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Don't Judge A Book By it's Cover

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Both men giggled as people stared at them when they walked past. So what? A piggyback ride isn't normal anymore? Not that Ryan or Brendon really cared. And they walked aimlessly around the barely populated town for what seemed like hours, both men glowing from post-orgasmic bliss. And they would have continued to laugh with each other if a little boy hadn't stopped them.
The boy was small, with deep purple eyes. His hair was a dark brown and his teeth looked obviously fake, just like everything about him. His smile looked like it was sewn on his face, and his clothes were too big for his small stature. He looked to be about 10, and with out any family.
"She wants to meet you. She feels that she needs to meet you." The boy said, his voice laced with fear. Ryan immediately sensed that the boy was scared of "her". Ryan hoped off Brendon's back and knelt down to look the boy in the eye.
"Can you take us to her?" Ryan asked, his voice soft and no where near as demanding as it had been with Brendon. The little boy nodded and took Ryan's hand in his to lead them. Ryan then took Brendon's hand in his free hand and tugged him along. Brendon was confused, to say the least, but he was also extremely curious now.
"Where is it that he's leading us to?" Brendon whispered to Ryan. Ryan just shook his head and lifted a finger to his lips.
"Keep quiet doll, we don't need to upset anyone here. Keep your questions to yourself." Ryan kissed Brendon's cheeks lightly and smiled, turning his head back forward. The little boy was leading them around corners and through alleys until finally he stopped. The boy let go of Ryan's hand and stood staring at a brick wall. The alleyway was dark, cold, and faintly a dripping could be heard.
"Stand back." The boy said, his voice had changed. It was still noticeably the same voice but it sounded like two people talking at once, like... echoed. The boy knocked on the brick wall and it opened instantly. Brendon's eyes got wide in shock, but Ryan seemed unfazed.
"Follow me." He said, he motioned for the two to follow him. And even though Ryan seemed indifferent about this he squeezed Brendon's hand tighter than ever. Brendon knew that Ryan was a bit scared, but he knew how to fix that. Brendon let go of Ryan's hand, and Ryan looked like he was about to cry. But then Brendon wrapped an arm around Ryan's small waist and tugged him close.
"I won't let them scare you." He whispered into Ryan's ear before leaving a light and loving kiss, making Ryan shiver with happiness.
The boy began to lead them into a damp tunnel, it was black as night and they had no idea how the boy could see where he was going.
"How can you see where we're going?" Brendon asked, only to earn a slight pressure in his side that soon turned into a sharp shooting pain. He lurched forward in pain, and Ryan watched in worry. He wasn't doing it.
"I suggest you listen to your boyfriend here, and not ask questions." The boy laughed, a deep murderous laugh. Ryan grabbed Brendon's shoulders and they stopped walking.
"Doll please, don't ask anymore questions. I don't want them hurting you anymore." Ryan kissed his boy's lips lightly only to have Brendon pull him closer. The lips fitting perfectly together and their tongues mingling in a frenzy of passion. Brendon pulled back, leaving Ryan wanting more.
"It's okay, I won't talk anymore." Brendon reassured Ryan before wrapping an arm around his waist again. They heard the boy huff out a long sigh. "Adorable." He commented, his voice dull and his hands cold when he yanked on Ryan's arm.
"She's in here." The boy pointed to a deep purple door with a little window in it, the window had no purpose because it was tinted with a deep black. The boy knocked a very specific tune on the door before it opened. The thing that opened it was rather strange too.
It was small and furry. It was shaped like a tear drop with purple fur and a black mustache, under the mustache were blood stained fangs. It's feet were large with black shoes on them, the shoes looked like Oxfords.
It mumbled something inaudible and scurried away. The boy smiled before removing a pair of fake teeth and exposing rows of little sharpened teeth. He pulled the jacket off his body and showed burns in intricate patterns up his arms. He ran a snake like tongue over his sharp teeth and laughed.
"So much better, now I look like myself. Ugh, that facade was so uncomfortable." He breathed, walking over to a large forest green velvet throne. He stood on a little padded step ladder and whispered into someone's ear. Brendon was curious, as usual, but Ryan was mostly scared, and Brendon having his arm around him didn't do much.
"Well, visitors. Lovely, you did as told and retrieved them. Good job." The woman had a lovely voice, it was smooth and symphonic. And now Brendon was just as scared as Ryan because they were "summoned" by an unknown person.
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