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I'll help you see it through 'cause I just really want to be with you...

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lmfao hhhahahahhhhhahahahahahahhaha i almost pissed myself oh lord hahahaaha

Hey guys. :)

I'm in an incredible mood this evening, so be prepared for either a very happy and humorous chapter or something that makes your heart melt.

Or just something near that.

Probably just a happy progressing chapter or something like that.


stay awake mcr ftw

Jude xoxo

Title from Foster The People

4 days later

A very nice morning

"Hah, missed me!"

"Yeah right, stop moving and maybe I'll get you."

"Nah, I like keeping paper out of my face, ya know?"

Frank ducked his head under his white hospital bedsheets, clasping his hands over his head in a way that tugged his brown hair.

"Nerr herr, you can't get me unda hereeee." he said with a teasing voice.

Frank heard the steely monitor that kept tabs on Gerards heart rate and other information let out a long, shrill sound. The sound you hear on medical TV shows and read about in stories, but haven't ever experienced.

"...Uh...Gerard?" Frank spoke, with no reply.


Frank clawed at his bedsheets before they were tossed aside by something other than his frantic hands and a paper plane flew into his face.

"I win." said a grinning Gerard that was leaning onto his side, arms crossed as he stood next to a worried Frank.

"You little...I THOUGHT YOU DIED OVER THERE!" Frank screeched before tumbling out of his bed and crashing onto Gerard, pulling out his own IV needle and medical strings. Of course, the monitor reported that Frank had "flat-lined", to which Frank responded by unplugging the monitor.

"Harrrr, Gerard, I died."

"I'm dead too! WASSUP MAN?"

"....Where's Jesus?"

Franks question was interrupted by the sound of multiple pairs of footsteps approaching the hospital dorm. The two boys looked at each other and tried straightening themselves out as much as possible, with little success in smoothing down their hair or fixing the blue speckled hospital gowns that they were given upon arrival.


"Yes?" the addressed answered in unison.

"...What happened with the monitors? Why are you on the floor?"

This was where the explanation began. From the beginning, where Gerard had been drawing a coffee mug ("I miss coffee real bad..") and suggested that he and Frank turn the art paper into an airplane and try to land it on the others body as a sort of game, to where Gerard climbed out of his bed, to the current position they were in now.

After listening to the story, the doctors and nurses put the boys in their correct places, re-attaching wires here and there. They went through the process with solemn faces that held amused eyes and awed minds. Two boys getting along so well had not been common in the hospital, where there had always been insults and attempts at critical injuries, even.

These guys...they were a different story.

Nurses, visitors, doctors, and others workers alike were heart-warmed when they heard the conversations the two held, full of pure innocence and longing to know more.



"What." he responded with little surprise.


"Calm down, it's okay. Let me fine the kit thing whatever it is."

"Okay." Gerard said with a small voice, holding the skin under his right eye.

It was some hours after the medical personnel left. It was around 10 at night, and most patients had decided that it was lights out at 9. But, being young boys and having the same room that was shared with no one else, they closed the door and were staying up until early hours.

Frank began his small journey by turning off his monitor and ripping off all the wires attached to his body, other than the IV. Now able to move around, he swung his legs off his bed and started searching for the kit, his IV&blood bag mobile trailing behind him wherever he went.

He finally found the kit stowed by the rooms entrance door, and brought it back to where he had been laying before clicking it open. He rummaged around the tin box as he found the alcohol, tissues, and band-aids. Frank held all three items in his hands before turning around.

"I found the stuff."

"You seem very proud of yourself."

"I am, I am." he said happily.

"So..can you do this yourself, or...?" he continued uncertainly.

"" Gerard said as he gestured with his head to how weak his arms were from the medications he was being given.

"I'll do it for you." Frank suggested.

"Cool, just don't kill me."

Giggling, Frank put a folded tissue over the opening of the rubbing alcohol bottle, tipping enough out to wet it. He leaned over Gerards bed and put his hand on Gerards forehead before telling him

"This is probably gonna sting."

"Dude, it's antiseptic, I'll be okay."

Frank shrugged before he moved Gerards hand away and began dabbing the area of blood with a gentle hand. Gerards eyebrows creased, showing that he was experiencing the pain he hadn't worried about moments ago.

As Frank wiped the blood away and applied the alcohol, he heard Gerards monitor beep at a steadily growing pace before he looked up, and saw that the boys heart-rate was above the norm; almost 200 for a resting position.

"Wow, that's embarrassing." Gerard spoke as he ripped out the string that was monitoring his heartbeat.




"Chill, you won't." Frank replied.

Frank stretched his arm above Gerards face, which was propped on three hospital pillows, and turned the monitor off. He bent over and picked up the wire Gerard had ripped from his skin, and, to Gerards surprise, carefully inserted it back into its correct spot on Gerards chest.

"'d you do..?"

"I've been here a couple times, you learn things after a while." Frank grinned.

He opened the small package that contained a band-aid, and plastered it precisely under Gerards right eye.

"Does it feel better?"

"Not really, it burns and the cut still hurts..."

"Huh. There might be a way to make it better, but it's risky." Frank suggested.

"What is it?" Gerard asked.

Frank turned on Gerards monitor once more.

"What, by doing that?"

" I just wanted it back on in case somebody yells at you for having it off."

"Oohh, I get it."

"What's the other thing? The risky thing?" he blabbered.

Frank responded by leaning over Gerards bed again, staring momentarily into his browned hazel eyes with his own nervous ones.

He pressed his lips to the band-aid on Gerards upper cheek, hovering them there lightly before pulling away with a shy smile.

The kiss had been short and full of something Gerard had never experienced.


It was unconditionally pure and beautiful, but this was not something he realized, or bothered to think about.

All Gerard could do was stare.

does gerard accept frank?

oooohhh secretsss

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