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After many failed attempts at uploading this chapter, here it finally is. Many pardons.
one of those many cliché sayings is "Survival of the Fittest."
I fucking hate that saying. 
Because it is applied in school. No, scratch that. We LIVE, BREATHE, and ACT UPON this saying. Why do you think the brainless walking meatbags dominate? Because they are fit and they love to show it off. Although there is this one slight loophole to this. I, personally, have discovered this. What would you do if you had to choose getting beaten up at the moment or beat up later? Well, it just depends on the circumstance. It's like a promise. If it doesn't happen now, you'll have to bear with the same circumstance later. They'd have to bear with it. And bear with it I will.

I wonder what some people will choose...

"Alicia, darling, be a babe and get me a diet sprite." I hear my boyfriend, James, say. I plaster on my fake smile and walk away towards the vending machines. Honestly, I don't know why I do this. Because in the next 49 seconds, he's going to take the opportunity to stare at every sluts' ass and breasts, perhaps even mingle with his other equally sex-crazed cohorts about how many girls in this single cafeteria would give him a blowjob for free. 

And yes, I said 49 - now 37 seconds and ticking - because I have this down to a science. The diet sprite is mechanically fetched and drops, now leaving me 30 seconds left to walk over to the table. Stupid vending machines and tier Diet only sodas. If they hoped to reduce diabetes or weight gain, why not change the greasy cafeteria food? Oh, right, it's on the list of "To Do"'s, right next to eliminating escalators.

Ten more seconds left until I sit on James' lap like I always do when handing him the diet sprite he oh-so asked me to get for him. Right now, he should be playing footsies with the girl sitting across from him, her orange-tan leg softly grazing his inner thigh. And then she is going to drop it immediately when she sees me coming.

Which should be in T minus 3... 2... 1...

Right on the dot, I sit on James' lap and hand him the diet sprite that I paid for. Funny how he never pays for his own sodas and allegedly carries a wad of 200 $1 bills In his wallet. Oh, the irony. But still, I play my part as the happy girlfriend who is ditzily unaware of his unfaithfulness and unjustness. "thanks, sweetheart." he says.

I should he an actress when I grow up. Due to the fact that I have so many masks and facial/emotional expressions. So far, no one has been able to break them, which I pride myself in. I portray it perfectly.

I Rest the upper half of my body on James' chest and attempt to make myself comfortable when I feel his hands lock around my wrists. His expression hadn't changed a bit, but something about his eyes stirred a cautionary feeling within me. With his hands still holding my wrists, he applied a bit of pressure on my thighs, moving his body up a little, and kissed my jaw faintly. 

I recognized this tactic. This was his "I-Want-Your-Body-NOW" move, except he was hinting it without Notifying anyone else; only I knew what he wanted. 

Eeww. I cringe inwardly. Damn male hormones and their minds being entirely dependent on sex. But I don't say anything about it. I stay in my ditzy and totally evaluate character, laughing at whatever someone said and saying "I Know, Tight?!" during the correct moments. 

"Hey, sorry guys," James cleared his throat, then resumed, "but Alicia is helping me with a class paper. Ya know, the Gym one where we have to ask other people what their favorite sports is? I'll see ya guys at the game tomorrow!" he stood up and grabbed my hand. "Oh, okay. Bye guys! See ya tonight!" I giggle and fake-stumble in James' direction, his hand still locked on my wrist. 

If it were any other person, they would see a slightly smirking soccer player leading his black haired girlfriend, who probably is an inner blondie and complete idiot, somewhere along the school. The guy is focusing more on the destination while the girl is staring into space and has a look of pure curiosity and boredom. Well, either that or the girl looks like she's completely stoned and out of it.

Alas, I am not like that, though I do have to say that I'm surely convincing whoever is passing me by. 

I glance at the direction James is walking and inwardly shudder.

He's heading towards the student wing.

God knows what the hell is gonna happen now.

The student wing is an abandoned area of the school. The principal has this area available for students only, hence the name "Student Wing". This place is possibly the most terrifying area of the school. And that's saying something since I hardly get scared. Not even Janitor's come here. Honestly, the place is dirty. Unwrapped condoms, crushed pills, tiny spilled contents of what can none other be cannabis sprinkled around the corners, and possibly much more that I'd rather not care to share.

Simply adorable right? 

James turns into a hallway and swiftly swings me around, my body coming into contact with a hidden corner. He starts nipping my neck, one hand cupping a breast and the other holding tightly at my thigh. Not only that, but he was pressing against me so I couldn't move, incarcerated by his limbs. The hand on my thigh began moving upwards and the inner Alicia was setting off the warning sirens. 

Ooookkkkaaaayyyy. This guy is getting too close for comfort. Get him off of you.
Uhm, I can't, dipshit. Can't you feel the fucking body warmth pressed against you?
Well, no duh. Just get him off of you. I think I feel his crotch area hardening. 
TMI, Alicia, TMI. 
Just think of something! Before his nasty little fingertips reach your zipper or something!
DON'T YOU THINK I'M TRYING?!?! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! What, nothing is gonna come to me unless you shut up!
Then hurry then! It's not like something is going to magically pop up in your head is th-

It's like a promise. If it doesn't happen now, you'll have to bear with the same circumstance later. They'd have to bear with it. And bear with it I will.

