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My Muse

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Ryan sees highschool as a barrier to his destiny, but when he meets Emma, things change.

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Hey everyone! This is my first ever fanfic, so give me your criticism, good or bad! xoxo

"Good morning class! I hope you have had an excellent Winter Break. We seem to have a new student here with us. His name is Geor-" "RYAN. Call me Ryan." I informed her about my hatred for my first name, particularly because it was my dad's. "OK then, Ryan Ross. Why don't you sit there over by Emma?"

I looked over to where Ms. Erlington pointed. Sitting to the right of my new seat was the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. Plus, she was wearing a My Chemical Romance T-shirt. Always a good sign that a person is awesome. She had bright red hair in a bob style (not that I would know that stuff), full lips, and she was just very small. But her eyes. Oh, man, her eyes. I could lose myself in those puddles of chocolate.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Ryan Ross, aspiring musician. Aspiring. For now I'm stuck in this hellhole called Union High School. Why did my dad move to Oklahoma, of all places? For his rehab center, that's why. He always moves to a different one saying he'll change. He never does. He's a hardcore alcoholic, to say the least. He's also an angry drunk. Lucky me, huh?

"Since we have a new student, I'll give you the rest of the hour to get to know him better. I need to go make copies."

And with that, she left, encouraging my classmates to introduce themselves. They acted like they were going to, but after she left, no one talked to me. Except for the girl next to me. I think the teacher said her name was Emma. What a beautiful name.

"Hey Ryan!" She greeted. "Hey... uh..." I couldn't remember her name at the time.
"Emma. So, you seem cool. I love your shirt by the way." She gushed, referring to my Beatles getup. This chick had excellent tastes in music. "Thanks, Emma. You seem cool too. I hope you don't think I'm too weird to hang out with." I said. "Oh, please! You're probably the most awesomerest guy I've ever met!" She said. "That's not proper gram-" "Oh well, who the hell cares? The grammar police?" "So let me get this straight: I have permission to hang out with the almighty Emma today?" "I don't see why not!" She said, grinning.

It's only first hour and I already have a friend; more than I had at my last school, which was none. We looked at each other's schedules. "Well, we obviously have first hour together, so let's see what else." She said. "We have science, Drama, Trig, and music together." I smiled. It was good to know I had a friend to get through 4 out of 6 hours at school with. But those two hours I would be all on my own. Not that I wasn't used to that, though.

We headed out of Science and parted ways. I had Geography next. Ew. Emma had English. We both had all AP classes. I guess you could call us nerds. But then we'd have to slap you. Geography was unbearable. I felt an attraction towards Emma, even though I barely knew her. She's just so nice until you gave her bullshit, then she 'goes gangsta on yo ass'. Her words.

Third hour was Drama. Ms. Lahr, the drama teacher, was one of the coolest teachers I've ever met. We were starting a play, Romeo and Juliet. Cliche but classic nonetheless. I secretly wanted Emma and I to get the leads. Not only because I got to kiss her, but Emma was so excited. She said that acting and music were her life.

"Hey RyRo," Oh great. She had a nickname for me already. I didn't mind though, but only because it was her. "Hey Skywalker," I tried to be clever. Her last name is Lucas, like George Lucas. You get the picture. "Want to be my Romeo and audition with me?" She asked. "You bet!" I didn't want to seem to eager to be her romantic interest, but God. She was amazing.

It was our turn to auudition. We were doing the famous balcony scene. I thought it went quite well. Emma bursted with emotions that were realistic enough to make someone believe that she was in love with me. I knew she wasn't, though.

While we were waiting for the results (Ms. Lahr said she would have those done by the end of class), I started writing lyrics. I have no idea why. I just got inspiration from Emma's performance. It was almost as if she was lying to me, saying she loved me when we were acting. I knew that was completely untrue, but still...

"Whatcha writing Ryan?" Emma called, making me jump. "Oh just some lyrics." She was my muse. "Wow, cool!!! I sing, you know." "Can you sing these for me to see how it would sound with a female voice?" "Sure, just tell me how it goes."She said. I sang it for her first, since I don't do well with notes, and she grinned. "Wow, Ry, that was awesome. Perfect when you sing it! Don't change it one bit."

God, I loved this girl.

Whatdidja think? I would appreciate it if you would review and tell me how I did for my first fanfic. It is definitely not finished yet, so the more reviews, the faster I update. Sorry for the boring first chapter. It was just to introduce some things.
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