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Tonight Will Be The Night That I Will Fall For You

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Spencer get's a boy crush and Ryan comes to terms with his feelings.

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“no, seriously though, she’s such a whore, I’m pretty sure she only started dating him because he’s so hot” Spencer laughed, pointing towards Brendon, who pulled an adorable face.

“Yeah…” I agreed, staring in admiration.

“What?” Brendon turned towards me, with a questionable look, “You think I’m hot?”


“What?! was just..” I trailed off. Oh god. I could feel my palms sweating, what the fuck was wrong with me?

I knew, I knew exactly what was wrong with me, I just wouldn’t admit it, not even to myself.

“Well Ryan, I personally think you’re a golden god”

I smiled at the ground. Spencer shot a questioning glance at Brendon.

“You’re so queer”

“I’m offended” Brendon said, skipping ahead of us to get to his locker.

“My point exactly” Spencer laughed.

“STARBUCKS!” Brendon announced, swinging his bag over one shoulder and heading towards the door, beckoning for us to follow. “I need my caramel latte!”

“Oh, you’re so manly” Spencer said, with more than a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“There’s nothing wrong with caramel lattes!” I said, defensively, Brendon made a ‘exactly’ gesture to Spencer.

I did agree with him though, it had been a long day of being judged, I remember walking down the corridor after biology, which was apparently the only lesson I didn’t have with Brendon or Spencer. I could feel everyone’s eyes burning on me, judging me. The bottom line, I could really do with a caramel latte.

“HEY! Ry!” I looked behind me; Brendon and Spencer were standing half way down the road, shit. I’d zoned out again.

“Starbucks is this way!” I ran back to them, smiling in apology,

“Sorry” I could feel my cheeks burning

“It’s okay” Spencer grinned “This one does it all the time” He gestured to Brendon.

“What?” He looked from me to Spencer as if he was just snapping out of a daze. Wait, was he staring at me?

Brendon’s POV

He was beautiful, I couldn’t get over it, even his name was beautiful, Ryan. Ryan Ross. Ry. RyRo. I said it over in my head as he ran over to us. I loved the way he smiled when he was embarrassed, he was so cute! And the way his bangs slightly covered his left eye, oh god, his eyes were the most amazing colour, they were honey… almost golden. He had such delicate features too, they went perfectly with his fragile frame, he was perfect.
And his ass in those jeans… wow.

“…this one does it all the time” Spencer was smiling, pointing at me.

“What?” I asked, tearing my eyes away from Ryan. They both looked at each other and burst into laughter. His laugh… I could see his whole face lit up when he laughed, honey coloured eyes shining.

“You sure don’t help yourself do you?” Spencer asked, I was still clueless and made sure that came across in my facial expression.

“Forget it” He smiled, opening the door to Starbucks, it was busier than normal.

“Can you get me a muffin?” he asked, shoving a couple of dollars into my hand before heading for our usual table.

I turned to Ryan, “Caramel latte I presume?” He nodded so I walked towards the counter, joining the back of the queue.

“Here” he smiled, handing me some money.

“No, no, I’ll get this” I said, refusing his money, any guy as pretty as him shouldn’t have to pay for stuff.

“But...” I shushed him, pressing a single finger to his lips. My God his lips were soft.

I noticed him redden slightly so I pulled my finger away, “O-okay” He stammered, putting the money back in his pocket, “Thanks” He smiled and turned towards the sandwiches.

And THAT beautiful human being thinks I’m hot! ME, Brendon Boyd Urie! The short guy with a goofy smile! I grinned to myself.

I liked Ryan, I liked Ryan a lot.

Ryan’s POV

I hung back, pretending to look at the sandwiches. Why did I get so…embarrassed when he made physical contact with me?

I turned to face Brendon as soon as he had his back to me. In my several hours of his presence, I couldn’t help but notice he had a particularly nice ass.

Well, no, more than that, a really nice ass.

A really, really nice ass…

“Enjoying the view?” Shit.

I darted my eyes to the boy behind me.

“I forgot to tell Brendon which muffin I wanted”

He walked up to Brendon presumably to give him his choice of muffin. I saw Brendon laugh, a crimson blush creeping up his neck as Spencer walked away.

“What was that about?” I asked, not thinking much of it.

“Oh, nothing” He smirked, “And you didn’t answer my question”

“What question?” I lied.

“Were you?” He prompted.