Oh, well lookie here. A miracle.
Shut up.

Mikey's words. If this is gonna happen again later, why can't I just stop it now? I don't want this to happen now. Anything but now. So what should I do? Listen to the words of someone I've never met? 

Well it sure sounds like an escape plan. Try it out.

"Not now, James..." I muttered softly, but he either didn't hear me or pretended not to hear me. "James. No." I said louder and tried pushing him off of me.

He quit sucking my neck, which I was sure that by now it was a huge purple welt the size of a bowling ball, and glared at me. "What... Did you say?" he spoke in an even, low tone. "I said No." his eyes hardened and he chuckled. "Fucking Bitch."

He grabbed my shoulders and began guiding me forcefully moving me somewhere. "What I say goes. ¿Comprendes? Seems like my little slutdoll doesn't want to play. I hope a couple of hours locked up in here will straighten you out." 

He opened a door and shoved me in, quickly locking it. "I'll be back when the bell rings to go home. See you later, babe." his footsteps grew dimmer, signifying his leave.

I slide down the door, letting a slow, drawn out breath come shallowly through my lips. Right now, I can only process a couple of short sentences, but one keeps on jumping up and down, as if clearly telling me it's the most important.

Mikey's plan worked. 

Holy mother of all that is heavenly demonic, it worked.

Aliciaaa.... You're inner conscience has brought you a new message: look around. See anything familiar?

Hmmm... There seems to be... What the hell?

There's a bass tucked in a corner of the small room. And not only that, but there's a coffee machine on the small table. Not to mention a pile of books, cd's, and dvd's. Oh, and a microwave. And some rechargeable batteries with the plug still attached to an outlet, a portable DVD player right next to it. 

Didn't Mikey say he found a hiding place? Could this be it? 

I turn around and glance at the door, my eyes quickly identifying the metal sheet saying "JANITOR'S CLOSET". With all of the items in this room and the words on the door, that can only mean one thing.

I found Mikey's lair. 

Excuse me while I freak out for approximately five to ten minutes.

Okay, I'm back! Wheeeeww! Honestly, I feel amazing. This just made my day. Okay, instead of freaking out, I should read more of the book. Entry five, I seem to be at. I do have about an hour, so why not?

I hastily make some coffee and sit down to read once it's done.

Ahh. The joys of being by myself. No one to boss me around, no one to call me names, no one punch me or beat me up. 
Absolutely no one but me. And I dare say, I love it. This little closet has become my second home. The stuff I have in here could probably keep me alive for about seven months. Now I just need to get a refrigerator and stuff it with enough sushi and cheese for my toast and this will be my permanent home. Currently, I'm buying lunch and heading straight here, then stay here for the rest of the afternoon. 
My bass tabs are hidden here, too. In my time here, I have been able to write some pretty cool compositions.

Gotta find that book...

But, like always, a little time in paradise must be related by a thousand years in hell. I know I can't escape. Even this little closet is only here for a couple of hours. As soon as I step out, a whole world of pain and misery will swallow me up greedily and hurt me for its' self-pleasure. 
I guess this is how Crona felt with Ragnarok inside his/her body, always bullying him/her. 
It's surprising what one can find after countless hours  of boredom. Those hours help me find ways to entertain myself, such as watching anime. Hallelujah for anime!
Well, it's almost time to leave... If I don't want to get teased today, then I have to leave now.

The chimes of the school bell begin to sound, and I find myself smiling at the pleasant coincidence. He's leaving and I'm about to get out of here.

No, James is getting me out of here. And if I'm not mistaken, his last class and this closet are approximately three minutes away, calculating his walking speed and the hallways full of teenagers.

So, I guess my fate has been sealed. I already denied him his... Horrendous act of animal instinct and this was my consequence. Either I deny him again and suffer a harsher consequence or I suck it up and let him answer his call of the wild.

I can't do it. I can't stand up to James. I'd get beaten and then he'd do eviler things to me. It's best if I just put up with it. 

The door's handle begins to turn and I quickly go into "I-miss-you-and-I'm-sorry" mode. It opens and I jump straight into James' expecting arms, babbling on about how oh-so sorry I am for denying him. He "calms" me down with a kiss on the lips. Those lips of fatal poison I don't want to kiss.

He drives to the one story house his sickeningly rich parents already bought for him, my body sitting uncomfortably in the passenger seat. 

I know I don't have a way to escape. Once I set my foot into that house, I won't be able to leave until the following morning. But I did have to pick between the lesser of two evils, or else the outcome of today would have been more terrifying. 

I just hope Mikey can somehow guide me through this...

After all, he did say that to survive, one must avoid it first and face the consequences later, right?

Leave a review if you liked it, if you didn't, then tell me why :) personally, in don't like the ending very much, but after revising this four times with different scenarios, I've had enough with this frustrating ordeal. :)) happy Easter!
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