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Chapter 3: Da Vinci

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Ezio walked silently towards his mother, who was tending to the roses that clung so tightly to the wall. Beside her was that bitch, Mayte. Though Ezio had to admit she wasn't all that bad. Sometimes. He heard them talking, on a very interesting subject. Smirking to himself, he paused and eavesdropped on them.
"Mayte, how many more suitors do we have to go through!? You scare them all away."
"Madre(mother), it's not my fault! They take one look at me, they know I'm different. They know I'm not like those other girls. I try to be nice to them, but they treat me like I'm a witch or something. Just because I dress like a boy, read, write, and fight! I only wished that some man. Some man, with a brain, would look past my clothes and get to know me." Mayte sighed, plucking a thorn angrily from the stem. Ezio felt some sympathy. It was true, her words. Many men would joke about her looking like a boy. Others would say horrible, disgusting things about her. Of course Ezio resolved most of the problems with the men, but still. Others gossip about her looks. Saying that she was a boy, a sodomite that only wanted to scam innocent men. Shaking his head, Ezio went up to his mother.
She heard footsteps behind her, whirling around, her nose touched Ezio'a causing her to blush. Stepping back, she cleared her throat.
"Hey. Salve(hello) Madre!" Ezio responded quickly, smiling and kissing Maria's cheeks.
"Done with your late night visit to Cristina, I see." Maria joked. Ezio cleared his throat and coughed.
"I don't know what you're talking about!" He sheepishly responded.
"Of course you do. Now come with me, I need assistance." Maria snarked, walking towards the main gate. Mayte quickly followed behind Ezio, who glanced quickly at her.
It was another bright and sunny day, rather perfect to some. There were few ivory, fluffy clouds in the sky, the blue was a marvelous hue, a very light sapphire. Mayte winded through the masive crowds, keeping track of Ezio's and Maria's heads amongst the strangers'. She didn't bother to listen to their conversation. It was mostly about the Pazzi, and how Veri's father was being tried for murder. Maria commented how she never thought he could be capable of murder, nonetheless. Mayte zoned out once more, thinking of mostly random thoughts. She smiled as she remembered Ezio climbing and running across the rooftops to get Petruccio some eagle feathers. Petruccio's chocolate eyes brightened, and she never seen him thank so much. Mayte returned to Earth as Maria and Ezio stopped by a mahogany door. She stared in wonder, the door was carved quite skillfully, a portrait of a young woman with flowing hair surrounded by angels. Or were they cherubs? Maria rapped on the wood, and out popped a young, handsome looking man. He wore fine clothes, steel gray with white and a crimson cape. Atop his head sat a small beret, the same deep red as the cape. His face was youthful, yet wise. His ultramarine eyes were gleaming with joy and exitment. His complexion was a light bronze, knots like an olive. His teeth glowed pearly white as he smiled.
"Ah! Madonna Maria!" He exclaimed, hugging her and quickly kissing both cheeks. He turned towards Ezio and Mayte. "And who are these lovely youngsters?"
"Mayte, Mayte Tuono." Mayte intruduced herself, shaking the man's hand. He smiled.
"Leonardo Da Vinci, at your service!" He chirped. Mayte smiled, so this was the man painting the portraits that hung so carefully on the scarlet walls of her house.
"Ezio Auditore." Ezio bowed, and then stood up. Leo shook his hand too.
"Un piacere di conoscerti!(a pleasure to meet you!)" Leo said. Ezio smiled.
"Oh no, il piacere è mio. Grazie.(Oh no, the pleasure is mine. Thanks)" Ezio thanked him. Leo dipped his head before turning to Maria.
"Oh! The paintings! I'll be right back!" With that the quirky artist went back into his workshop, leaving them outside. Maria smiled warmly.
"He's very talented."
"Suppongo(I guess)." Ezio mumbled.
"He is very talented. I wonder if he'll ever paint me?" Mayte said to herself.
"Maybe. After all, self expression is vital to enjoying life. Ezio, you find an outlet." Maria suggested. Ezio scoffed.
"I have plenty of outlets."
"I meant besides vaginas." Maria retorted, her face stern. Ezio's shoulders slumped.
"Mother!" He whined, making Mayte laugh. Ezio turned and sent her a death glare, one she oh so rudely ignored, and kept laughing. Finally, Leo stepped out with a box full of paintings and some other items. He placed it gently on the floor.
"Ezio, do you mind?" Leo asked, stretching his back. Ezio shook his head.
"Not at all." He gently picked up the crate, and told Maria to go on. Mayte followed, their steps in sync. Mayte sent him a soft smile, then she yawned.
"So, what?"
"How are you today?"
"Pissed off."
"Why, Ezio?"
"Becuase of you." He hissed. Mayte paused, and fell behind. Ezio worried that he had gone too far, but Mayte catched up to the group. "Mi dispiace(I'm sorry.)."
"No, it's all right."
"You sure?"
"Si! Sto bene(I'm good)!" Mayte sighed. "Just so tired." Ezio only hummed in agreement before Leo started to ask him something about being a banker. Mayte spaced out, and barely paid attention. She was getting tired of Ezio's banters. Not that she wanted to stop insulting him, it was just that sometimes he took it too far. Like one night, he called her a whore. Only to apologize afterwards. Mayte wondered if he did care for her at all. They were never close, not like with Claudia or Federico, or even Petruccio. She would always be the adopted sister. Mayte snapped from her thoughts, surprised to be home so soon. Leo said goodbye, and left. Leaving Mayte, Maria and Ezio behind. Ezio dropped off the crate and turned to her.
"You sure you're alright?" He asked, touching her forearm gently. She shivered and winced away.
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