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I Don't know what to call it so yeh.

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Frank is the most feared Dom who takes a liking to Gerard the new fertile.

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So even though I'm ill I have been alone today. I will not be updating 'five days to convince gerard Way' this week which is why i have decided to start this. I'm going to drop 'Need a little magic?' and put my focus into this. It's been bugging my head for ages. I might continue 'the boy on the bench' but not anytime soon. so as soon as I'm finished with 'FDTCGW' I'll start on this.

This chapter is boring really since it's the introdution but Hopefully it's good enough. It's just basically telling you frank some bad-ass dom who everybody fears and gerard is the new fertile who frank has taken a liking to. If you read it please review telling me you thoughts, because I wont continue it unless i know people are interested. There is no point in starting a story nobody reads. I could just as easily make another plot up. So anyway, enjoy this if you can, tell me you thoughts.

EDIT: Okay guys, I Know this is a waste of time but thank you so Much for making this green! I Love you all.


As usual, Frank was bored out of his mind sitting in class.

Frank was born into a very high and well respected family. The Iero’s. His parents were well known throughout the world. Jonathan Iero, the male Dom was fierce and feared. He owned the highest earning business in the world, farming, selling and trading human blood to all food sources for Vampires. The business even diluted blood for vegetarian vampires, although no vampire could go without drinking blood at all in their life after deciding to give up, they could certainly cut out the unnecessary treats and just stick to the minimum amount needed a day.

The man had met a wonderful vamp named Amelia. A beautiful brown eyed blonde girl, the shyest of their school. After meeting her and sharing a passionate romance they had made a Dom vampire; Franklin Anthony Iero. Amelia giving birth at age seventeen and Jonathan aged nineteen. To most couple’s this age to have offspring was not young; once you found your soul mate, you were locked forever and destined to produce a family as quickly as possible. It wasn’t a case of knowing who your soul mate would be; it was the case of finding them. Jonathan’s father had died at young age leaving the family business to him. He gratefully took it ready to earn a living for his wife, and his son.

As a young kid frank had always been rebellious; fighting against the rules when his mother had instructed no nudity in the house when guests were around, but he did it anyway enjoying their faces as he strutted around the room like a model, teddy in his hand. More than often he would end up pushing kids in the sand pits because they had annoyed him. At the age of fifteen he pierced his lip and decided on his very first tattoo, and although his father was proud, his mother was not as pleased. He was a Dom, and even as children they were strong and aggressive towards others. What mostly annoyed him though were Humans. They were vile creatures. He grew up hating them, they were good for one thing; being dinner however as much as he wanted to cage them all up to save for tea, the law was still blocking him.

Frank was the second strongest vampire; just following his father. Although there were plenty of other vampires who came to a close tie; there was nobody as frightening, as merciless and as hard ass as frank was. Jonathan; being keen to have a strong son had taught him how to fight making him the scariest person he could be.

As mean as frank was, he could also be an excellent young man who respected everybody. Growing up in a fierce family meant showing the world that even at the age of eighteen; he could kill everyone with his finger but it also meant earning the respect from people he needed too such as other business owners. He didn’t care about humans or most vampires; in fact he hated more than half of his school but he respected them. If they did something he disagreed with, that’s when he would go ape shit. Frank had already killed a thousand humans as well as forty vampires. Not that he was keeping count.

Basically, he was the cocky short kid who scared the shit out of everyone.
The bell rung through his ears like music. He grinned to himself as he walked out of the class. Of course he could have left any time he wanted, who was going to stop him? His teacher who happened to be human?

He walked through the hallways ignoring the frightened eyes of people he was passing by. He smirked at his best friends. One named Bob bryar who was currently making our with his girlfriend while Ray stood against the wall just outside the canteen doors smoking a cigarette. The boys were frank’s best friends since he met them wresting in the grass with each other fighting over a toy they had both found. Frank being the violent kid he was found it entertaining and decided to join in. As he jumped into their fight they were all laughing as they chased each other around.

