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Partial Results.

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Still in need of some auditions.. Please help. =P

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  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2012-03-16 01:38:29 PM

    name: Kian Wylde (pronounced Kee-an wild) sometimes his friends just calls him K or more often than not Wylde because he tends to be wild and uncontrollable
    Age(15 or 16: 16
    Month and Day of Birth: 13th October
    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc): he is ivory skinned, bruises easily and blushes easily, bright green eyes and naturally light blonde almost white hair. He recently dyed the tips of it black. This is the style: he has a lip ring on the right side, stretched ears and an industrial on his left ear. Quite a feminine face.
    Personality: a joker, unpredictable, loyal friend, sarcastic, normally doesn`t take anything too seriously but can be grown up and mature when he has to be, likes making people laugh, ambitious, confident but not cocky, loves animals and little kids, loves music, funny, determined, street and school smart, likes learning about history, music and art. Big heart that is in the right place even though he may chose the wrong path sometimes. friendly and talkative.
    Clothing Style: not one to dress up, favours punkish kinda clothes but if he has to will wear a white shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans and a red and black striped tie with safety pins on. that is the neatest he will dress.
    Likes: rock music, art, learning, history, animals, children, sex, partying, concerts, people, friends, family, science experiments, swimming and martial arts. Oh and coffee and cheep booze.
    Dislikes: all the isms, math, English, autotuned music that sounds really fake, too much fake tan, overly slutty girls with no self respect and tea.
    And anything else you would like to provide: has a bit of a commitment issue-never had a relationship last more than a month but would never cheat on someone despite flirting a lot, drinks a little too much, plays drums, loves manga and anime, bisexual.
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) dobbysock123 2012-03-23 01:12:52 PM

    I'll go for whatever you need to put me in XD

    Name: Ronnie/Sarah IDK

    Age(15 or 16): 15

    Month and Day of Birth: 6th of September

    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc): Crystal blue eyes, hennaed red hair, 4 HUGE dimples, 5' 4", no piercings, everyday draws another butterfly on her arm or anywhere that fits...

    Personality: Moody, Sensitive, a teeny tiny bit of a drama queen (HA UNDERSTATMENT MUCH?), doesn't like people who remind her of herself (Kinda doesn't like herself)

    Clothing Style: Standard red skinny jeans, band t shirt, converse, ALWAYS wears a pink and black striped jumper

    Likes: MUSIC, Gerard way, your stories XD
    Dislikes: people who think blogs are private... DX
    And anything else you would like to provide: I'm a bit phsyco... and I was in a band called the faultline. I like to sing and play guitar

    hope i get a part!!! xx

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