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Ha Ha You're Dead

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How did you get your noose so tight? Like chewing on tinfoil, it's so much fun, gonna be dead before your gone

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The king sat carelessly on his throne of bones, one leg swung over the side of the chair.

He chugged the red liquid from his jewel incrusted goblet, savouring the sweet metallic taste and licking his rotting lips feverishly.

The cave he was in, only lit by several torches, was littered with bones and rotting carcasses and had a pungent stench of the dead mixed with sweat and urine.

“Idris, don’t you dare try to deceive me, show your face or I will send you to Astaroth.”

As he spoke he grasped the seemingly harmless but foul smelling air and Idris became visible again.

The king was holding him by the throat, his hand a mixture of rotten flesh and decaying bone leaving a stain on Idris’ neck.

“Now,” he addressed with pure malice, “Stop with your tricks or the prince of hell shall be getting well acquainted with you. Tell me, is the girl infected?”

As he spoke the most rotted skin of his lips broke free and fell onto the face of Idris, who felt repulsed and yet undoubtedly admired the king with his entire being.

“Your majesty, I have successfully bitten and given Patience all the venom I have, she will be like us in 4 hours, right now she should be in a coma whilst my poison fights and weakens her immune system so that there’s no chance of her healing from it.”

Idris proudly stated, hoping for his king to praise him. But instead, he insisted in an outraged voice,

“You mean to tell me that she is not ours now?

Do you have any idea what those Paraders could do in four hours? And suppose this venom of yours doesn’t work, if I don’t see effects on the Paraders of her being corrected by sunset tomorrow I will take it upon myself to decide that you are a traitor to the undead, and you shall be executed immediately.”

As his face shook with a lethal amount of rage, more decomposing skin fell from his face, and a maggot crawled out of what was left of his ear from the disturbance.

He cast the goblet on the cave’s dusty ground with such force that it seemed the rocks shook upon impact, making Idris flinch violently.

He stared deeply into the one eye his king had and whispered,

“Do not worry my lord; I have plans to revisit her tomorrow.”

The king was a difficult spirit, and he countered,

“And what if you get caught hmm?

What do you expect will happen?

They will find out what you’ve done, ignorant fledgling. They will prevent our only chance at corrupting their precious oracle.

We don’t have any other options Idris, they’ve killed too many of us for us to last much longer without some sort of epidemic on earth-”

“I understand my Lord and I-” Idris unwisely blurted out.

“How DARE you interrupt me? Does it look like you can afford to upset me further?

As you stand right now the Heretics Fork seems fit for your punishment, you cannot even achieve the simplest of tasks, cannot even poison a child effectively, your own child that you killed on earth, it appears you are becoming weak.

I’m sick of seeing your face, if the child is not mine by tomorrow just remember the agony you will feel in death that will bring pleasure to me.”

The king finally concluded, by then Idris was fearful for his life here.

“I understand my Lord.”

And with that he vanished and fled from the king’s cave filled with evil intent.

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