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The Only Exception

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And up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness...

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I love rhyming. check this out, it was supposed to be in the last chapter but I felt that it needed a place of it's own. It's a no-instrumental cover of I Don't Love You, but it's incredibly good. Not to mention that the person singing has Frank Ieros nose, hair, and face structure and also his eyes. o__o There's a surprise at the very end too :D

Anyways, this chapter is a little...uh, unexpected I suppose?

A big thanks goes out to my betas, CatscanFly and Heartbreak_Beauty! Go check out their shit- it's pretty awesome.

They are making the world safer for people with the new common problem called dyslexia!

Jude xoxo

Title From Paramore
(Parawhore is better to me e.e Haley Williams is a douche no offense, and we're gonna assume that Parawhore is a band both boys have heard of in this story.)

"Wait...better or worse?"

"Are you really that dim, boy? Do I honestly have to give you a reason?"

Frank caught an idea that was wandering around in his head.

"Yes, yes I do."

"HAH, I see what you're doing there." Gerard scoffed, blowing some of his cool breath into Franks face. It smelled like apples and pie, with an odd cinnamon touch. It was soothing.

if you go to Pennsylvania and walk into my house and into my room that is what you will smell

damn i have the only decent smelling room in my entire house

jesus crikey mom get some perfume up in this joint

Without knowing, Frank leaned in forward to inhale more of the beautiful fragrance sliding out of Gerards mouth.

"I also see what you're doing there.."

holy crap guys i got the new AP magazine.


on the Twitter mentions page that they pull out? I'M THE FIRST ONE!!!!!!!! BOOMBOOMJUDE FTW that is me though

"What?" Frank asked, before he realized how close he had gotten. "Oh..." he finished.

"However, we haven't defined whether or not I love you better or worse from yesterday."

"I thought maybe it was yes?"

What happened next was nowhere near the response Frank expected.

"That was not meant to be a question, you illiterate slut."

Before the 'slut' could reply, Gerard raised a hand and whipped it across Franks soft face. A crack rang throughout the boxed room, and Frank brought up his own hand to his face as soon as the noise left. He couldn't see it, but it felt red and sore; he could almost feel his heartbeat in his cheek.

"Correct yourself."

Frank didn't answer; he merely looked at what was in front of him. What first seemed to be beautiful and angelic was now a Hellish demon. A Hellish demon with an aura that brought the weight of the room down onto his shoulders and increased his fear. Adrenaline kicked up, getting Frank ready for fight-or-flight mode.

"If you're not going to respond.." Gerard raised his hand, and streaked it across the air again.

"I don't fucking think so."

Just before Gerards palm reached the abused's face, Frank grabbed him by the wrist and stopped him. Using the recently dug up street knowledge he'd used just days ago, Frank twisted Gerards arm by the wrist at such an angle that if the boy were to twist any further, or if Gerard were to resist, it would break the radius bone. Perhaps, if both were to occur at the same time, the ulna would also break. Breaking Gerard's arm was not was Frank wanted to do; only if it was necessary.

"Now, why don't YOU correct yourself before you get another week in the hospital?" Frank suggested venomously.

His answers were nothing but groans of pain and defeat. They sounded weak, uncapable, and helpless. Frank had made his point; he was going to let go.

"Alright honey, I don't want to break your arm, so I'll let go."

Gerard grunted, and Frank released his grip.

Bad idea, Frank. said something inside his head.


"What?" questioned Gerard. His eyes became large and childlike, the green in his eyes more present than when he had slapped Frank. He sounded confused by Franks incoherent muttering.

"I don't know, and I sure don't know about you. What in Jesus Crikeys name was all of that? First it was like, BOOM ZANG and then you slapped me and it was weird."

All Gerard could say was "I don't know what I did."

"Yeah, I don't either." Frank snapped, before his voice became softer. "I'm sorry. I forgive you.,...get back to your bed."

"Right..." the addressed mumbled before clambering over to his bed. He lied down and covered himself with the crisp, thin sheets. Frank eventually heard him snoring lightly.

Weirdo. I knew something was up with him. And you'd think, with being in a hospital, that he'd ask for some snoring pills or whatever. But nooo, just snore away!

Frank was awake for the next several hours, listening to his monitor beep occasionally and watching Gerard sleep intently. He knew he must be somewhat of a creep, but he wasn't about to let his guard down. What if Gerard woke up and tried to hurt him? What if he found himself tied to railroad tracks with rope tied about him? Now that last one's a little delusional, but you get his point. He just wasn't so sure about Gerard anymore.

Come to think of it, he had no idea what Gerard was doing at the hospital in the first place. He looked physically fine, though he wasn't exactly a good weight for his age. That kid needed to pack on some pounds or eat a sandwich, cause he was looking close to nothing but dust. Maybe that's what he was here for; anorexia, eating problems? Frank didn't know, he didn't ponder the thought anymore, and instead fell asleep. I don't think you could call it sleeping, what with him being tense all night and tossing around, feverish with nightmares, but I guess it's your opinion.

