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Papa Papa

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Okay so there's this kid named Mirines that comes up with this insane shit called 'Papa Fart Fart' and stuff, for no reason whatsoever.

Jude xo

One day, Mirines comes to school with his dear-dumb-diary book. He left it in the cafeteria one day. Me, Tasha, Amy, and Joy opened it and read the first entry. We saw all of Mirines's secrets and master plans. Then, we came across something quite shocking.

Papa fart fart.

There were lots of random entries like this, and he kept saying 'Papa' at the beginning of all his weird shit sentences. This is one of the pages;

Dear Dumb Diary,

Today, me and Emir came up with a rap. It goes something like this-

Yo yo I can't do anything 'bout this
I like this girl, but I don't know what to say to her
So I just say 'Hey girl'
And she comes up to me sometimes and says
'Papa wiener'

And it turns me on, it turns me on
And it turns me on, it turns me on
And it turns me on, it turns me on
And I might piss myself
Maybe I might piss my new Batman underwear
Cause it turns me on

And the next day, she came up to me and said
'Papa fart fart'
And it turned me on
And it turns me on

And every time she walks by me, she laughs
It turns me on
It turns me on
It turns me on

Maybe one day
I show her my collection of shit
Like my NBA games and my Jordans and my Nikeys
And my Superman collection
But I don't know
What to do
Cause today she told me
'Papa poo poo'


We were very scared. Mirines is the worst rapper ever. Every time we see him, we sing that song to him and he looks at us like we're crazy.

I'm sorry if he scared you too.

I'm sorry guys, I just felt like posting this. This actually happened a few days ago. Yes, he owns a diary. Yes, it is pink. It has star stickers on it.
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