MY ROOM BOY?"

"Chill. If you haven't noticed, I'm kinda in a hospital bed too."

Frank looked over. "Oh." was his brilliant response.

"Yeah. Fun times. Your name's Frank, right?" the boy said, peering at Franks information sheets that rested on the foot of Frank bed.


"That's an old name. Mine's Gerard."

"Gerard..." Frank cooned. Such a pretty name. he thought.

"Frank, baby, you're awake?" said a soothing voice.


"Hey baby." Franks mom said, walking into the room and sitting easily onto the edge of her childs bed. She wrapped her warm hands around Franks left and sat them in her lap.

"You doing okay?"

"Uh, yeah. I took care of myself yesterday though, why am I here?" Frank said questioningly.

"Well, when I got home..." His mother looked over to where Gerard was laying, not sure if she should share what she came home to the last day.

"Go on..."

"I went upstairs and your room was horrible. YOU looked horrible, damage-wise. You were in the middle of the floor covered in glass, babes. Lots of glass and lots of blood. I didn't know if you were alive, so I called the emergency number." she said, soothing Franks hair back with a free hand. "You looked so helple-"

"Okay okay mom." Frank said with an embarrassed look. "I just wanted to know why I was here."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"You didn't do anyth-"

"I'm talking about what you had to do yesterday, honey. You must be scarred."

"I'll be perfectly fine. We're safe now, yeah..."

Franks mom smiled, proud of her son and his pride in their safety. Her eyes flickered over to Gerard.

"And who're are you?" she said curiously.

"I'm Gerard. Sorry if I'm making anything awkward." Gerard said with a shy smile.

"Course not. Where do you go to school?"

"Uh, I think I go to his school," he said with a point to Frank. "He opened a door for me a little while ago."

"OH, so you're the boy Frank's been preaching about!"

Mothers lol they always know how to do this to you

also frank had been showering his mother with praise about Gerard being so polite and handsome and such things so >_>

"Mom..." Frank hissed. "I have not!"

"Ohh, I get you now." his mother said with an overdramatic wink that you might see on a commercial that shows a mother betraying her children by hiding veggies in their food.

Gerard laughed quietly, shaking his bed. He obviously didn't object to the situation, but he found Franks embarrassment amusing. Said embarrassed boy was blushing furiously, giving his giggling mother a death glare that, although meant jokingly, sent icy daggers through Gerards nerves.

If looks could kill... Gerard thought.

"Hi. I'm both of yours nurse. My name is Christa." a confident voice said from the doorway.

"Hey Mrs. Nurse." Frank said, waving with his signature grin that stretched his face.

"Hi." Gerard said with a little wave.

Christa smiled. "You're his mom? she said, gesturing to Franks mother and Frank.

"Sure am. Do you need me to leave?" his mom said with slight disappointment in her voice. She couldn't leave her child, not after what happened yesterday.

"I'm afraid so. You can come back in a few hours, you won't have to stay away for long. I know how you feel. I've got a boy at home about his age." Christa said with a smile to Frank.

"Really? Maybe they can meet sometime." Franks mother said. "I'll come back as soon as I can. Bye Frankiestein."

With a quick hug and a last goodbye, Franks mother exited the hospital room, leaving her child with Christa and Gerard. Frank felt lost without her, but he knew he could keep his own. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

"Alright, I'm just going to check up on you two, refill your medicinal pumps, and then I'll leave you to yourselves."

"Sounds good." the two boys answered in unison.

Christa smiled at the two and began her work. After filling the IV bags, she waved, telling the boys to push the red button that resided on their bedsides if they needed anything else. With that, she left Frank and Gerard alone.

"So. You hold doors open for everybody or is it just me?"

Frank stuck his tongue out at Gerard.

"Shush it."

Gerard smiled.

He liked this boy.
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