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Coloured Roses

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Relatively zombie-like heart break love stuff...

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Published: 2012-04-01 - Updated: 2012-04-01 - 222 words

.....So I wrote this last night at like, 5 in the morning.

Jude xox

I sense there's something
In the air
Like coloured roses,
All I can do is fall
And though this happens more than
I'd like to admit
Water falls in pool that I can't forgive
My words still crack like ice
A broken promise, I still mean to fufill

And while words mean nothing
Throughout the time
It's never actions that make my mind
Now, I'm at loss
With all concern
Only the world that will never work

Because imagination isn't found
This innocence lurks
Without a trace, I
Begin to search
While angels start their massacre
Chainsaws escalating, I've seen

Inside this cage, he's
Convinced is a chest
What is kept inside
Is my prisoner, at best
And if dreams are what reality should be
Then, are nightmares our only fears?

I tell my old records to go on
The singer asking to be the first to say he's sorry
Let me go,
As I punch my time
The mutiny shown on my skin
Burns with unhealing scars
And instruments used for things so obscene

Coffins never ceased to amaze
The ones that we put inside
Considering I've lost all love to trade
And as the sun rises
I welcome myself to ashes that fall with the miserable rain
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