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Day 2.

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Fun in a tree house.

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Today had been such a success if I do say so myself. I had never expected things to go so smooth; especially since this was the first thing I had planned. What I was going to do tomorrow was still a mystery in some way. I didn’t know if what I had chosen would be too soon in the whole plan or if it would work out the way I wanted. Gerard had seemed keen to see my other ideas and play along. Although his reactions weren’t what I was expecting, that kiss had been something special. I didn’t know had made him react with his tongue but I wasn’t going to complain. Never in a million years would I have guessed that Gerard would someday just pull our lips together and let them work in harmony. Then again, I never would have expected to ask him to be my date to party for sex but things happen.

I walked down the street still trying to decide the next best plan. The ideas were swimming around in my head but I was unsure about using most of them. Gerard’s mind was something hard to work out. If he hated something then that was it, game over however if he liked it then I had a chance of actually getting somewhere in our relationship. It needed to be something related to Gerard and interested him.

Half way through my journey I noticed the woods. I and Gerard would often wonder through the trees to explore. I was never afraid of the monsters that lurked behind the bushes because Gerard would save me and protect me to keep me safe. If I ever suffered a grazed knee he would lean down to kiss it better, wiping away my tears as he carried me home in a font piggyback. His strong arms held me, his body warmth comforting me as I buried myself into his chest. He’d speak calm words telling me how brave I was and that the pain would stop. Just as he predicted the pain did stop. His chubby fingers found their way to my sides to tickle me making me beg him to stop so I could catch my breath. Finally he removed them and gave me a kiss on my forehead making me giggle and cuddle even more into him. It was strange at how he was just so relaxing. In every awkward situation he’d tell me everything would be okay in the end. Gerard was right. He always was, and always is.

As I Stepped through my house door I was face to face with my mother grinning like a maniac. I closed the door behind me before being dragged into the living room until we came to a stop in front of a box. She picked it up and shoved it into my hands nodding for me to open it. My eyes were set on a red material thing. Still having no clue I Looked up to question what exactly I was looking at.

“It’s Gerard’s cape from when you, him and Mikey use to play superheroes in the old tree house. Remember that Frank? Every day the boys came round in their outfits ready to start playing. You came into the house once to drink some hot chocolate and explained to me how Gerard had saved you and Mikey from being killed by a villain so you gave him a thank you kiss. When I asked if you were serious you nodded and practically jumped on him to give him smooch on the lips in front of everybody” She laughed at the memory and dragged out a photo album. “I grabbed my camera and told you to kiss again still in your outfits. The way you just attacked him with so much confidence certainly shocked him, he didn’t even know what was happening”

I took the book and flicked through the photos of me and Mikey acting as if we were trapped. There were some on me and Mikey hugging, some of him and Gerard hugging and then snaps of me and Gerard kissing each other. I had never forgotten our little play dates, but I hadn’t thought about them either. I smiled to myself at how small we all looked. Mom enveloped me into a hug.

“You’re growing up so fast Frank, look at you. Lusting over Gerard and planning out your life already”

“Oh god mom, you did not just say I was lusting over Gee did you?” I asked utterly embarrassed.

“Oh Frank you can’t fool me, I know you and Gerard are going to end up doing it, I’ve been in your situation frank” she laughed.


“Oh hush up, at least I’m okay with the idea of you and Gerard hooking up, most parents aren’t as open minded as I am” she grinned before leaving for bed.

I grabbed a pack of Oreos and started to munch on them thinking about my plans when another idea had stuck me.


“Frank, can you please explain why the Christmas lights are currently on the kitchen table considering it’s not anywhere near December?” Mom asked as she grabbed two slices of bread into the toaster and leaned against the counter crossing her arms raising her eyebrows up at me. She was probably shocked I was up before her. I was already dressed and getting ready for today while she was still in her robe and pink slippers with a serious case of bed hair.
“I put them there” I smile innocently gulping down the last drop of my coffee then moving on to finish eating my toast. I had woken up extra early to climb into the attic and search for them even though I knew that there were spiders up there. Spiders are the creepiest motherfuckers in the world with their eight legs and eight freaking eye. I was lucky enough not to spot one today so I’m counting that as good luck for now.

