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I Have Never Had 7 Minutes In Heaven

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At a house party Lyn-z suggests everyone plays I Have Never had 7 Minutes In Heaven. There's just one problem. It doesn't exist. (FRERARD+implied sex).

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Zomg I have to stop with the fanfictions for a bit:L Got SO much homework to do but I wanna write xD Thanks to people who have reviewed/rated my stories so far... and I hope you enjoy... well, whatever this turns out to be... a oneshot or a longer story I don't know xD

"We need more booze!" 17 year old Mikey Way screamed over the thumping music, falling over an amused looking Bob in the process.

Gerard looked at his brother and laughed. "Slow down, Mikes, you won't impress the girls if you can't even stand upright." He grinned and Mikey tore open a new pack of beer and opened one with his teeth, winking at Alica, who was standing in the corner giggling.

"Yeah well... so's your face." Mikey slurred and Gerard rolled his eyes.

Blue, red and white lights flashed through the smoke that surrounded the group of teenagers, covering them in a thick blanket and making it difficult to see. The smell of smoke drifted around the room mixed in with strong alcohol and loud, heavy music as they laughed and danced, celebrating the fact there was no adults around to stop them. Gerard and Mikey's parents had gone away for the weekend, leaving the two teens with an empty house, guarded only by Frank's father, who lived across the street. This didn't stop them from pulling out all the stops for a massive, yet exclusive house party.

Everyone was enjoying themselves. Everyone except Frank, who was standing, biting his nails watching a certain red-headed boy as he laughed and joked with everyone else. "Have you told him you like him yet?" His best friend Lyn-z asked, poking him in the ribs with her bottle.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and flicked his black hair out of his eyes. "You're joking, right? He doesn't even acknowledge my existence... not to mention the fact he's two years older than me." Frank sighed, resting his head on the wall behind him. "To him, I'm just his little brother's weird best friend."

"You got the weird part right." Lyn-z grinned. "But I'm telling you, when you're not looking at him, he's looking at you."

Frank sighed again and took a sip of his beer. "I wish you were right, Lyns."

Lyn-z watched the sad frown on her friends face and then back to Gerard, who was trying to stop Mikey from taking another beer and give him water instead. She slammed her bottle onto the side next to her. "Right. Come on, Imma get you your man!" She grinned at Franks horrified expression, but before he could protest she went over to the iPod dock and turned the music down low. "Okay everyone, I think we should play a game!" She called to the room.

"What kind of game...?" Ray asked suspiciously. Lyn-z's games always included a lot of alcohol.

"It's called: I Have Never had 7 Minutes InHeaven!" She exclaimed, winking at Frank who still looked horrified.

Gerard and Bob looked at each other with raised eyebrows. "And uhm... what's that exactly?"

"Ah, I'm glad you asked. Basically what happens is, we will all write down the two people we think will go together perfectly in this challenge. The two with the highest votes have to first, make out for 30 seconds before-"

Lyn-Z was cut off by Alicia. "But there'sonly two girls..."

Lyn-z just grinned. "Guess we get to watch some boy on boy action then." She winked and Alicia laughed at the horrified expressions on half the boys faces.

"Wait, that's not fair. I'm not gay." Gerard protested. The room went silent. Everyone's eyes were on Gerard. Ray and Mikey raised their eyebrows. Gerard looked defeated. "Okay, carry on Lyn-z."

"Okay. So the two people make out for 30 seconds. Then, the I Have Never game comes in, as you take a shot each from each other's mouths." Lyn-z saw people were about to question this but stopped them before they could speak. "I'll explain how in a minute. Then, you must both go into Gerard's wardrobe for 7 minutes to do whatever the fuck you like. Once you come out, you must make out one more time for 30 seconds. If both people complete all of these things, each of us must give them 10 bucks to split between the two who have done the challenge." Lyn-Z grinned as everyone around the room seemed to be thinking the whole thing over.

"Okay, and the shots from each other's mouths? How does that work?" Bob asked her.

"Simple." Frank finally said something from the edge of the room. "One person holds the shot glass in their mouth,the other person tries to drink the shot from the glass in their mouth." He grinned.

