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Bruises and Contusions

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I collapsed both of my hands on the wound. Blood was soon seeping through my fingers.

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"Get up, you two!"

I jumped a little when I heard Jon yelling. A soft mumble came from the sleeping figure beside me. Did we stay like this the entire night? Brendon rolled over to meet my face.

"Morning," he said, sounding sleepy. His hair was disheveled and was sticking up in all different directions, but he looked so well rested. His brown eyes looked alive and bright. Overall, he just looked breathtaking.

"God, you look amazing in the morning," I said, laughing a little. His cheeks began to turn a rosey pink.

"For God sakes, GET THE FUCK UP! We have an interveiw to be at in less than an hour!" I heard Jon scream from behind the curtian of the bunk Brendon and I were sharing.

Brendon jumped out of the bed and made his way towards the bathroom. Jon was already back in the kitchen. How the hell did he not see Brendon get out of my bed? Then again, Jon was always the clueless one.

I rolled out of my bunk and made my way towards the kitchen. Spencer and Jon were sitting at the table already dressed.

"Hey," I greeted.

"Morning," Spencer replied, smiling. Jon looked ill. Could've been because he was completely wasted the night before.

"Sit down, shut up, and eat," Jon scorned. "I have the worst fucking hang over ever."

I sat down after I made myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Brendon soon joined us and took a seat next to me. He was dressed in a v-neck and skinnies like always. When I finished eating, I made my way back to the bathroom and changed into my daily attire.

"Ready to go?" Brendon asked as I came out of the bathroom.

"Uh huh," I said with a grin.


"So I heard you guys are big fans of Guitar Hero. Tell me who's the best?" The interviewer asked.

"Well, I'd have to say Brendon's the best," Spencer answered.

"Ryan and I, we don't play," Jon added.

"Yeah, we boycott," I said. "I hate every song on guitar hero now." Brendon looked up from his lap and stared at me.

"That's weird, because we covered one on guitar hero," he said, sounding like a complete jerk. "Liar," he said with a snicker.

I was taken aback by his comment. He must've seen the hurt look on my face because his expression changed to an apalogizing glance.

"Hey, hey I'm just kidding." He began to reach for me, but I quickly turned my head and looked away. Brendon began to stroke the back of my hair. His hand moved from my head to my shoulder. "I'm just kidding," he said once agian before his hand dropped back down to his side.

I turned my head back at the interviewer and continued to answer the questions she asked.


The car ride was quiet once agian. We had to rent a new car because the other one was completely totalled. When we reached our destination, I hopped out of the car and began to walk to our bus. Jon and Spencer were infront, Brendon was lagging behind.

I was about to follow Spencer and Jon into the bus when I felt a hand grab at my wrist. I turned around to see Brendon looking apalogetic.

"Hey Ry, I'm sorry about what I said," he began. I looked down at his hand which was gripping my wrist. "I didn't think you'd take it that seriously."

"Believe it or not, I don't like being called a liar," I snapped, pulling my arm from his grasp.

"I didn't think it would have offended you. I was just kidding," he explained.

"You didn't think it would have offended me? That's the problem, Brendon, you never think before you speak!" I raised my voice a little.

"I wasn't trying to embarass you or anything! You don't have to take it that hard! Jesus, Ryan! It was a joke!" He yelled back.

"A joke? How could I joke around with being called a liar? First my father, and now you!?" Brendon looked shocked. "I don't need another person calling me sick names!" There was a long silence after I finished.

"Ry, I didn't-" Brendon began.

"No, Bren. I know you didn't," I said, dropping my gaze to my shoes. I turned around and quickly entered the tour bus, leaving Brendon standing there in shock.

I went to the bathroom and dressed a second time that day for a concert we had that night. By the time I was done, everyone was already dressed and ready to go.


We started off playing Nine in the Afternoon. The crowd was singing along with the lyrics. I could tell Brendon was either angry at me or just frightened to upset me again because he stayed as far away from me as he could. I didn't mind it. I was already pissed at him.

Half way through the concert, Brendon had enough of the little interaction on stage. He began to walk over to me while we were singing There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered, Honey. Just the way he walked made me crack a smile. He meant to look like a complete idiot just to cheer me up. To be honest, it was working.

When Brendon was finally next to me, he leaned in so I could share the microphone with him. I didn't acknowledge him in any way besides smiling from his crazy duck walk.

"I'm the new cancer, never looked better," he sang pointing to himself. "You can't stand it," he laughed as he pointed at me.

I couldn't help but to laugh along. I could never stay mad at Brendon, I love him too much. Just the way he makes me feel when I'm around him makes everything fine.

He began to walk back to the center of the stage. We ended the song with both of us cracking up.

Brendon's voice was cut off by a loud noise. His face was distorted with pain as he fell to the stage floor. I immediately dropped my guitar and ran to his side. I didn't know what happened but his left side was bleeding profusely. I grabbed his head and laid it on my lap.

"Bren, can you hear me?!" I yelled over the screaming crowd. He began to cough.

"Ry?" I could faintly hear him say. His hands were resting over his freshly made wound. "I love you." Then, his eye lids fluttered shut.

"Hello and welcome, Panic fans!" Brendon said cheerfully, still smiling. I couldn't just watch the person I love get hurt, so I did the next rational thing I could think of.

I quickly whipped the guitar off of my body and began to run towards Brendon. As I collided with him, pushing him to the ground, I heard a loud bang echo throughout the evening air. I felt a wave of pain shoot through my abdomen as we reached the wood floor of the stage. Brendon, not sure of what happened, was laughing hysterically as I laid on top of him, not able to move.

"Bren," I managed to let out. He stopped laughing immediately. He turned me over off him. When he did this, I collapsed both of my hands on the wound. Blood was soon seeping through my fingers.

"Holy shit! Ry?!" He screamed looking extremely worried. I shut my eyes tight and winced in pain as he tried to remove my hands from my torso. He was finally successful in doing so.

"Ryan?! Can you hear me?!" He yelled once again as he placed his hands on the injury, trying to stop the blood.

"Y-yeah," I whimpered, hoping he'd hear me. I could feel myself getting cold as my vision started to blur.

"Oh no no. Ry? Don't do this to me!" Brendon yelled, putting one of his blood stained hands against my cheek. "I love you," he said as a tear began to stream down his face.

"I love you, too," I choked out before I relinquished into the pitch darkness of my mind.

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