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Dear Mom, If You Were Here, I'd Never Have A Fear

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I stayed there with him until he stopped crying, and I cleaned him up a bit – that’s where the blood on my blazer came from, if you’re wondering.

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I'm sorry I haven't updated this for a while, but I've been kinda strapped for ideas... I hope you like this, and also I'm planning on adding Frerard to this story... thoughts? Please tell me if you want me to put Frerard into this, because even though I have quite a good idea, I'll work round it if you think it'll mess it up. Please R&R; I'm supposed to be writing an essay, so feedback would prove that if I fail it won't be for nothing :3

Dear Mom,

I would explain this to you face to face, but by the time you read this, I'll be at school, and you'll no doubt be in too much of a hurry to get to work, so I dunno why I'm writing this. We both know you won't read it. But just in case you do, here's what's going on.

I am in school, I promise - I told you I wouldn't skip anymore, and I'm sticking by that - but Mikey isn't. He's in bed, hopefully fast asleep, and if you would, could you please check on him before you head out? Please? Thanks, Mom. He's in my bed - I put him there last night after we got in from school and he hasn't moved since. That's why I was sleeping in Mikey's room last night, in case you wondered. But you probably didn't even notice.

See, yesterday, Mikey didn't have a good day. I don't know if you noticed that we came in later than usual last night - probably not, I think you were in bed - but we did. And Mikey was pretty much unconscious. I did try to clean the blood out of the carpet; I'm sorry, not all of it would come out, and I'll pay if you want to buy a new one.

We were so late, because we had to walk home. Well, I had to walk home, and carry Mikey. We missed the bus; it left before I found him. I was walking to the bus park, when I heard that prick Daryl Mason - y'know, the captain of the football team? The one who broke my nose last year? - yelling that he'd 'dropped that Way kid on the pitch'. It obviously wasn’t me, so I knew it was Mikey. I ran back to look, and I found him crumpled, bruised and bleeding at the edge of the football pitch.

He didn’t tell me what happened – he was out cold when I found him, and when he came round he could hardly speak. I stayed there with him until he stopped crying, and I cleaned him up a bit – that’s where the blood on my blazer came from, if you’re wondering – and then I brought him home, slowly. I put him to bed – he’s always preferred my bed to his: it’s warmer apparently – and I left him there all night. I decided he’d better stay home from school today, which is why he’s still here.

Please check on him before you leave. I cleaned him up properly, and I gave him a bag of ice, which has probably melted; he might want another if he’s awake when you check on him, so can you please get him another? For me, if not for him? Also, he’s gonna need a new pair of glasses. Did you keep his prescription? Because there was no sign of them on the football pitch, just a few shards of glass in his hair.

Please make sure he’s okay and comfortable before you leave, and I’ll see you later. Don’t be mad that I let him stay home, but he had a terrible day yesterday, he didn’t need another one today. If you were here, I would never have a fear about what happens to us at school, because if you were here, you’d help.

But you’re not. And you don’t.

So if you’re not gonna be here for us, can you at least check that my little brother is okay before you leave us again? I’ll be there for him when I get back from school, so don’t worry about that. Not that you would anyway.

Love you, Mom. I really hope you read this.

Love, Gerard x

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase gimme feedback? I'd really appreciate it. Also, please give me your views on adding Frerard, cos I have a good idea. P.S, sorry LTB for not going to your house. I would if I could, but I can't. :3 R&R? Thank'ee guys, love you.
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