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Life's Not Fair

by DeathzAngel 2 reviews

Amber's POV

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How can I explain
Kind of like the scent of a rose
With words I can't explain
The same with my pain

Glaring over at Ray I flip him off. He just shrugs before flopping down onto his bed, tossing a ball at the ceiling. He was really looking forward to Gerard coming over. I guess I’m not much of a comparison. My video game skills aren’t as good as Gerards.

“I helped him,” I explain.

Ray sits up; his eyebrows knitted together, “Aren’t you such a saint.”

“What’s up your ass Toro,” I demand.

“Nothing, don’t you have somewhere to be?”

I shake my head, pulling out a few guitar books and flipping through them. Half of the songs I already know how to play. Ray needs some new books. Maybe that’s what I’ll get him. “I went to Newark again today.”

Ray Toro sits up, pushing a few strands of his curly afro out of his face, “Does Bob know?”

“I didn’t tell him. He doesn’t like me going down there. I figured it’s better to keep it a secret instead of arguing. Besides I just go there, do my stuff then come home. It’s not like I’m hanging around.”

“Bob’s just worried. Newark is a rough town, especially if you’re a girl.”

I roll my eyes, hating how both Ray and my brother think that just because I’m a girl I’m weak and unable to take care of myself, “I’m tougher than I look.”

That gets me a laugh from Ray, “If you say so shrimp.”

“I’m not a shrimp.”

“5” 4’ makes you a shrimp, you can’t argue with that Amber. It’s impossible.”

“You’re impossible,” I retort.

For a while Ray and I just sit there, lost in a world of our own thoughts. I light up a cigarette, pulling the smoke into my lungs and blow it out through my nose. In return Ray opens the window. He hates that I smoke but he’ll never say anything. It’s just easier for both of us.

Eventually I stand, put my cig out on the window ledge, and then flop across the bed. I wish Mikey had answered the door when I dropped my picture off.

“How are you?” Ray questions, tracing over a few pink lines on my arm with his thick finger.

“Same as always, at least it won’t last much longer.”

Ray is the only one I’ve told about my plan, we argue back and forth about it constantly, “You’re not being fair Amber.”

I just shrug, “No one said life was fair man.”

“Don’t pull that bullshit with me.”

“Look, I get that you don’t understand but try not to care so much.

With that I get up off the floor. It’s late and I’m sure Bob is worried about me. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t called yet. Then again he might have fallen asleep. I kept him up last night.

Ray doesn’t even say goodbye. I really don’t care.

I drive way too fast down a badly lit road. For some reason I slow down on the street that Frank lives on. No lights are on in his house meaning that he’s not home. Where the fuck could he be?

Then it hits me. He went with Gerard and Mikey after school. I bet he’s still there. I’ve been over to the Way’s house a few times before. A few more minutes of driving at a painfully slow pace gets me to where I want to be. I park my car out front and walk towards the front door. To my surprise it’s open.

Shrugging I let myself in, I’m sure someone is still awake.

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