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Explaining Things to Senseless Monkeys

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Amber's POV

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Sometimes it’s harder than it seems
Sometimes it’s harder than it seems

The rest of the day is uneventful. I listened to Amy lecture me all of Biology, then I’m forced so to sit through the next half of a movie on the French Revolution, by Spanish class I just need a nap.

Now it is lunch time. This is the only period of the day I semi - enjoy.

Spotting Mikey in the hallway I link my arm with his, smiling as he glances at me; his eyes wide with surprise. He’s so adorable. I bet all this is new to him.

“You don’t mind if I eat lunch with you today?” I question praying he says yes though I’m really not terribly worried.

Mikey smiles, “Really…you want to eat lunch with me?”

“Of course…I mean I did kinda save your brother’s ass today by calling in Bob, it’s the least you can do.”

Mikey nods in agreement, “Fine, sit with me.”

I smile, as we near the steps that Gerard and Frank already occupy. I sure hope lunch today is more enjoyable than the past year of lunches. Today I won’t have Amy rambling on about stupid shit I don’t care about…I will finally be able to be myself.

As we walk up Gerard adjusts a little, his back slouching, his dark hair flopping over his left eye. If I didn’t know the kid I would call over the school counselor to have him helped. I wave, and sit next to Mikey. In the end it’s Gerard who breaks the silence.

"So," he says, stealing a grape out of my plastic bag. "Explain croquet to us newbie’s."

Frank nods, and adjusts myself so that he is facing all three of us. I only half pay attention…croquet is big where I’m from thus I already know the rules.

"Okay," he says, using hand gestures. "The main point of the game…well it’s simple. You just try to get the fucking ball through all the fucking gates that are arranged on the field."

Gerard and Mikey nod as if they get it so Frank continues, "So. To do this – ” Franks stands up to demonstrate how it’s done – "You take the croquet mallet and you hit the ball."

Obviously Frank does not have a mallet with him. His explanation of the fairly simple game only confuses Gerard and Mikey more. They both have the same expression plastered on their faces, eyes squinted, lips slightly parted.

"Oh my God, guys, it's really simple," I step in, rolling my eyes. "You take the mallet, right? You put your foot on top of the ball –" I stand, looking around for something round – "Guys, I need something round...anything."

Mikey takes an orange out of his lunch bag and hands it to me. Smiling I take it, placing in on the ground under my foot.

“Thank you kind sir," I reply with a laugh before continuing. "Okay, so you put your foot on top...and you swing the mallet like this...." I swing my imaginary mallet like I’m actually hitting the orange.

"Really you just try to put it through all the metal gates, one at a time, until you go through the last one," I finish, and look at them, wide eyed.

Mikey looks bored, his chin in his hands, just staring up at me, and Gerard is scratching his head, resembling a rather stupid monkey.

", I got none of that," he says, frowning, “but you looked cute doing it.”

I groan and sit back down. It is so simple, how can he not get it? I’m frustrated. If they’re at practice today I will teach them. Yet another goal I have to achieve.

"Look, once I have an actual ball and mallet and gates and shit, we'll show you for real how to play," Frank says.

They nod.

I take the orange off the ground and play with it, tossing it back and forth between my hands. After a while, I accidently over throw the orange causing it to make contact with the side of Gerard’s face. I freeze, what the hell is he going to do?

Mikey snorts and Frank giggles manically.

Instead of being mad Gerard just wipes his face free of the orange juice and rubs it on me like a little kid would. He then smiles, kissing my forehead. What an ass.

“Happy Hanukah, beautiful,” Gerard says with a stupid smile.


I smile at the thought of being able to see Mikey again as I head towards the locker room at the end of the day to get the croquet equipment. Practice today should be, at least, interesting.

I grab four mallets, the ball bag and, hooking the metal gates over my shoulder, head towards the football field. Today is absolutely perfect. It’s not hot but it’s not cold either…it’s, well, perfect.

I laugh to myself as I drop the equipment on the field, shrugging out of my school jacket, sliding my Raybans off the top on my head so they rest on my nose, shielding my eyes from the sun; Gerard, Mikey and Frank are already waiting for me.

Gerard smirks, “Our princess has arrived.”

“Ha. Ha,” I fake laugh, rolling my eyes. “Behave yourself Gerard Way.”

I feel like I’m repeating myself. Ignoring Gerard’s puppy dog face I move over to Frank, resting my elbow on his shoulder, a mallet resting on my left shoulder. I eye my victims.

Today will most definitely be interesting.

“Frank, will you set the gates up?” I question wanting badly to talk to Mikey, “Make Gerard help, he looks too pleased to be just standing there.”

Frank nods, before moving away, pulling Gerard after him.

Once they are out of earshot I motion for Mikey to come over. At first he looks confused but eventually he does come to stand next to me, mallet in hand.

“Did you get my picture?” I question hoping the answer is yes. His mum looked a bit confused when I dropped it off the other day.

“I did, you’re competition for my brother,” Mikey comments, shifting his weight.

“Do I make you nervous or uncomfortable?”

I’d hate for that to be. I want Mikey to feel comfortable around me. I want him to feel like he can say or do anything in front of me without it being weird. He’s just…oh I can’t even explain it. I’ve got a large crush on him and I feel at a loss of words to describe it. He’s so damn cute.

“Um…people make me awkward,” admits Mikey, blushing slightly.

I shake my head, “They shouldn’t.”

Mikey blushes again, “I’ll take your word for it…Princess.”

Gently I punch Mikey in the arm, “I’m no princess, Mikey.”

Mikey eyes his brother, who is goofing off across the field, “You’re my brother’s princess…he’s got like an entire sketch book dedicated to you.”

“That’s weird,” I laugh as Frank and Gerard cross the pitch, having finished setting everything up.

As Mikey goes to move away from me I grab his wrist, “Stay right there.”

He shrugs as I turn to Gerard and Frank, “Alright so now I can show you for real how to play. Okay, so you –" I put my ball on the ground – "And you put your foot on top of the this –" I put my foot on the ball – "And you swing the this...."

I swing the mallet, making contact with my ball causing it to emit a low clink sound, traveling through the first metal gate Frank and Gerard set up. I straighten up, and look at them.

"It's that easy," Frank says.

Gerard nods.

He walks up to where I had set up my ball, and put his down, places his foot on the it and looks down, concentrating. His hair in his face and his legs are in an awkward position. Gerard tries swinging the mallet, but misses and ends up striking his foot instead. He hops around in pain, letting out every swear word in the book. I try not to laugh.

"God damn it! Mother fucking son of a cunt! Fuck! Asshole! Shit!” he yells, limping around in pain. Gerard is such a drama queen. Yeah it hurts but not that much.

Mikey looks at me, his eyes full of concern for his brother. I shrug, rolling my eyes.

"What you did there, Gerard," I say, watching him hobble around, "Is not advised in the sport of croquet."

He looks at me, hair in his face, angry. He then runs his hand through the dark mop to move it away. Gerard sighs.

"No shit," is all he manages, setting himself back up to try again.

I just look over at Mikey who is watching his brother closely.

As another string of curse words escapes Gerard’s lips I know it is going to be a long afternoon teaching the Way brothers how to play croquet.

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