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straightforward is the new subtle

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'He took a long look at me, eyeing me from head to toe. Finally, he opened his mouth and the words floated out smoothly when just a moment ago they'd nearly choked him'

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I tried to think of good ways to make myself acknowledged. Back home, I never would have needed. Anyone in the mile and a half radius would've heard the very sound of my breath.
I searched my brain for any previous experience, and remembered the morning in the bar when I was trying to attrack Ray's attention. I'd coughed.
I would only need to cough, naturally, like I had done this morning.
So I did.
Several things seemed to happen at once; I realized they hadn't really forgot I was there, but that there was something they either didn't want to discuss with me in hearing distance or that they didn't want to let me down by telling me I couldn't stay over after all.
How cute, them not wanting to be rude.
Also, as I processed my thoughts, there was a loud thump and a few hushed "you go"s and "talk to her"s coming from the room two doors from where I was standing.
And finally, the door opened and a guy stumbled out, turned around and glared at the figure inside the room. At last, he turned to me wearing an uneasy smile.

"You must be Willow, I mean, who else would you be unless of course the real Willow stepped out and forgot to close the door behind her and you're some random homeless person who took the given chance and oh shit, I'm an idiot, I'm offending you aren't I? Cause you don't look like a homeless person, I swear, not that homeless people would look bad or anything, they look just fine to me but uhm, yeah." his voice died into a low mumble as he, for the first time, looked me in the face.

"I'm Willow" I said with a light tone after clearing my throat again. It felt strange to introduce myself as Willow, all my life I'd only known one real name and countless referential names usually spoken loud with either a gasp, a meaningful look, or an edge.
"she", "that one"... I found it amusing, the way I was still refered to as the novelty after decades and decades to this life.
I expected that kind of behavior from the new ones, this race, but not mine. Fussing over things, gossiping,.. It just never really fit the big picture.

He took a long look at me, eyeing me from head to toe. Finally, he opened his mouth and the words floated out smoothly when just a moment ago they'd nearly choked him.

"and I'm Frank," he began, and then took a few slow steps closer. The tone, the situation and the especially the gesture would've come out as threating unless I'd been so sure of this man's friendliness.
I had to remember though that my senses weren't working well and I couldn't put all that much trust in gut feeling.

".. but that one you already know, right" he finished his sentence and showed me a careful smile.

"Yes, I did know that" I agreed and smiled back at him.
Should I apologize now, for last night? For the strange incident that crossed his life only less than 24 hours ago?

"My apologies" I stated, immediately picking up the formal manners and the old-fashioned articulation that I was so used to at home.

"It's not the easiest thing to explain, trespassing your property and, well, the arbitrary things I said afterwards but I hope you understand that I was very tired, confused and a bit startled. I hope you forgive me and won't think less of me for the informality of our first encounter" I breathed out, fast but clear and waited for his response.

"S'okay" he grinned, "I mean yeah you kind of freaked me out but it's Jersey after all, I shouldn't have expected any less, wandering outside at that hour" he chuckled.
I tried to make my smile as genuine and warm as I could, but I bet it came out looking more like a grimace. I would have to work on that.

"Come on in, meet the guys and spend the rest of your life wishing you hadn't" He gestured toward the room he'd come from and went in, expecting me to follow.
A short silence followed.

"Yeah, we ain't got no pancakes, but there's pizza and some chinese take-out in the fridge. Only like two weeks old. Mikey will be happy to share his fruits, too" I heard a different, just the tiniest bit nasal yet still very pleasant voice call and a roomful of stranger burst out laughing.

"......Mikes the Man loves to share his fruits.." someone sneered and brought on another fit of laughter.
I hurried to the door and curiously pushed it open, ready to face the men.

it's a short one, I know.. sorry!
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