“That explains everything” she replied back sarcastically rolling her eyes and sitting in front of me placing cup of coffee in front of her. “So has this got anything to do with Gerard?” she asked smirking. I always wondered if she was a mind reader or something. I just simply shrugged my shoulders and smiled. Both of us jumped at the sound of the toaster popping out the burnt bread. While mom attended to her food my phone vibrated in my pocket.

From Mikey:
Gee insists driving us to school, we’ll be there in five minutes.

I smiled thinking of how long ago it was since Gerard last dropped us off at school. He was always so busy with his artwork he hardly got any time to hang around with us unless we had managed to bother him enough to give up on concentrating on his work. I was really excited for today. I would need the help of the girls no doubt. They would help me make sure everything was perfect. I had no experience in decorating and all that crap. I swear all the girls I knew were fucking born with DIY decorating skills. Mum had mentioned the tree house yesterday and that’s when my idea had sparked up. Me and Gerard were going to relive our previous years for a night only difference is that the scene would be much more romantic. Either Gerard would like it or hate it but either way I had to try. Everyone had agreed to help me except Mikey using the excuse of ‘’this is bullshit, I aint helping you get in his pants man’’ which was quite funny considering he suggested this whole motherfucking thing in the first place.

The car horn beeped making me jump slightly. The nerves were coming and erupting through my stomach. What was Gerard gonna say? Was he going to talk about our kiss? Was he going to act like nothing happened last night before we were interrupted? Maybe he wanted to break to deal. That’d break my heart so much. I Looked up and saw my mom already making her way to the front door. I ran to the hallway finding my school bag and following her out. Oh god, she’s going to embarrass me so much.

“Gerard sweetie” she called taking careful steps so her bare feet wouldn’t stand on any stone. “How are you honey, I haven’t seen you in a while” she laughed pulling him into a slightly awkward hug as she bet down through the window revealing her ass. Nice one mom. Real fucking nice.

“Linda! I’m fine thank you, and you? You’re still looking as young as ever” Gee replied in his smooth voice making my mouth drop at how charming he could be.

“Flattery is accepted Gerard” she laughed giving him a kiss on the cheek “you should come round more, tell me about you art” she smiled. By now I’ve planted myself in the front seat with nobody taking notice of my presence while I sit there awkwardly listening to them chat Mikey’s in the back seat probably texting Alicia.

“Defiantly Linda, we’ll have to arrange something soon, but right now we need to get ready” he grins returning a kiss on her left cheek then waving goodbye. “You smell like roses again” he states. I nod shyly because yes, I wanted to smell nice for him all the time now. I watch as we drive pass people in an awkward silence, Gerard’s concentrating on the road, I’m concentrating on Gerard while Mikey’s still on his phone. We come to a halt and before I can register what’s happened he’s opened my door and offered his hand which I cautiously took blushing a little.

“Have a good day Frankie” he smiles closing my door and kissing my knuckles. I nod submissively, trying to get to my friends who were staring at us knowingly. All of a sudden I’m trapped between black metal and Gerard’s warm body against my own. “No goodbye kiss?” he pouted playfully making me giggle because no matter how old he is, he’s just so fucking adorable.

“Well then, I’ll be the one to say goodbye” he smirks moving his lips to mine crushing them ever so slightly. We barely managed to start before the air was taken away from me. One hand was on my hip while the other was finding its way to my hair. My own hands linked as they connected around his neck. His teeth nipping at my lip, tongue attacking anything in its way, saliva being swapped between us. He finally pulled back.

“Mikey said you wanted me to come round yours tonight right?”

“Yep. Five o’clock don’t be late or early” I warned him. He just nodded and pecked my lips once more before leaving me standing there in the middle of the school car park with everybody staring at me. I traced my fingers over my lips. Gerard and I had kissed again. In PUBLIC. This was the best feeling ever.

Sophie’s eyes were wide. “Did you see that way he trapped you? Oh my god, the way he knew you wanted it too. How he wrapped his arms around you to make sure you couldn’t pull away. I almost died. You guys are so cute” she cried excitedly as Alicia, Christa and Anna all agreed.
“The way he looks at you frank” Anna started “It’s true love. You were meant for each other” she giggled hugging bob who had one arm around her.

