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Killer Queen

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Who wants to live forever anyway?

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I had to re-post this 'cause ficwad fucked it up. But anyways, enjoy. :3


It was an unusually cold January. The days were short and bitter. The nights freezing and drawn out in the dark backstreets and alleys where the homeless dwell, huddled around their pitiful makeshift fires, in a vain attempt to hide from the black hole that their lives had become.
On this particular night, three vagrants stood, teeth chattering, around a tiny television, the sounds of their raspy breathing, the distant traffic of the nearby freeway and the drone of the newsreader's dull voice filled the air. Their eyes soon began to stray from the news report and talk turned to the recent string of murders that had taken place in the town.
"Crazy person,"said one. "Must be insane to go round killin' people in the broad daylight."
"I 'eard it's a master assasin," Grunted another. "Properly trained 'n everythin'."
"Nah, you're all loopy," Declared the third. "Talk 'round here is, it's a vampire."
The other two turned to the third man to see if he was actually serious. But there was a glint in his eyes that showed he really held firmly onto the belief that there was a supernatural being terrorizing their town.
"Hmm, vampire....not quite accurate, I'm afraid," a haunting musical woman's voice drifted from the shadows of the dark alley.
"Who's there?"Cried the first man. The dark seemed even more imposing at that moment and the cold bit deep into their bones.
The woman stepped out into the glare of the television, smiling sweetly, a long dagger glinting in her right hand.
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