“Was I what?” Oh shit, was I being that obvious?

“Enjoying the view of Brendon’s applebottom?”

“His, what?!”

“Applebottom, nice isn’t it? He’s rather proud of it himself”

“And I thought you were straight?” I laughed nervously, avoiding the question.
“I thought you were straight! And I’m bi”

“Me too, I think, I’m not sure.” He smiled reassuringly, "I know how you feel, if you ever want to talk, just let me know"

“Thanks, it means a lot”

“Have you ever spoke to anyone about it before?”

“Not really…”

“What about your parents?”

“I don’t…really.. um..” I looked down, I never really felt comfortable talking about my personal life with anyone.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, come on, I want my muffin”

I followed Spencer to the table, sitting down, I relaxed, I felt at ease, I knew I could trust Spencer with anything.

“Oh Spence you beautiful, beautiful man” Brendon said sarcastically.

He was nearly done with his muffin, he had crumbs scattered on his jeans and on his face, and his mouth was so full he was incapable of communication. He attempted to deliver an answer to Brendon but just sprayed more crumbs across the table.

“Dude, say it don’t spray it!” Brendon said, wiping his face.

“Shuh uhh!” Spencer laughed, taking another large bite of his muffin, and spraying yet another downpour of crumbs in Brendon’s direction.

“DUDE! I asked for the news, not the weather!”

I shot a questioning glance at him, “Are you quoting Friends?”

“No.” He giggled, “not at all!”

“Uh..two caramel latte’s and a chocolate muffin?” A handsome young waiter, about our age, maybe a bit older, stood by the side of our table. He had dark brown hair and liquid brown eyes, he was smiling at Spencer, who hadn’t looked up and was busy trying to get a melted chocolate chip of his jeans. I mentally shook my head at what he was wearing, giggling to myself, a Starbucks uniform and flip flops?!

What was he thinking?

“Yea, the muffin’s not ours though” Brendon corrected him, taking the two lattes.

“Oh, actually that’s on the house, well, it’s on me actually” He blushed, looking directly at Spencer who still hadn’t looked up.

“I saw how much you were enjoying that one and thought you might want another…” He looked embarrassed.

Spencer sighed and looked up, deciding to give up with his jeans. His eye’s immediately fixed on the waiter, who was awkwardly hovering by the table. He laughed nervously,

“Yes, um..thanks..I did enjoy this…that, I mean..I enjoyed that, urm, thankyou…” Spencer stuttered his way through a sentence trying not to open his mouth to wide in case of an accidental chocolate in between teeth situation. His cheeks flushing more with every word.

“Good” The waiter smiled “I’m Jon by the way, nice meeting you…” He handed Spencer the muffin.

“Spencer, I'm Spencer”

“Spencer, I’ll see you around” Jon waved and walked off towards the counter.

“Who’s queer now!” Brendon waved a piece of paper that was under Spencer’s muffin, Jon Walker had written his number on it.

“Shut up!” Spencer reached over the table and grabbed the paper of Brendon, carefully placing it in his back pocket.

It's safe to say Spencer wasn't the most socially active of people for the rest of the time we were at Starbucks, he spent the majority of the time eating his muffin in a much more sophisticated way, and dreamily staring in Jon the flip-flop man's general direction.

"Hey, do you guys wanna come back to mine after?" Brendon looked at me shyly, after half an hour of teasing Spencer about his new found boy crush, we came to the conclusion it was time to leave.

"Sure!" I said, in a voice that was a little to overenthusiastic.

Spencer nodded, he had had a coy grin on his face ever since Jon had left and hadn't spoke much.

"Can we call you Joncer?" Brendon asked, looking inquisitively at Spencer.


"When you and Jon get together?"

"Shut up!" Spencer blushed again, his coy smile still in place.

"Right, tear yourself away from your lover's eyes and let's get back to mine, these chairs hurt my ass" Brendon stood up, gesturing for us to follow.

I looked at Spencer, who was being waved at by Jon.

I wanted happiness.

I wanted to feel what they were feeling.

I wanted to be in love.

Was it too much to ask?

"You coming, Ry?" I broke from my daydream and looked up at Brendon, beautiful chocolate eyes staring down at me.

"Yea" I smiled at him.

I sure hoped not.

Sorry about my lack of American knowledge! Anyway, hope you enjoy, please let me know if it's terrible or if you like it or whatever your opinion is :)
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