“He’s gonna fucking love what you come up with tonight. There’s no way in denying that” Alicia informed me.

I was hoping she was right.

“So you really think it’s a good idea?” I asked nervously receiving a four replies on ‘of course you idiot’.

We had all settled down discussing on how to decorate the tree house for Gerard. Although it was meant to be simple and fun we also wanted it to be something special for him and me both. The Christmas lights were going to give it a relaxing glow while we sat in the dark and talked. I had found loads of old comic’s we could read and Alicia had Insisted to buy flowers for me to give him although I thought I should be the one to pay for decorations she simply shrugged me off saying I should remember every time I needed money I would be killing my
chances of getting a guitar.

“And then there could a section where all the photos are pinned to the wall for them to look at” Anna suggested excitedly. Everybody had agreed and even bob came up with an idea to plug the speakers next to the back window and play his favourite songs. Fuck the neighbours; they had their chance of love, now it’s my turn.

“Hey Mikey” I whispered towards the boy bent over the desk scribbling away making notes in his book. He looked up at me with a questioning gaze.

“Are you okay with this? I asked, it had seemed that Mikey wasn’t too keen on me and Gerard getting together recently. He was always so distant when we were talking about the subject. I felt the need to confirm my actions towards his brother were okay.

“What?” he questioned brows furrowing in confusion completely forgetting his work.

“ya’know, me and Gerard”

“Look frank, you’re his best friend. He fucking loves you – no wait, he’s IN love with you, always has been and I’m happy man. You’re my best friend and he’s my older brother, I am incredibly excited. Fuck frank, if this turns out right in a couple of years we could end up brother in laws. That’d be fucking awesome man. As long as you don’t hurt him then I’m backing you guys up one hundred percent, okay?” he grinned.

“Isn’t it awkward though?” I asked nibbling on my lip.

“Frank, I love the fact it’s you and Gerard instead of Gerard and some asshole. As long you don’t forget me and keep your moans for each other to a minimum I’m not bothered. You’re a lot better than some of the jerks he’s been with, trust me”

I nodded and gave him a massive hug.

“You really think we could get married then?” I smirked as he rolled his eyes playfully.

“Defiantly, as long as I’m gee’s best man and you don’t take me out to shop for dresses” he winks making me fold over laughing. I would not be the woman in this relationship at all. I am a manly man with manly muscles and manly ideas. Yep. I’m a fucking man. Even though Mikey is convinced that I’m more of a woman than his mother is I’m still convinced I’m manly.

“Sophie I swear to god if this thing doesn’t stay still I Will rip it up” I mumble mostly to myself as I try to pin up a photo of me and Gee posing like we’re both superheroes. Sophie rolled her eyes snatching the photo from my hands and adding a little bit more blue tac to the corners before pinning it up against the wood then returning to her original job of hammering nails into the wood so she could put up the lights. I watched as the girls all took a step backwards to admire their work. The sight was truly beautiful. The dark night had fallen quickly. The Christmas lights which used batteries to work were strong yet relaxing as they highlighted their surroundings. Photo’s of Gerard and I were scattered over the walls as if we were going through our timelines. Photo’s of us as little kids sitting together. Some of sitting watching TV together under a blanket with Mikey on the right. Us as teenagers on holidays posing like idiots with grins on our faces. The majority of the photos would have me curled under Gerard’s arm or sitting in his lap while he was holding both sides of my waist smiling. The floor had been covered with a black soft blanket so neither of us would get splinters. A cardboard box was placed far in the corners, everything looked better than we had expected. These girls were fucking angels sent from above. We all climbed down the ladder (which had also been decorated) and ran inside the house to see mum grinning.

“So is this how you’re going to seduce him?” she asked handing everyone a cookie.


“Come on Frank, you’re hanging around with a bunch of girls and a woman’s natural instinct is to gossip”

I turn my focus onto Sophie who’s giggling uncontrollably at my embarrassment. The whore decided to inform my mom that I’m attempting to trick Gerard into loving me. Who even does that? I sigh returning to my mother’s gaze and explain to her about my plans, because she’s just going to find out anyway really so there was no point in lying now. She listens closely and rolls her eyes at my plans.

