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Dear Mrs. Way, I Found Him Bleeding On The Floor

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I took the opportunity to check if Gerard was alright. He wasn't.

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-Runs around wildly, flailing arms and shaking hair all over the place, singing- Guess what guys?! It's my birthday tomorrow (11th April)! Wow, I dunno why I told you that - it took me a year and a half to tell my closest friends when my birthday was... Ah well. Anyhoo, I have decided in this good mood I'm in to write you another letter! Or rather, write Donna another letter. I hope you enjoy this, and again, thanks for the feedback on my latest stuff (y'know, My Frank., Bite, He's Mikey Way etc) I LOVE YOU ALL.


The janitor asked me to give you this. I had nothing to do with it, I promise, and neither did Gerard. He gave me it on the way home, so please read it when you get it; he said it was important, and it did seem to cause him a lot of effort. Thanks.

Mikey x


Dear Mrs Way,

I'm sorry to bother you, but over the past few years, I have noticed more and more that your sons Gerard and Mikey are being treated harshly by fellow students. I am just the janitor at their high school, but I've spoken with the headmaster and he's assured me that letters have been sent and phone calls have been made, but nothing seems to have changed. I do not wish to offend, am merely writing to inform you of what is happening in school, as the previous letters have either not reached home, or have not been heeded.

I have witnessed your sons being constantly beaten up, either from afar or from quite close - and you must understand that I have done my best to prevent it from happening, but I am one man, and a janitor at that - and they always end up in quite a bad way. Last week I witnessed about five quite beefy boys follow Gerard into the toilet block, and the looks on their faces were far from friendly. The bell rang for class and the five of them reappeared, laughing and making their way to class, so I took the opportunity to check if Gerard was alright.

He wasn't.

I found him battered and bleeding on the bathroom floor, and he seemed unresponsive at first, but he did sit up after a few minutes. I sat him down and cleaned him up - although I am aware that he is normally fully capable of doing so himself. He told me that the boys had grabbed him and started beating him up, punching and kicking him before the bell rang. He had a burst lip and a heavy nosebleed, as well as a black eye which I'm sure you noticed, and I made sure he visited the nurse before returning to class.

But it's not just Gerard - whom I have been looking out for since his freshman when I first noticed the abuse he was receiving - that is getting treated like this. On countless occasions I've seen Mikey being shoved into lockers by the swim team or shoved down the stairs by some other athletic looking kids. They steal his books and trip him up and break his glasses, and torment him pretty badly. The poor kid can’t deal with much more of this; I’ve seen him crying in the corridors before, and sometimes when I open the locker he’s in to let him out, he says he wants to stay there, because he says it’s where they’re gonna leave him. He's only in sophomore, and I'm afraid he's still got a few more years to go of this, unless it's stopped. The kid breaks my heart, and I’m really worried about his mental and physical wellbeing, his brother as well. I have also spotted scarring on both of their wrists, and I don't know if you've noted this already or if this is new information for you.

So please, Mrs. Way, I implore you to look into the safety of your children; I advise you speak in person to the headmaster. I am worried for your sons, Mrs. Way, and I don’t want to see something really tragic happen.

Yours sincerely, Moe Kilpatrick, school janitor.

Well, scrap the part up there about my good mood... Did you like that? I hope so. Please rate and review? And LatherTheBlood, hey! And hey to Rach and Manfa too, who are there in the background being extremely noisy. Tell yer brer I said hey too. I will love everyone who R&R's, and thank you for reading! :D I have edited this, as you may or may not have noticed, and I've also edited my fic 'Making Billie Blush' if you're a fan of Green Day.
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