He finally reached them taking a fag that Ray had offered and lighting it up. He very rarely smoked but sometimes he just wanted to waste time, although it wasn’t the best time filler, it was better than getting wasted and attacking everybody he could. He had seen drunken fools before. He wanted to stay clear of that path.

“Sup Frankie my man” Bob greeted finally taking time to breath and fitting a arm around his girlfriends waist.

“Not much Robert” Frank grinned taking the last inhale of the stick between his teeth before spitting it out and stamping the fire out. He never fully finished the stick deciding it was best not to get too use to smoking it all.

“How about you Ray?” he asked moving his eyes to the curly haired freak next to him.
“Fuck all, been bored shitless all day. Rumour said new students be startin today but I aint seen any new faces” he scowled at thin air.

Frank nodded, he had heard to rumour, in fact he had been a hundred percent sure he had spotted a few guys he’d never seen. Then again, he never paid much attention to anyone. Suddenly a body flew past their eyes. A loud banging nose travelled through air before a body towered over the source of sound.

“THE FUCK YOU SAY?” the voice belonging to the body screamed filled with anger. Frank instantly knew it was David; some human dickhead who though he owned the place. Rolling his eyes frank stayed in his spot, if humans wanted to beat other humans up then let it be. He didn’t give a shit if they started on their own race. But that’s when he heard it.
“You an idiot or something? I said you look like a prick”

The voice of the victim on the floor was not what frank had expected. It was obvious the voice belonged to vampire, but not any vampire, a fucking Fertile vampire. How dare a human even think of touching a fertile vampire. Fertile vampires weren’t weak by any means; in fact they could be strong like a Dom, however they were scared easily. They were much more delicate and fearful which is why Dom’s often looked out for them. Clans do not matter to vampire; if you’re the same race who needs help you are looked after.

“YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING REGRET THAT” the human scream lifting his clenched fists.
Frank had flipped out by then. He pushed his way through the crowed watching the event, to see the back of Dave. Frank grabbed his wrist snapping it backwards completely breaking the bone. The boy screamed in agony, but frank ignored them. He grabbed handfuls of the crying boy’s shirt and threw him across the tables. The sound of chairs falling and tables cracking as the body broke through the middle. Coming face to face with the cowering human he smirked. This guy wasn’t as tough as her thought; they never were.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing touching a fertile vampire?” he spat pulling the tense body up.

“n..nothing... he ... I didn’t know! ....I’m sorry”

Frank ignored the whimpers and threw a fist at the un-expecting face causing blood to flow from his nose which had now been broken and his lip which had been cut. He dropped the body down and ordered the fertile to stand up. Frank’s eye almost popped out of their sockets. The boy who made his way towards him was beautiful. Not all vampires were pale, they still had different skin tones but this boy way pale. He had thin pink lips forming a straight line, his hair was made of jet black locks covering his eyes. The fertile was thin, long legged and just so fucking beautiful. Frank’s heart almost stopped. He had never felt like this before. He wanted to pull the boy into his arms and smother him with kisses. He could imagine this boy on his back, moaning for frank. Frank wanted him. He wanted him more than anything he had wanted in his life. He wanted to mark this boy as his own and take him. They could have as many babies as they wanted and live happily in their house. Another surge of anger ran through his veins. Who would hurt such a beautiful creature like him?

He held his hand out for this mysterious stranger who hesitatingly took it. Smiling to himself he pulled the boy towards him until he was at his side. The boy crying on the floor was dragged onto his knees before the fertile.

“Apologize to him” Frank ordered.

“I’m... sorry” the boy gasped in pain as Frank’s fist found his stomach. Dave pleaded for his life, begging not to be tortured or hurt anymore.

“Whatever” the fertile sighed.

Frank left the body to bleed.

“Anyone of you touches him and you’re dead” he threatened making sure they knew he was not joking. He turned to the angelic boy next to him before someone called a name.


All eyes turned onto a tall thin boy running over to the black haired beauty. He was a Dom. Frank knew that by his voice. He was a tad jealous. It’d be just his luck if the boy was already taken.

