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Filler Chapter

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Little argument that happens in the line.

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"Why's it so cold in here?" Ryan asked, shivering. "Because they like to make us miserable." A girl's voice came from behind them. "Haven!" Frank said, grinning slightly. "Hey Frank." she said, calmly.

"Now why do you say they want to make us miserable again?" Ray asked. Haven could only roll her eyes. "What the hell Ray? Have you not been here the last few months of your fucking life?" She snapped. "Language!" One of the orderlies further up the hall yelled back. Vennession snorted. "Like yelling a random word is going to change what we say." She said.

"They think that they can fuckin' control us, just because they think something's the matter with us! And half of us don't even need to be in this shithole!" Haven yelled. "It's too early for this." Mikey whined, pulling his jacket more tightly around his small frame. Haven gave him an angry look.

"Alright, how about you can bitch as much as you want after 9 AM? It's 6.45 now." Venn suggested, trying to keep away from the next World War. "Fine, whatever."

Haven is owned by AgentKilljoy. Vennession is my own character. More characters still needed!
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