“You’re such an idiot, just ask him out you tit”

The fuck? Did she just call me a tit? Sometimes I wonder how old she actually because she seems so connected to teens. The girls start giggling before Anna confesses that she needs to go home reminding the rest of them it’s nearly five and they all have other plans than to watch my attempts at ‘wooing’ Gerard. I see them all out and say goodbye as they wish me luck. No doubt they’ll be questioning me anyway. I return my vision on my mom see her smirking, I give her a scowl before she hands me a plate of cookies, some potato chips and some cola.

“Remember frank, sex in tree houses isn’t the comfiest thing in the world” she laughs.
How the hell would she know? Oh god, she’s lived in this house ever since she was a child which means this tree house was here long before I was. She always told me how she use to go up there but I’d never think that she’d do that. Sometimes I wished she’d leave her sex life details away from my ears and be like any other parent who doesn’t encourage the sex. She’s a strange woman I the tray she’s holding out into my hand to take them into tree house. I notice how Sophie had decorated the garden as well, laying the soft lights to highlight the flowers giving a soft golden glow around the corners. Placing the snacks on the floor I climb back down resting my feet against the grass.

I hear a car pull up and take a deep breath. It must be five.

“Frank, Gerard’s here” she shouts from inside probably already opening the door to allow him in. I run inside through the house to see mom hugging him and welcoming him into the house. My mouth falls open. His hair is messy as always, his black jeans clinging to his legs and top trying to suffocate his chest and smile wider than the cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland. His eyes land on me. My stomach flips and my hearts speeds up as he scans me from head to toe. Mom notices how were staring at each other and leaves the room so we can start. I search inside my pocket for the little black blindfold and reveal it to the sexiness that is in front of me, his faces mimics’ confusion. I make my way behind him to tie it over his eyes and cuddle him from behind.

“Do you trust me?” I whisper lacing our fingers together. He hesitates a moment before nodding. Taking this as a good sign I led him outside. Stopping just before the ladder I pick up the red cape and place it against his shoulders tying the two ends together in a bow. Looking at him I noticed he’s completely relaxed as if he trusts me more than anyone he knows. He takes the blindfold off and smiles. My arms linked around his neck, lips close to each other while our chests breathing.

“Why am I wearing my old cape?” he laughs placing his hands on my hips.

“When we were younger we always use to play superheroes. You’d always be my saviour. When I saw them I realised you’ve always saved me. If I scraped my knee you’d kiss it better, if I got upset you’d wipe away my tears and tell me everything was okay. You always kept me safe from the world. When I came out you held my hand, you beat the assholes who’d hurt me and you’d make everything better. I thought we could pretend we were little kids again”

He smiles leaning down to smell my hair and kisses my head.


I jump back acting surprised and pointed to the sky. “oh help me Gee, he’s after me again, save me from his evil clutches and protect me” I shout walking backwards. “Help Gee he has me” I cry pretending to be grabbed and dragged across the ground. He stands there laughing at my failed acting attempts before he jumps into character.

“I’ll save you” he shouts lifting his cape to look like he’s flying in circles before he stops in front of me. He points to the invisible man behind me making ‘pew’ noises grinning like a mad man. Reaching for my hand he takes the hint ad pulls me up. I thank him by shaking his hand then running away to scream ‘he’s behind you’. Although I remember this game to be a lot more real and difficult he turns around continuing to make strange shooting noises at nothing. I back away behind a tree closing my eyes for a few moments. As kids this was the best game ever, just being weird but having fun with the person you love most. Suddenly I feel a pair of hands on my hips making me jump out of fear and turn around to Gerard laughing at my reaction. Rolling my eyes I give him a hug in which he returns the action but spins me around in the air. I felt like I was flying as my hair floats through the wind. His stops to put me down, his lips hover over my ear and whispers to me.

“You’re safe now, I’ll always protect you”

It sent shivers down my spine, my eyes met his for a brief moment.

“Well thank you Gee, I think I shall reward you”


“With a gentle kiss” I smile standing on my tippy toes to reach his lips. Unfortunately for me he’s still too tall and doesn’t bend down laughing at my height.

