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Awww Suger

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Visiters, nothing to wear, and dream confusion.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2012/04/08 - Updated: 2012/04/09 - 736 words

Okay this is a teeny-tiny chapter but its just kind of a filler!

Congrats to Frank and Jamia Iero!!! On the 6th of April Miles Iero was welcomed into the world :'D 
And now it's Gerard's 35th Birthday :D Happy Birthday Gerard! 
Oh it's been a lovely few days for all killjoys of the MCRmy!!!!

Franks p.o.v.

It's Friday, 3 days since Matt beat me up, and 3 days since Gerard punched him in the nose. And everyday Matt's evil glaring Gerard. If Gerard was anybody else I would be worried like fuck for them, but Gerard can look after himself, I mean he is a vampire. Yup, still weird saying it. 

Me and Gerard are sitting on my sofa, well Gerard's sitting on my sofa, I'm lying on it with my head on his lap. The cut on my cheek had softened but a pretty big bruise is there, and my stomach again has a bandage wrapped around it. 
I groan as the door bell rings, I'm gonna have to get up. I struggle up into a sitting position and Gerard goes for the door. I hear a mumble then,
"Uh Frank, it's for you." Gerard shouts from the door.
"Of course it's for bloody me, it's my house." I groan, standing up I head to the door. I turn the corner to see Gerard standing next to a guy about the same height, muscular, with blonde hair swept over his eye. Bob. 
"Frankieeeee!" He says, surprisingly high for him. 
"Hey Bob!" I say back, grinning. Bob envelopes me into a hug, making me wince slightly, though I don't mention it, not wanting to ruin the moment when two friends who haven't seen each other in 3 months meet again. 
"Dude I missed you!" He says as he pulls away, "What happened to your pretty little face?" 
"Oh just some jerk" I reply, turning to Gerard, "Gerard this is Bob, my best friend before I moved," 
"Uh still best friend!" Bob interjects smiling.
"Yeah, and Bob this is Gerard, my boyfriend." I say, grinning.
"Ah I've a lot about the amazing and beautiful Gerard Way." Bob says, "Frank will not shut up about you!" This made Gerard grin, 
"Really?" He asked, looking at the now blushing me. 
"Oh yeah, ever text conversation we have it always ends with you." Both of them were looking at me. 
"Uh coffee?" I say finally, trying to move in the conversation. 


Bob was only passing through Belleville so he couldn't stay long. After he left I gathered up the mugs, sticking them into the sink. 
"So is Bob gay?" Gerard says suddenly,
"Nah he's straight as fucking ruler! Got a girlfriend and all." I answer, "Er, why?" 
"Oh, it's just he was kind if flirting with you." Gerard mumbles, that kind if shocked me. Gerard didn't seem like the kind if guy to get jealous. 
"That's just Bob! We haven't seen each other in ages!" I say sitting on Gerard's lap at the kitchen table.
"Okay." He smiles, leaning in to kiss me.   

Mikey's p.o.v.

Okay, okay. First date with Lacey. Okay. Oh fuck what to wear?! 
I'm standing in front of my wardrobe, biting my nails, as Gerard walks in,
"Hey, you okay Mikey?" He asks.
"Uh no." I sigh, might as well tell Gerard. "I, um... have a date." Gerard's eyes widen,
"Seriously? When was the last time you had a date?!" 
"That's the thing Gee, I have no fucking idea what to wear!" I moan, turning back to my wardrobe. Gerard walks over, picks out a few things and sticks them on my bed. 
"There. Now, who is it?!" He asks, smirking for so odd reason. 
"Uh, a girl called Lacey Harlin."
"Do I know her?" 
"She works at the grocery store, the girl with auburn hair." I say nervously. Still anxious about tonight.
"Oh yeah! She looks nice." He smiles, "Well have a good time!" 

Gerard's p.o.v.

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and I watch as Franks chest goes up and down as he breaths. He shifted slightly into me, his warm breath now against my chest. I've slept in Frank's room the last few days, and in those nights I haven't had the dream. I haven't had it since Frank found out I was a vampire. 

Hope you liked xxxxxx r&r and get, uh.... something to do with mcr XD
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