“What the fuck happened to you?” he asked pulling the fertile in his arms.

“Some asshole human thought he could throw him across the room.” Frank replied for the boy

“the names Frank” he smiled. He knew that everybody knew, but he enjoyed telling everybody.
The brown haired boy looked up, spotting the broken boy on the floor causing a growl to grow from him throat. He glanced back at Frank.

“You took care of him?”

Frank nodded.

“Thanks. I’m the shittest brother ever. The name’s Mikey” the boy offered his hand which Frank accepted. The jealousy had faded realising they were related which meant they were bound to be close and that meant frank had a chance with the boy.

The raven haired boy grew bored of the introduction and whined.
“We’re going now. Thanks for the help Frank” he waved before leading the way out of the dinner room.

Frank wanted to pull him back and squeeze him. He wanted to touch the body underneath them clothes oh so badly, but instead he just nodded letting them leave.
Frank had decided there and then. This boy was going to be his. Whatever Frank wanted, Frank got.

Frank’s eyes stopped at the sight before him. This ‘Gerard’ was waiting in line for his lunch frustrated with the line’s queue. Smirking the Dom made his way to the fertile; there was no way he would let him wait.

Pushing his way through the line he stood behind the fertile instantly wrapping his arms around his waist. It was natural for a Dom to act sexual towards a Fertile; it was a way of communicating just as humans only better. The boy placed his hands on Frank’s for a few seconds the ripping them apart and pushing them backwards so he was no longer trapped in the Dom’s grip. Frank had never expected that. He was shocked to say the least. Grabbing the boys wrist he dragged him to the front of the line letting the boy pick what he wanted before pulling him past the register. Of course he wasn’t going to pay. Frank was in charge, and if he says the boy gets a free lunch, the boy gets a free lunch.
Even though the fertile protested arguing he had enough money Frank still pushed him out.

“The fuck was that about?” the boy frowned.

“I didn’t want you paying” Frank just shrugged.
Rolling his eyes Gerard just left Frank standing in the middle of the room to find a table. He sat dead in the middle of the room and started nibbling on his sandwich and starting to shade in a picture ignoring the wide eyes that were staring at his boldness to just leave Frank standing there.

The Dom just smirked. He always liked a challenge.

The short boy made his way to the fertile before pulling him out of his seat and into the air then re-positioning themselves so Gerard was on his lap. The black haired boy rolled his eyes, crossed his legs and continued adding detail to his sketch. The Dom was starting to play around with his hair then kissing the back of Gerard neck, sucking and nipping a little. Gerard was feeling pure bliss. He had seen other Dom’s do this to their fertile’s but never would he have expected it to feel this arousing. He had never felt as attracted to someone yet he knew it was best to stay away from the boy. He was nothing but trouble.

“You’re good at drawing” Frank commented making the boy blush. Gerard had always wanted to become an artist.


They both stayed like that for another ten minutes before the fertile moved a little and he tensed. Because oh shit. Frank had a huge boner which was poking him.

“I want you” Frank whispered in his ears making anger boil through him. He was not some easy slut. Gerard jumped of his lap then threw his leftover sandwich at him. Unscrewing the cap of his water he tipped it over the Dom’s head completely shocking the whole room. He heard gasps all around him.

“I’m some fucking whore” he shouted picking up his bag. “I appreciate the fact you stood up for me and all, but that doesn’t you can just expect me to give you my ass you jerk. Go find someone else to fuck” Gerard spat throwing the empty bottle at frank before he left muttering
"fucking asshole” under his breath leaving everyone staring at the Dom.

Frank was shocked. He grinned. Because holy shit, that anger the fertile had in him was fucking hot. Frank could get use to having that boy. He wanted him. Now. And he was going to do everything he could to get his prize.

He turned to Bob and Ray who were staring at him. They had seen the sight and watched as Gerard stormed off.

“Guys...” Frank whispered “I Think I may have just found my mate” he smirked because he was going to be Gerard’s Dom, one way or another.
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