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Five Days To Convince Gerard Way.

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Frank has five days to convince gerard to be his 'Date' to a party. ~attempted to be a little cliché but i'm a fail.

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Hey guys, i haven't been on recently for personal reasons so i'm Putting my stories on hold. Anyway, this is jut a litle story i've written, it'll include five or six chapters. Basically everyone is seventeen apart from gerard because he's nineteen. Also i've Noticed how the fucking tenses change in this. I've tried to edit it but i'm not sure if it's correct now or a load of mumble jumble. Ive had a massive cold so my head hurts to much to work. Anyway, this chapter isn't the best but hopefully the next one will. i'll either post it next saturday or the saturday after. Reviews to tell me if i should actally post the rest? Thank you!


“So frank, Who are you going to the party with?”

I Sighed at the question. “I’m not going”. All eyes were on me at my answer, faces of shock and disbelief stared at me until the face under a curly fro’ decided to break the silence. “dude, You Have to go, this is like, the biggest party of the year”. Unfortunately, my fuzzy haired friend was right. This Weekend Tammie Johnson was holding a Party, not Just ANY Party, A Fucking sex party. That’s right, Everyone in our year was invited to a Party where you go with Your boyfriend or girlfriend just so you can have sex. don’t get me wrong, I Love parties. It’s rare I get invited so I always jump at the opportunity but this weekend was gonna suck. Why? Because I’m Fucking single AND because I’m the only gay guy at this whole school. I frowned at myself mainly because I’m an idiot. If I didn’t go to this party the Whole school would know about it and tease me, yet if I did turn up I’d be alone still ending up in having the whole school knowing I was biggest loser on this fucking planet.

Everyone; and I mean Everyone had a date including my best friends. Mikey - who has light brown hair and glasses over his honey coloured eyes had his girl Alicia. the fuzzy haired, well built freak Ray had the lovely Christa, and blonde blue eyed Bob had anna while I had nobody. I Was just some guy who hung out with his best mates who had the most beautiful girls in the school while I had my cardboard cut out of sexiness that is Billie Joe Armstong. Trust me, You cannot have sex with a cardboard cut out - I should know.

“Ray, It’d be pretty embarrassing to go to the party and show up alone, not that you‘d ever know” I sighed yet again. I was lonely, very lonely. Of course I loved hanging out with the boys but they were normally off with the girls who for some reason don’t enjoy cracking open a box of booze and just chilling. No. They like Shopping, for fucking razors and makeup and bra’s and eugh. I could not handle that at all but it’s good to see them all happy. Sometime I’d like to imagine what it’d Like to have a boyfriend to cuddle or to kiss in the rain. Yes, I’m very cliché I know; I’m just a sucker for a sweet romance. I mean, Mikey Always gives up his hoodie for Alicia when it’s cold so I’m not the only sappy twat here.

“oh come on dude, you’d be the only one not going”

“oh, thanks that really helps” I frowned, I mean that’s certainly gonna lighten up my mood right now. I Grab my bag and walk off thinking about what I’m going to do. I Can’t Win.



I Resisted the urge to turn around at the sight of Mikey behind me. After realising I was just going to continue staring at my biology sheet a long bony finger stabbed my ribs and then my shoulder until I turned around to see a him Grinning evilly. “What” I asked suspiciously, because seriously he had the creepiest smile ever. “Nothing” he shrugged. Rolling my eyes I looked around the classroom, everybody was whispering about the party which wasn’t exactly shocking.

“Hey faggot” came a smooth voice from behind making me snap my head round to see the brunette called Sophie smiling at me. Sophie was really intelligent, pretty and had a great sense of humour, but she annoys me a lot with her constant flirting. “Hey” I shrug turning back to my work as she takes her stool next to me. “Wow hold on frank, I didn’t realise you were that excited to see me” she laughs sarcastically which also makes Mikey giggle. I rolled my eyes Smiling at her comment because other than the fact she’s had a crush on me for years, she’s a decent girl. She often hangs around with out ‘group’ unless she’s busy studying. She’s got awesome music taste along with fashion sense unlike the fake tanned slags that roam the corridors. Don’t get me wrong or anything, There are loads of girls who wear makeup for a confidence boost which is fine, sometimes they make mistakes by putting too much on but they learn from their mistakes. It’s when these hoes think it’s attractive that pisses me off. Nobody in the right mind would want to date a carrot covered in crayons. I suddenly noticed she had pink fake nails on with a gem at the side. I looked at how she’s dressed, Sparkly flat shoes, Short black skirt with a white tank top on and her hair backcombed. “What the fuck happened to you? The Plastics give you a makeover?” I smirked as she blushed and slapped my shoulder.