"Is everyone in?" Lyn-z asked. The group contemplated the whole thing before nervously nodding, wondering whether they'd live to regret the decision to play. "Okay, Frank go open some windows to get this smoke out, Gerard get some shot glasses. Everyone else sit in a circle. Let's go!" She cried, grinning as Gerard went to get the glasses.

Whilst Frank was climbing on the couch to open some windows Lyn-z gathered the others. "Right, listen up motherfuckers. I'm sick and tired of Frank being so lovesick over Gerard... so it's time they got it on." The group murmured in agreement. "This game is completely made up... and I'm pretty proud of myself for thinking of it on the spot. So, if we all vote for those two to do this... hopefully they'll wise up and tell each other how they feel. And hey, if not... least they both got some." She grinned again, and saw Mikey pretend to gag.


Sitting in a circle the group watched Alicia secretly count the votes... even though they all knew (except Frank and Gerard) which two it would be. Just to make it more realistic, Mikey said: "If it's me and my brother, you can all go to Hell, because there's no way I'm doing any of that shit for 10 bucks." He laughed.

"Well you're lucky it's not you and your brother then, Mikes." Alicia smiled at him. "But it is Gerard." Gerard's eyes widened. "And Frank."

Frank and Gerard both looked at each other with wide eyes. "Uhm... that's not really fair." Gerard muttered. The group looked disappointed... if Gerard refused to do it, it meant Frank and him would never hook up. "I mean... me and Frank don't really know each other... it's not fair on him."

"The perfect way for you to get to know each other then." Ray grinned. "Whenever you're ready."

Gerard looked at Frank, who was staring at his lap, bright red and flushing, wishing the floor would just swallow him up. 'Okay, so the kid's pretty fucking cute.' Gerard thought to himself. 'And it's not like you haven't thought about it before. Plus... he looks seriously embarrassed. Shit! He thinks I don't want to do it with him!' Gerard suddenly felt like a massive douche. 'Fuck it. This is agreat opportunity to get money. Who the fuck am I kidding? I just want HIM.'

The group was still waiting expectantly. The soft hum of music in the background creating a pleasant atmosphere, but not for Frank, who was quite sure his face would melt as it was burning so much. But, much to the groups delight, Gerard leaned across the circle, and on all fours lifted Franks chin up so he was looking into his eyes. He smiled softly and brought his lips to Franks, who's eyes widened and then closed, as he settled into the deepening kiss. Lyn-Z started the 30 second timer with a grin on her face. Bob was looking anywhere but the two boys, who had their tongues knotted together with fiery passion. The timer beeped but they continued to kiss.

Lyn-z's grin widened. "Boys?" She called. "Oi!"

The two broke apart, breathing heavily. "What?" Gerard snapped.

"The timer went off." Alicia told him, stifling a giggle. Frank turned red again and Gerard just responded with an: 'Oh.'

"It's shot time, motherfuckers!" Mikey grinned. He loved trying to get his brother drunk... and had been trying to for the entire night.

Gerard finally met Frank's eyes again. "Shall I go first or you...?" He asked shyly, a light blush on his cheeks, matching his red hair.

"You can." Frank said in a small voice, much redder than Gerard and, if he was honest, a little turned on.

"Okay, Frank lie back a little, it's easier that way." Lyn-z said.

Frank obliged and Ray put a shot glass into his mouth, so he could hold it with his teeth, then poured in a bit of vodka. Gerard watched Frank, who was propped up on his elbows, and looked at him in confusion.

"How am I supposed to drink that?" He asked the group.

Ray grinned at him. "Not our problem. You want ten bucks... you gotta find a way."

Gerard scowled at him before turning back to the problem at hand. "Is it okay if I just kind of... sit on you?" He asked awkwardly, flipping the group off as they sniggered. Frank nodded slowly.

Gerard straddled Frank's lap and looked at the drink. "Does the glass have to stay in his mouth?" He asked.

"Yes." Lyn-z laughed at the look Gerard gave her.

