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Frank POV

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The second Amanda walks through the door with Gerard I know out movie night is ruined. No, I don’t have a problem with him being here it’s just lately my sister seems to be spending every second with him. I’d like to just do something were it’s the two of us. If I don’t get it in soon it might never happen. After those love birds are married I have a feeling I won’t see much of my little sister.

“Just go on to my room, I’ll be there in a second,” Amanda says to Gerard before joining me on the couch. I can tell something is bothering her.

“He called me in a panic. I’m worried about him Frank. There was no way I could just leave him. We can go out and get your car back tomorrow. I’m really sorry about tonight,” Amanda rambles.

I just shrug, “He’s just stressed. Has he been taking his pills?”

Amanda nods, her hair falling into her face. When I don’t say anything she backs out of the room before disappearing down the hall. This leaves me very much alone.

I channel surf for at least forty minutes before giving up. What’s the point? Obviously, nothing good is on TV. This is so typical. To just get up and leave would be a mistake; Amanda might need my help with Gerard. He’s under a lot of pressure with school and trying to earn money…he doesn’t do well with that kind of stuff.

For a long time I just lay in the middle of the living room floor, staring up at the ceiling. After about twenty minutes I hear the doorbell ring. Assuming Amanda and Gerard ordered pizza I get up and answer the door. Instead of the pizza man there is a girl, her dark hair plastered to her face, shivering in her jeans and pull over sweatshirt. A large gash runs from her forehead to her left cheek. I can’t help but let her in.

“Amanda, bring the first aid kit!” I call as I move the shivering girl over to the couch, wrapping her in a blanket.

My sister hurries into the room carrying our averaged sized medical kit kept for times like these. At first Amanda looks confused. This wears off quickly as she pulls the blankets away, stripping the girl of all but her bra and underwear. The blankets go back on as Amanda begins to work on the cut, leaving Gerard and I to hover around useless.

“What’s your name sweetie?”

“Layla,” the girl mumbles, her teeth chattering. “He can’t get me.”

“Who can’t get you?”

“My dad,” Layla answers, wincing as Amanda dabs some kind of cleaning liquid on the raw flesh wound.

“You’re safe here, Layla. Frank can you heat up some soup, please, Gerard you can help.”

Figuring it’s the least we can do I pull Gerard into the kitchen to find whatever kind of canned soup we have.

“She just showed up?” Gerard asks as he pours the chicken soup into a bowl.

“Yup, I heard the door bell go off and though you guys ordered pizza, it turned out to be her. I wonder what happened.”

Just then Amanda comes in, motioning for us to move further back into our small kitchen, trying to keep out of ear shot of the frightened girl, “Obviously her father has been abusing her. She’s got bruises all over her. I fixed up her wound best I could but we might need to bring her to the hospital…or the police.”

“Should I do it?” I questions glancing at her.

“No, I don’t think she’ll want to be around just a guy. I’ll take her, you guys stay here.”

With that Amanda walks out of the kitchen, collects Layla and disappears out the front door. For a while Gerard and I just stand there looking at each other.

Eventually we put in a movie. There’s nothing left to do but wait for Amanda to get home.

Author's Note: So I'm back :). I'm going to update/finish all my stories. So far my main goals are to finish this one and improve on I'm Not Okay. Happy reading.
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