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And I can't... I can't ever wake up

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Chapter 2

For a brief moment her eyes fluttered shut, and at that very time her heart stopped.

When she pried her lids open the flecks of what the world she knew that were on the black of the ground, reminding her of sand, were flying back to where they originally were, only creating a more bleak setting.

Grey skies and piles of burnt debris lay cluttering the dusty and ashen ground.

Cherry noticed she was not wearing her lingerie, but a black and white marching band uniform and military boots.

Even stranger was that she felt no pain, no stinging sensation from the clothes on where she assumed the wounds were.

With great curiosity she grabbed at her sleeve and raised it halfway up her arm only to be met with the sight of creamy porcelain skin, no hints of old or new scars.

Her arm dropped uselessly by her side like a ragdoll’s.

She gazed out at the outline of what appeared to be buildings.

lifting herself up, her slender hands rubbed at her green eyes in disbelief.

Surely she was dreaming, she thought death was peace, but then you never know what death is till you experience it, but by then you can’t tell a soul because yours is gone from your body, was what she thought.


her voice like honey called out, with both hands cupping her mouth.

All she got in return was an echoing silence.

There was a small path made between all the debris that Cherry began trudging through.

Is anyone here?

She tried calling again.


So intimidating she began to wonder if she really was calling out or if she was unable to say a word, anything could come by and take her and she wouldn’t have the ability to make a sound.

Through her contemplation, she failed to recognise the figure approaching.

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