“Geeeeee, play along” I pout making him burst out laughing tipping his head back exposing his long neck. Grabbing me by my hips he leads to the tree house ladder encouraging me to climb up. I did as instructed waiting for my hero to join me in our little hiding spot. His hands grabbed my wrist and pushed me down, using his body he straddled me smirking. He leant down placing his lips upon mine once again in rush. Letting an embarrassing squeak erupt from me he pushes his tongue to meet mine. They dance around for a little while enjoying each other’s company when he finally reaches for my legs. His fingers are skilled massaging my thighs travelling up and down but never my groin until I moan. And what and embarrassing thing it was because Gerard finally decided to cup my bulge and pull back satisfied with his result.


“I was meant to be thanking you” I pouted pushing out my lip.

“trust me, I was fine with that” he smirks.

I roll my eyes before climbing from underneath him and grabbing a cookie. After opening his mouth I place the food into his mouth before he takes a bite. Keeping eye contact with me he starts moaning. Not a ‘this is so good’ moan, a ‘you make me hot’ moan. He washes the food down with a cup of milk letting the liquid run down his chin, I feel my pants tighten because not only is he staring at me with those eyes, but he’s licking it off his chin with his long tongue. God put him here to fucking tease me. He notices the wooden box in the corner of the room and smiles moving himself to search through it. He finds ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the world’ and grins. I moan because I actually hate that comic, I’ve never seen the point in it, I mean, why doesn’t she just beat the shit out of them all by herself? She’s not that weak.

“I Hate that one” I frown but he’s looking even more excited.


“Because it’s stupid, who the fuck leaves it to their current boyfriend to beat up all of her twat ex’s? Fucking whore”

He shrugs and pulls me into his lap.

“I’d do it for you. Letting them rule your life when you could be happy with me? I’d kill them any day if they harassed you”

Suddenly I like this comic.

“You would?”

“Yep, I’d make sure they weren’t gonna bother us again so we could be happily together” he smiles into my neck planting kisses.

“Why did you kiss me?”I blurt out.

He looks a little shocked by that.

“Do you not like my kisses? I can stop if you like...” he frowns obviously hurt.

“NO. I love them they’re the best, but it’s odd, we’ve never kissed like that before”

“Good. I just like kissing you I suppose, and as long as you’re fine with it I’ll carry on”
He moves his lips towards a sensitive spot just below my ear then moves towards my neck. He starts kissing, nipping and sucking before he moves to a next spot. I moan involuntarily, the feel was pure bliss. He finally stops and stares at a photo on the wall.

“You were such a cute child. Now look at you”

“Well, thanks” I scoff and cross my arms making him giggle at my reaction.

“No, you still are cute, but you’re also really..... beautiful”. Gerard never has been fond of calling people ‘hot’ but he’s never ever called someone beautiful in front of me. I Snuggle back into his chest letting him wrap his arms around me. He kissed my head then smells my hair.

“You smell beautiful too”

“Only for you”

“Really?” he laughs. “Awwww, you’re blushing, that’s so adorable. I really love the fact you gave up your manly side to smell like roses” he chuckles.

“Hey! I am manly you big jerk”

“Oh please, you’re the most feminine man I’ve met, you could put a woman to shame”

“fine then, since you’re gay and I’m very feminine I guess that means no kisses for you”

He looks at me hurt and shocked before he’s sitting in my lap.

“As long as you have a penis I couldn’t give a shit how girly you are” he pecks my cheek. I can feel my body heat up from his touch, lips burning my skin.

“You know your mum’s been watching us right?”

I turn my head to see that he’s right; she’s in the curtain of my window waving to me giving me the thumbs up. How long had she been there? I will defiantly be having words with her. I give her the middle finger making her roll her eyes before she’s leaving and off to her own room. Gerard laughs and we just sit in each other’s arms before he sighs.

“I have to go” he give me a quick kiss goodbye and starts climbing down. I follow him out through the house to his car. He unlocks the door and turns to me. “Thank you for a wonderful night”. I find myself trapped against his car again before he’s pulling away and sitting in the drivers seat.

“You might wanna cover up them marks” he winks before he’s down the road. I walk inside and look in the mirror. He’s left three fucking hickys on my neck, not small ones, but massive one’s that’ll be impossible to cover up.

“Frankie” I hear mum call. She stands behind me and laughs at my neck. “Tell me everything”
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