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Smile to my Face

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Amber's POV

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I said baby do you wanna sneak out with me
Oh baby do you wanna sneak out with me

I drive home alone, Mikey’s beanie still on my head, the biggest smile plastered to my face. I’ve not been this happy in my entire life and it’s all because of Mikey. Something about the kid and the way he’s so chill around everyone just makes everything seem better. Yeah he’s depressed but so am I…today neither of us showed any signs of our depression; together we where in our only little world, running around the football field.

Pulling into the garage I turn off the engine and head inside. The only person home is Bob. I can tell this from the sounds of Tom and Jerry coming from the living room.

I jump over the back of our leather sofa, curling my knees up to my chest, watching the little mouse outsmart the cat. This show is so fucking stupid yet hilarious at the same time. I remember spending hours in front of the television mesmerized by this show when I was younger.

“How was school?” Bob questions offering me the popcorn bowl…I refuse it.

“Good, croquet practice was interesting. Gerard destroyed his foot but Mikey, he’s a natural. I think if I get him out there enough he’ll be just as good as Frank.”

Bob nods, pulling Mikey’s beanie off my head, “Whose is this?”

“That’s Mikey’s,” I answer quickly grabbing it back.

“You like him,” Bob jokes, smiling at me.

“I might, not, that it’s any of your business.”

“I’m your older brother,” Bob answers as I get up from the couch.

Rolling my eyes I head upstairs to my room. Removing my school uniform I put on my black skinnies, a Green Day tank top, my black combat boots and an assortment of plastic bracelets, putting Mikey’s beanie back on. I’m not sure where I’m going but I know there is no way I’m going to stay here. I’d rather not be home when adoptive parents got home…they always ask too many questions. I’ve forgotten how to answer questions so anymore I just avoid them.

Taking the back stairs I exit to the porch, keeping close to the house so as to not trigger the motion detective lights. I’ve gotten pretty good at this over the past few years. Rounding the corner I enter the side garage door. Getting into my car I turn on the engine, pressing the little button on the remote to open the garage door. The second it is all the way up I peel out.

I think I’ll head over to the Way house, hang out with Mikey…return his beanie. Either way I’ll get to see him again this brings a smile to my face.

Bryar House:

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