He sighed and put his hand on the back of Frank's neck, like he would if he was going to kiss him, and put his mouth on the edge of the glass. Slowly, he leaned back bringing Frank's head with him, letting the liquid fall into his mouth. The two froze once it was all gone and looked to the group for confirmation that they'd done it.

"Yeah, you did it. But Frank still has to drink one." Bob smirked. But Frank just spat out the glass and Gerard grinned at him, and in his joy that they'd done it, kissed him on the cheek. Frank blushed again, but couldn't stop himself from smiling.


After repeating the process with Gerard holding the glass, everyone decided to take a break to have a drink.

Gerard spent the time getting to know Frank a little better, and finding out he was almost as awesome as he looked wasn't a huge surprise. Gerard didn't think he'd be lying to say that he had actually developed a massive crush on the younger boy... and was looking forward to spending 7 minutes with him in a confined space.

"You've spaced out." Frank told him, giggling slightly from the alcohol buzzing in his system.

"Yeah. You're an awesome guy Frank... in fact, do you maybe wanna go out sometime? Like... on a date?" Gerard asked boldly, the drink giving him confidence.

Frank stared at him in disbelief. 'Had Lyn-z's plan worked?' "Uhm... I'd love to." Frank grinned. "Yeah."

Gerard smiled at him and blushed a little. 'If this doesn't work, I'm gonna kill Mikey.' Gerard thought to himself as he took a deep breath. "Say, Frank... what's that over there?" He pointed behind Frank and leaned in closer.

Frank looked behind him, confused. "What?"

"That thing." Gerard shuffled even closer and pointed over Frank's shoulder. "Right there."

"I don't see anyt-" As Frank turned back to face Gerard he was cut off by the older boys lips on his in a chaste kiss.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, Gerard's eyes big, searching for any signs he'd over stepped the mark. Frank smiled. "If you wanted to kiss me... all you had to do was ask." He grinned and pulled Gerard's mouth back to his, and moaned when he felt his tongue enter his mouth, just like in the game, but with something sweeter added in. Before the two could become lost in each other, they were brought back to reality by a chorus of wolf whistles and laughter. They broke apart blushing furiously.

"Y'know, once the game ended you didn't need to carry on kissing!" Ray mocked them.

After suffering a few minutes of teasing and crude remarks, Gerard spoke up. "Look. Can we just finish of this game?"

His harsh tone made everyone laugh even more. "Ooooh. He can't wait to get you in that wardrobe Frankie, is 7 minutes gonna be enough time for you?" Lyn-z grinned.

Gerard huffed angrily, before taking Frank's hand and leading him to the wardrobe. "Just start the fucking timer." He snapped, before climbing in, Frank in tow.

The gang outside just laughed and giggled, still making jokes about the pair, much to Frank and Gerard's annoyance.


7 minutes later, Lyn-z, Alicia, Mikey, Bob and Ray all went to the wardrobe to let the pair out. Bob was pretty reluctant about doing so, as he 'didn't have to put up with them making so much noise' whilst they were in there, but mainly because he didn't wanna loose ten bucks.

Alicia flung open the door, only to jump back as two shirtless men fell out and onto the floor, kissing frantically. Frank proceeded to kiss, suck and nip at Gerard's neck as the older man looked up at their shocked friends. "You have five seconds to get out of my room, or we'll start with you standing there." He said, biting back a moan as Frank made another hickey on his neck.

"Start wha-" Mikey's confused question was cut off my Ray dragging him from the room along with the rest of the group, as fast as they could.

"Is this too fast?" Gerard breathed, swallowing another moan. He may be turned on as fuck but he wasn't about to push Frank into something he wasn't comfortable with. He was barely even legal.

But Frank just chuckled. "Gerard." He paused to bite at his bare chest, before leaning up to Gerard's ear. "Fucking take me." He whispered.

Gerard groaned and grinned. "It would be my pleasure.


Badda bingbadda boom. This will have a second chapter... but Idoubt it will have a third. The game was completely made up, as were the taking shots from someone else's mouth... because that would be pretty hard?:L But I hope you enjoyed it + feedback would be appreciated xD
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