Nightmares? Yeah, nightmares. They weren't plotted out and they didn't really make any sense. Frank got flashes of images of Gerard with these long, sharp daggers on his hands, blood oozing from his incredibly small teeth, with black wings that must've had a 10 foot wingspan. He looked like some sort of avenging demon. Behind these choppy images were flames on a dark red background, and Frank was in the midst of it. He was looking down to the scene, but his actions controlled the clone of himself down below. All he could do was run, run with everything he had. No matter how fast he ran, how much his muscles ached, how short of breath he was, he could never get anywhere. It was a never-ending chase between cat and mouse, human and demon.

Between every pant of breath, an image of abuse, death, or misery popped up in the scene. Somebody yelling at another, a person with bruises all over their arms and ribs, and black coffins. There were just coffins everywhere. They all bore a white cross. What jolted Nightmare-Franks mind was that on that cross was him. His hands were nailed and he was stuck there he knew he didn't belong. He wasn't a saviour, he was a little kid who should rather be at home in a warm bed, not in a hospital having a nightmare that involved him being chased by his room-mate.

Here's the funny part; the whole twisted nightmare that Frank was running, he was running to one of those coffins. After hours of running, after hours of burning with fear and pain, Frank finally made it. He stepped into the coffin and looked behind him, and the demon named Gerard was just behind him. Frank panicked and shut the door to his own coffin. He heard scratches and punches outside the door, but as far as could tell, his coffin was impenetrable. As he waited there in the spaced darkness, he heard something ringing in his ears; it grew louder and louder with each bang on the door. It phased into a white light that burst through the cassette coloured door, piercing Frank with an unexplainable agony.

It lasted a second too long for him; he woke up gasping for breath and clawing at the airy sheets. Covered in sweat and feeling like the dream was reality, he turned his head quickly towards Gerards side of the room. There he was, sleeping much more peacefully than Frank had been. For all Frank knew, Gerard could have been dreaming of cupcakes and daisies. The drenched sighed and turned his head directly in front of him, looking to where his feet were at the end of the bed. Apparently his sigh was extremely loud, because as Frank pondered whether or not to lay back down, he heard Gerard sifting around and grunting as he woke up. Frank looked sideways to the opposites bed and tensed.

Wake up from your dream of butterflies and rainbows? I just woke up from Hel-

"Hey Frank." he smiled.


"I have another story to tell you, but it's shorter. A LOT shorter."


"Today...last night," Gerard said, looking at the time. "I still don't know what I did. I mean, I really don't know what I did. It all went black and then you were there, holding my arm and it all hurt. It hurt so much, Frank."

Frank was silent, but nodded for Gerard to continue.

"I wanted to tell you that I really love you more than I did yesterday. Well, two yesterdays ago now, I guess." he said nervously

"Sure." the loved one said sarcastically.

"Frank. I'm sorry. If I had all your trust like I did earlier toda-, I mean, yesterday," Gerard said, now becoming confused with all the days of the week. "I would come over there in all my gay glory and hug you until you had bruises."

"In all your gay glory." Frank said, emotionless.

"In all my gay glory." Gerard confirmed.

"Can I have a glorified gay hug then? I just had a nightmare." Frank asked.

Gerard smiled and hopped over to Franks bed, immediately wrapping his arms around Frank tightly. He pulled him in and dug his face into the crook of Franks neck. Frank did so similarly, putting his arms around Gerards shoulders and burying his face in Gerards bony neck. Though there wasn't much of a cushion, it was warm and comforting, and it smelled incredible. Gerard was thinking similarly of how Frank smelled; he smelled smoky, like a fire, with popcorn thrown in somewhere. It was a good smell, and it soothed Gerards nerves.

Somebody said I seem like the person who would smell of popcorn and cigarettes, so that's where that come from kiddies

Frank forced himself away from Gerards neck, which Gerard also did with Frank, and maintained a close distance from his face.

"You know, I always used to feel alone whenever I hugged somebody I liked." Frank spoke.

"You like me?" Gerard squeaked.

"Well, yeah."

"Nobody's ever liked me before, not even girls." he confessed. "I used to tell myself that lonely was okay, I'm all good."

"That sounds like this one song I heard before, not to get away from the subject."

"I think you mean the one by Paramore." Gerard scoffed, obviously not a fan of them.

gerard knows bad music when he hears it ftw oh yeah who's with me?

"Yeah, that one then." Frank agreed. "It was kind of the same with me, but girls liked me and were my girlfriends for like, 2 days. I dumped them because I felt like they weren't really filling in. Like they were just these little icons that didn't help. I didn't even know I was like...homosexual until I opened that door for you. You totally freaked out my senses." he confessed with a blush.

"I think I knew from the beginning of 7th grade last year, but that's pretty awesome. 'Gerard Way turns straight men into homosexuals within an instant!'" Gerard smiled.

that's pretty true, I mean, my friend Nathan thinks Gerards pretty damn sexy.

"I wish I could say the same." Frank grinned.

"You could, you never know."

"Thanks," Frank said. "but I feel like I don't have to. Up until now I had sworn myself that I was content with loneliness..." he said before burying his reddening face into Gerards neck.

It was then that Frank came up with a brilliant idea. He took his face away from Gerard and opened his mouth.


"YOU ARE..." Gerard continued.


"YOU ARE..."


The two boys collapsed into a fit of giggles and more mocking of the song. However....

As shitty as that song is, it's kinda true... Frank thought slowly.
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