“No. I Let my cousin decorate my nail’s because she begged me then the little shit decided to take all of my Band t-shirts and skinny jeans and throw them into out pool last night. So I’m stuck with this tank top. It’s better than the ‘I Love unicorns’ one”

“Can I borrow that?” comes a squeak from Mikey which earns a death stare from sophie and a concerned Look from me. He’s always had some sort of obsession with unicorns. “never mind” he mumbled.

I let a laugh escape my mouth as a guy walked by whistling and winking towards her making her groan. “How old is she?” I asked still unable to control giggles.

“Eight. Surely by that age you know the difference between right and wrong” she moans. I just shake my head still shocked that she even has a top as revealing as that. “So frank, Who are you going to the party with?” she smiles innocently resting her eyes on me. “Not going, you?”. she giggles then blushes “Jack. And Why?” she frowns flipping off some guy who’s staring at her boobs. Fucking perverts. I Shrugged “nobody to go with”. “oh” is her only reply as the teacher enters the room and forces us to copy out facts from the text book.


After the bell finally rung I turned to Mikey who was sitting behind me packing up his books. “mikeyway. I’m coming home with you tonight handsome” I smiled which makes his eyes almost pop out of their sockets before he stutters “…frank I…I have a g..girlfriend”. I Laughed at Mikey’s misunderstanding while he’s staring at me wide eyed. “Not what I meant” I giggled “I Meant I want to show you this awesome new album”. His expression calms but still remains nervous as I lead the way out into the corridor and out of the school. We make our way through the streets and towards the house I’ve become so familiar with. I reach out to grab the door handle but before I can the door whips open to reveal Gerard.

Gerard Way, Mikey Way’s insanely hot, mouth water, knee destroying and arousing nineteen year old brother who I‘ve had a crush on for years. Gerard’s got short black messy hair which basically just sticks up in any direction it wants, a deep shade of brown for his eyes and thin pink lips. He’s not fat, but he’s not a stick, he’s just right. Taller than me. Not that it’s much of a challenge. He often wears Skinny jeans and band t-shirts but at the moment he’s shirtless with spots of dry paint on him. And that’s fine by me. Because He is the definition of sex. his playful smirk that made me realise I was staring at him for more than five minutes just drinking in the sight of his naked chest. I blushed slightly before he’s pulling me into a hug almost squeezing the air out of me.

“Hey Frank” he smiles before I pull backwards trying to resist the urge to lick him because he might freak out and Mikey is right behind me. I laughed slightly at how he places his hands on his hips. He’s such a woman. “Frankie, just the person I needed. I Need you to help me” he smiles once again before pulling me into his house and pushing me down towards his Bedroom which happens to be in the basement. I Like where this is going so far. I Stopped next to his bed and he searches through loads of crap he has in his drawer before pulling out a camera. “What’s that for?” I asked Scanning over the gadget then back into his eyes.

“I Need to draw a portrait of someone, and you Frankie-boy have the perfect face” he grins stepping closer towards me. “so, Can I draw you?” he asks. And of course I’m going to say yes because he is the most talented artist I’ve ever seen. Normally he draws vampires and zombies, just normal shit like that but recently he’s been asking me to be his ‘model’ for projects. I nod before smiling as he raised the camera. Three quick flashes and he’s already sitting down with a pencil in his hand. I Grinned before returning to Mikey who has already seated himself on the sofa with a can of cola in one hand with the remote in the other.

“hey” I smiled before falling down next to him.

“Finished having sex with my bother?” he smirked raising the can to his lips. I send my meanest scowl towards him because seriously, if I was having sex with him I’d last a lot longer than that. “fuck off” I mumbled. After a few hours of crappy shows and jokes Mikey turned His head like an idea has just came out of nowhere. “Frank… you have nobody to with to the party right?” he asks. I nodded, because seriously? I think we’ve pointed that out. “Well….” he smirked “Ask Gerard”. I instantly turned to face him noticing he’s actually serious about this. I Pushed up my middle before returning my focus to the TV.

