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Should Have Told him Sooner

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"Mikey and I got in a fight." I sniffled, trying to make myself stop crying, with no avail.
"About... that?" Ray asked. I nodded and looked at the gray concrete, disappointed in myself.
"What? About what?" Gerard asked, looking from me to Ray frantically, his eyebrows knit together in confusion.
"You knew he was going to find out sooner or later. He knows that it might be his, right?" Ray asked, his usually sweet smile completely gone, no remnants left.
"I know, Mikey knows everything. He was only mad when I said the baby might not be his." I answered, and I knew saying that in front of Gerard could be potentially dangerous but I did anyway.
"Wait, what? Who else's could he be? I am so behind!" Gerard yelled, tossing his hands up in defeat, and pulling everyone's attention to us.
"Marissa slept with Frank and the baby might be his." Ray said without hesitation. The intensity of Gerard's stare made me squirm.
"When did this happen?" Gerard asked, his stare never failing to make me feel scared.
"The day of the gig, during the after party." I looked away from Gerard, I knew he was ashamed of me, he should be. I cheated on his little brother, with one of his best friends. I was acting like such a whore, but I love Mikey, not Frank, and that's what this made me realize, but I already knew, so why did I test?
"You're mad aren't you?" I asked him, I looked up to see him shaking his head lightly.
"No, just a little disappointed. Why didn't you tell me?" Gerard asked as he looked at me with a pleading look, like he was scared for me.
"Because he's your brother, and you're going to want to tell him to protect him." I felt the tears coming on again, but I knew that wasn't the right thing at the moment. I can't start crying for no reason, I can't be that soft.
"But you're like my little sister, I would protect you too." He hugged me tight.
"Why don't we get you back to Mikey?" Gerard said standing from the curb, and motioning for me to as well, but I didn't.
"Wait, there's more to the story." Ray said, telling Gerard to sit back down, and he did, exceedingly quickly.
"What else happened?" Ray asked, and as he did I could feel myself beginning to cry from the thought of earlier. I watched Gerard's eyes widen when he saw me tear up.
"He hit you didn't he?" Gerard asked, his voice calm considering the question. He gently touched my cheek, it was still warm and slightly flushed. He ran his fingers softly over the still sensitive part and flinched, his eyes got wide and all was silent.
"He broke my nose once, I was pissed off and said something stupid and he punched me." Gerard said, never moving his hand from caressing my cheek.
"Wow, I knew he had anger issues but, damn." I looked to Ray who was motioning at his watch impatiently.
"Let's go find Frank so him and Mikey can be okay again." Ray said as he stood up. Gerard took my hand and helped me up.
"Ray you drive, I'm going to sit in the back with her." Gerard said as he tossed Ray the car keys. He then got in the back and I followed.
"First stop, Frank's apartment." Ray said as he started the car. I lied down, bringing my knees to my chest and setting my head in Gerard's lap. He took my hand to hold and comfort me.
"Everything will be alright. i know it will, there is real love between you two." Gerard spoke softly, so as not to make things worse, using his thumb to rub the back on my hand.
"No it won't, what I said to him that made him hit me. I told him that he was committing a crime by sleeping with you, I called him a whore when I was the one whoring around. I feel so bad, I'm so sorry." I sobbed, changing the colour of his jeans with my tears.
"I know you are. He's sorry to, he would never do that to you. You remember when he would want to talk to me alone, he was asking about marrying you. If it was too soon , if you'd say yes. He made a big fuss about it, everything will be just fine, eventually." Gerard gulped, running his fingers through my hair softly, continuing to stroke my hand with his thumb.
"what if I lost him?" He stopped and looked at me sadly.
"Don't talk like that, he loves you, he didn't mean to breakdown. he was just mad, I'm sure he will never do it again." Gerard sat me up, unbuckled my seatbelt and pulled me close. I rested my head on his shoulder and cried into the crook of his neck, mumbling inaudible apologies. Then the passenger door opened and frank got it. He looked back and saw me and gerard exceedingly close.
"Gerard too? What will Mikey think?" Frank joked, but his laughing wasn't good at this time, it just made things worse. I looked up at him and watched his eyes grow when he realized that I was crying.
"Fuck you." Growled and slouched to bury my face in Gerard's chest.
"What's up with her?" Frank asked, looked to Gerard for an answer. He sighed, not wanting to talk about it with him, but he knew that Frank was technically part of it so he had no choice.
"Mikey and marissa got in a fight, it got kind of heated and he... he got physical with her." Gerard hesitated, not wanting to tell Frank if I didn't want him to, but it didn't bother me.
"He hit her!" Frank screamed, being in a car the sound seemed a lot louder than it really was, so it was very loud to all of us.
"Yes, he slapped her across the face, but we have to fix it so yeah." Ray said, and Frank turned away. He was mumbling something under his breath, his eyes were wide and his arms were crossed with anger. he growled to himself and closed his eyes, I knew he was thinking about doing something irrational, but I didn't want him to. I'm fine, aside from the slight stinging and the rosy cheeks, and my seemingly forever tears stained eyes.


Author's Note
I'm not stopping this story, I was just wondering if it was going on for to long and no one cared. Thanks for showing that some people read it.
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