“No, seriously Frank. He likes you, and you fucking worship him so ask him”. I thought about it for a second because actually, I’d love Gerard to be my date. Not only would I get credit for getting with someone so hot, but I’d be getting with Gerard. Gerard -I’m-Gonna-Make-You-drool-and-have-sexual-fantasies-about-me way. I shook my head. He’d never go for me.

“Frank, You’re like his best friend, grow some balls and ask him. He owes you anyway”. Mikey was right, Me and gee were super fucking close. I Remember My mother telling me when I was younger that I Cried for hours at the fact he had to leave me ( I Was six). We were best friends despite our age difference and there was nobody I trusted more. But I also knew about Gerard’s history with parties. He hated them. Two years ago he went to a party where a group of sick twisted pricks decided it’d be fun to start up on him and practically beat the shit out of him, then rape him. He’d cry for days, weeks, months and I’d just hug him. What else was I meant to do? I was a fourteen year old trying to comfort a seventeen year old who’d basically lost all of his innocence. He eventually started to work up the courage to say a big “Fuck you” towards the world. He’s one brave mother fucker. I Nodded and bit my lip. You have to take risks right?.

I Jumped off the sofa slowly making my way down the stairs and stopping in front of the bedroom door which was covered in paint from when me and Gerard decided it would be fun to decorate the wood when I was eight. He’d hold me up as high as he could so I could reach the top. He was strong for a ten year old boy. “come in” his voice sent shivers down my back as I entered the room. I Looked at him. Spread out on the bed like he was waiting for someone to just jump on him. I Smiled slightly. “Finished your drawing?” I asked nervously. He nodded pointing the a piece of paper on his desk. I shuffled towards it noticing the breath taking picture in front of me, he made me look so beautiful, so innocent. “I Don’t know what it is about you frank. You Just have such an amazing jaw line. You have the most sparkly eyes I’ve seen” he shrugged and I couldn’t help but blush. I Walked over to the bed and laid next to him under his arm which had automatically wraps itself around me.

“Gerard” I whispered.


“I Know I’m asking a lot, but would you do me a favour?”

His eyes light up with interest.

“So this weekend I’ve been invited to this thing” I bit my lip. I Was stupid for even thinking this would work. “never mind” I sighed attempting to move only failing as I was pulled back into his chest. “carry on” he smiles which boosted my confidence up. “Well, I’ve been invited but I don’t have a date. I was wondering if you’d accompany me”. he looks interested as his lips pull into a smile. “What is this ‘thing’?”. I sucked in some air and release everything. “It’s a sex party, and I can’t go alone. Mikey’s Going to”. “Jeez frank, you can’t go to a party like that, you’re not even legal” he scowls. I Climbed on top of him. I decided trying to turn him on is the only chance I’ll get to convince him. I gripped his wrists in one hand using the other run my fingers down his chest lightly. I leant down playfully to slowly lick over his nipple making him moan but use his legs to push me off. I Knew you should never do this but I can’t help myself with gee. He’s just so beautiful. I rested my head above his heart. “Pleeeeeeease” I begged moving my nose towards his neck before licking at the sensitive skin there.

“Get off me frank” he growls, not a angry growl more like a dominant one, where he wants to be in charge. I moved my lips placing kisses along his jaw and onto his cheek. Deciding it was best to climb off him, I pulled away and pout. “please? We Don’t have to have sex, we’ll just show up. Kiss a little, escape to a bedroom and climb out the window. I Can‘t show up with my cardboard cut out of Billie”. He pushes me off and tries to hide his laughter at the last part of my sentence. I Knew he couldn’t stay mad at me for too long. “You have five days to convince me. Ask me the right way instead of me begging to be your pretend fuck for the night. Now get out of my room Midget, I need to sleep”

“How am I meant to convince you?”

“You’ll just have to try” he grins before I’m out of his room.

I Sighed, I didn’t know what I was going to do but at the same time I was happy at the fact he was giving me a chance. I said goodbye to Mikey and walked home when I realised. Gerard had never actually had somebody treat him nicely. Every relationship he had was to make other people jealous making him the piece of dirt on the ground and now he thinks I’m the same as everyone else. I know what I have to do. Years ago Gerard had shared his secret of wanting to have the most cliché relationship with somebody who loved him. Somebody who would kiss him when it rained. To have somebody give up their jacket for him when it was cold and give him roses everyday. Suddenly an idea popped up into my genius mind. I Knew Exactly how to convince him. This week was gonna be one whole Fluff filled week.
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